card declined at walmart self-checkout

Imagine you were at Walmart and spent hours buying your stuff but when you decided to pay, your card declined at Walmart self-checkout.  

Can you relate to this situation? So many people can.

Even if you have not experienced it already, the problem is more common than you might think. 

It gets even more annoying and scarier when you notice that you lost money from your account but the register shows it as declined. 

And believe me when I say that those guys at Walmart would not help you if you have your debit card declined at Walmart self-checkout. 

Calling a 1-800 number won’t sort it out either.

So many things can cause your card to not get accepted, including insufficient funds, inactivated cards, incorrect info, and much more. 

Card Declined at Walmart Self-Checkout – A Dreaded Story to Tell!

walmart self checkout

While so many people manage to pay at self-checkout without an issue, I happen to be among the unlucky few who often face the issue. 

What makes it tricky is that those fellas at Walmart would not help you much either.

I had the same issue and they asked me to call a 1-800 number to get it sorted. 

The staff at Walmart just cannot help you guys and won’t let you take the merchandise with you. 

And it holds even when you have your money deducted from your account.

What complicates the situation is that Walmart has your money but gives you no receipt or anything to handle the matter more efficiently.

Self-Checkout – A Bane or Boon?

self checkout

Self-checkout is a godsend when you are in a rush and do not have time to stand in line at the cash register

Self-checkout makes it simple to load up your shopping basket, scan your items, and leave a Walmart store as quickly as possible.

But, it does not always work like a charm, and it becomes an annoyance when they tell you about your Chase card declined at Walmart self-checkout.

Many individuals would be terrified to be in that position. 

It is a common phobia, and some people even rank it up there with a fear of snakes and giving speeches.

However, this occurs on a daily basis in countless shops and eating establishments. 

Due to the widespread use of debit and credit cards in the United States, some no longer see a denied card as a huge shame. 

And it should not be, once you realize how huge and intricate the banking system truly is. 

An Important Consideration

credit cards are declined

Having your credit card denied at the register does not necessarily indicate you are financially unstable anymore. 

Possible causes range from infrequent use to insufficient finances or credit.

But whatever the reason, you are surely going to find yourself in trouble when your card is declined but the money still goes out of your account. 

This is something that makes using Walmart self-checkout a pain in the neck. 

Card Declined at Walmart Self-Checkout: Reasons and Fixes!

This can happen to any of us at any time. 

No matter what type of card you have – debit card, credit card, Chase card, PayPal debit card – things can go wrong without notice.

using credit cards

However, it is possible to identify the root cause, which helps fix the issue once and for all.  

Of course, it can sometimes be due to an issue with the machine itself. 

And this may be the case when your card is charged by shows as “declined” on the register. 

But other things can cause the same problem.

Tip: You can have your card declined in case of an authorized hold, which can directly affect your credit line. 

Know the Error Code to Know the Reason for Decline

When dealing with a declined card, you can benefit a lot by considering the “error code” you receive. 

For instance, so many people have their card rejected at Walmart with a “Reason 51” or “F9” decline code.

If you know what it means you can have it sorted more effectively. 

How to Deal with Reason 51 Rejection

card has insufficient funds

Code 51 indicates that you have insufficient funds in the designated account to cover the amount of the transaction.

The transaction will be refused if you try to use it as a debit card but do not have enough money in the account. 

However, in case of overdraft protection, the transaction will still be processed, and you will just need to add funds to the account by the following business day or pay an overdraft fee.

If you select credit as the payment method and press the corresponding button, it should work without a hitch. 

Remember, all purchases made at Walmart with a check are promptly processed through your account. 

It means that they accept the check even though it would have been refused immediately otherwise. 

With no money in your account, your debit card transaction will be denied. 

How to Deal with F9 Decline Code

credit card error

When a debit transaction is attempted but the issuing bank insists it be treated as a credit transaction (so that it can gain a 3-4% discount), the card issuer will return an F9 error.

The earnings used to fund these rewards result from the issuing bank treating your transaction that looks like a debit as a credit. 

This in return allows the issuer to claim a reduction on the amount of refund provided to the merchant.

Overall, it may look like a perk, but not for customers who need a debit-only service. 

In fact, it can become a major annoyance if you use a service such as bill pay, money order, or wire transfer. 

Common Issues Leading to a Declined Card at Walmart

declined card issues

Considering the error code will surely help, but it is important to understand that the banking system is extremely complicated and so many other things can go wrong. 

For instance: 

Your Funds are in a Different Bank Account

Sometimes, you have a positive balance in your savings account, but you make the withdrawal from a money market or checking account, which may be in the red.  

This could lead to your transaction being rejected at Walmart.

Tip: The balance of your debit card can be verified in a number of ways, including by calling your bank, visiting an ATM, going online, or visiting your bank in person. 

You Have a Set Daily Purchase Limit

spend limit

In the event that you have made several large purchases on the same day using your debit card, you may be declined.

Financial organizations protect their customers’ funds by imposing daily purchase limitations on debit cards. 

Your daily debit card spending cap will vary per financial institution.

Tip: With a debit card, you can typically spend anywhere from $400 to $25,000, but you can talk to your bank to set a higher limit to avoid a declined card. 

Your Card is Inactive

Have you just received a new card?

Know that it may not be fully functional just yet if you just started using it after your previous one expired.

If that is the case, debit card purchases that call for a PIN will be denied to you.            

How Do You Solve a Declined Card at Walmart Self-Checkout?

solving declined card

Once you know the root cause, it will be easy to fix the issue and prevent a declined card while shopping at Walmart.

For instance: 

Activate Your Card

Do not automatically assume that a new card replacing your old one is already activated.

You have to do it manually.

using mobile bank

Your debit card can be activated in a number of ways, including over the phone, at an ATM, online, or using the mobile banking app for your bank.

Once it is turned on, you will be able to select a personal identification number (PIN) that you will be able to use when paying at Walmart self-checkout. 

Increase Your Daily Limit

In case you have already reached your daily spending limit, you may fix this issue simply by calling your bank.

All you have to do is go for a temporary purchase increase on your card. 

This helps you complete the purchase. 

Remember, you will have to confirm your identity when asking for a limit increase. 

Transfer Funds to the Correct Account

transferring funds

In case you use a different account to make a transaction, it is important to first transfer funds to the correct account.

It is important to remember that, depending on your bank, you may be charged extra for going over your limit or transferring funds out of your account.

Even if you do not have overdraft protection, you may be eligible for a refund in case the account has been overdrawn for fewer than 24 hours.

Tip: You can often get a declined transaction because of a canceled credit card due to fraud, theft, missed payment or delinquency, so contact your bank to confirm. 


Having your card declined at Walmart self-checkout is embarrassing and annoying. 

But, sometimes, you just cannot avoid it because so many things go into completing those transactions.  

Identifying the reasons and error codes can help you take the right step and ensure you do not ever have to deal with the same situation again.