why can't you microwave uncrustables

Why can’t you microwave Uncrustables? You are likely to ask this question if the Uncrustables are a hit with your child.

But, if you are like me, you forget to take it out of the freezer in time to thaw it on the counter before you need it. 

This is when the whole story becomes complicated, with your toddler pleading to get one and you waiting for it to defrost.

How can you quickly do it and handle the situation well? Can you microwave an Uncrustable?

Turns out, the company does not recommend using the microwave to defrost Uncrustables, but it is still possible to microwave an Uncrustable if you follow certain guidelines. 

The Uncrustables – The Ultimate Favorite of Your Little Angel?

the uncrustables

Mass-produced by J.M. Smucker, Uncrustables are peanut butter- and jam-filled sandwiches without a crust.

The fact that they lack a crust inspired the nickname “Uncrustables.”

Interestingly, many people have sought to use the term “Uncrustable” in a generic sense to refer to dumplings or sometimes ravioli. 

However, the company behind them has always insisted that the product is, in fact, a unique kind of sandwich.

It has a nice flavor, which makes anyone a fan of this treat. 

The peanut butter gives a genuine taste, the bread is fantastic, and the jelly is deliciously Smuckers-like, with a great mix between acidity and sweetness.

When something tastes so impressive, how can your little ones wait to get their hands on it? 

But, wait, shouldn’t you be thawing it first? 

And that is when you look toward your good ol’ microwave to do the job. 

Is It Fine to Use a Microwave to Defrost Uncrustables?

defrost in microwave

It is not if you consider what the company says about it.

Instead of using a microwave, which would obviously be much faster, the company recommends letting Uncrustables sit out at room temperature for 30-60 minutes.

What do you do when you absolutely must have an Uncrustable but do not have 30-60 minutes to wait for it to thaw? 

I say go for your microwave but follow the right guidelines when thawing this way. 

Thawing in the Microwave like a Pro

So, can you microwave Uncrustables? 

I would say yes.

It is no rocket science actually and if you are careful about a couple of things, or maybe a bit more, you will be absolutely fine.

Here is a quick way to do it:

  • Take a paper towel and wrap your sandwich in it.
  • Now put it in the microwave and set it to medium heat.
  • Turn it on for 15-20 seconds.
  • Stop and flip the sandwich over.
  • Start cooking for another 15 seconds.
  • Voila! You are done fellas! 

Why Can’t You Microwave Uncrustables and Thaw them Quickly?

why you cannot thaw uncrustables quickly

Okay so now you know you can very much handle the thawing process using the microwave, but you may still be skeptical about using this option.

And it is quite understandable too, considering the company does not recommend it. 

But, remember, it may not be “recommended,” but no one stops you from trying that if you are in a hurry. 

But still, why do they not recommend it in the first place?

To begin, a microwave is an excellent choice for heating oil because there is little latent heat involved. 

It is less likely to work with peanut butter because it contains almost no water but a lot of oil. 

In a matter of minutes, the temperature will reach and then surpass the point at which water boils, and this creates the problem.

Tip: You can consume Uncrustables for up to 1 month if you store them in the freezer at 0F.

Microwave or Not to Microwave – Cracking the Code!

to microwave or not

Obviously, you are wondering why you should not microwave this snack. 

Bear with me for a while and I will explain everything to you.

When it comes to microwaving your jelly and peanut butter sandwich, many people are a bit too hasty. 

Some folks may even put the sealed sandwich in the microwave without first taking it out of its packaging.  

Oh, it is a big no-no!

The plastic will melt into the sandwich when heated in the microwave.  

Not only is it dangerous for your appliance, but it is also not healthy for you to eat. In fact, do not consume it, as it contains poison.

The Filling Dilemma

The other important thing to understand is that the filling of an Uncrustable can get quite hot in the microwave, which is why you may not want to heat one up. 

The outside could seem cold, but biting into it could cause serious burns to your tongue and throat from the hot peanut butter and jelly within.

pb and j

If you are worried about your family’s health, it is recommended to resist the urge to microwave Uncrustables. 

But, it also means that if you can handle these safety issues and stay vigilant throughout the heating process, you may be able to microwave it without any problem.

Learn to Be Calculative When Microwaving Uncrustables

The most important thing about heating Uncrustables in the microwave is that the filling can get excessively hot. 

The jelly and peanut butter are both dense, globular masses that retain heat exceptionally well.

But the bread is dry, so it will not get hot very fast.

If you microwave anything and then touch it, you might not realize that the inside is scorching hot while the exterior is merely warm.

How Do You Do It?

to microwave or not

The simple way out is to be watchful while heating up your Uncrustables in your microwave. 

Always bear in mind that you do not need to heat them up for long. Do not just consider how the bread looks in the microwave. 

Remember, it will take longer to heat, but the filling inside may already be hot.

In most cases, you simply need to microwave for a few seconds. 

Not waiting for too long is essential or else you will end up overcooking your Uncrustables and may even burn them.

Tip: You can definitely eat Uncrustables directly out of the freezer but it is better to leave them at room temperature for a short time to make them more enjoyable.

What to Do When You Do Not Want to Microwave Uncrustables?

Since the manufacturer strictly forbids using a microwave to defrost its Uncrustables, most customers are understandably wary of doing it.

Traditional methods of thawing Uncrustables are time-consuming, and by the time they are thawed, you may have lost interest in eating them.  

Instead of waiting the recommended 30-60 minutes for your Uncrustable to thaw, use one of these other methods to enjoy your sandwich quickly:

Use Your Palms

use your palms

This may sound silly, but it has been tried and tested and always works. 

All you have to do is rub the Uncrustable between your palms.

Doing so will generate heat because of friction and you will be able to warm up the Uncrustable sandwich.  

Even if you do not get quick results, you will notice that it significantly lowers the time it takes to thaw Uncrustables at room temperature.

Leave it in the Sun

Interestingly, you can harness the sun’s energy to warm the sandwich. 

Your Uncrustable can benefit from solar heating much the same way your car does during the summer.

A great idea is to leave your sandwich for a few minutes inside the car, which is in direct sunlight.

Tip: Be sure to keep the food sealed in its original packaging if you want to leave it in the car in direct sunlight.

Use Warm Water

use warm water

It is also acceptable to defrost Uncrustables in warm water. 

However, similar to the first approach, you will want to keep the food sealed in its packaging.

Remove the Uncrustable from the fridge and place it in a bowl of warm water (not too hot). 

It works more effectively than you might think and within a few minutes, you will be able to eat your sandwich.

Enjoy it Frozen

Oh, yes, I said that, despite knowing that Smucker’s says you should defrost your sandwich for at least half an hour before consumption. 

But desperate situations require desperate measures, right?

So, when you are in a hurry and not comfortable using your microwave, go ahead and try it frozen. 

Contrary to popular belief, it will not hurt you. But, you must remember that the bread and the filling inside will be frozen. 

Therefore, the flavor of Uncrustables from the freezer will be slightly different.  

But I did not say “bad”, right? 

In fact, many people like it that way and compare it to jelly and peanut butter popsicles.

Tip: You should consider eating Uncrustable frozen only if you have stored it properly in the first place and know that the freezer's temperature was consistent.


Why can’t you microwave Uncrustables? Well, you cannot because the company that makes these snacks recommends against it. 

But, should you follow their guidelines?

Of course, you should if you can wait up to an hour to prepare and enjoy your snack. 

If you are in a hurry or your child just cannot wait, you can definitely microwave it or try other ways to defrost Uncrustables quickly.