are texas roadhouse ribs beef or pork

Are Texas Roadhouse ribs beef or pork? Does this thought come to your mind every time you decide to eat ribs?

Maybe, pork is forbidden in your religion and you do not want to take any chances.

When you crave steak, it is usually difficult to satisfy your hunger without spending top dollar. Unless you pay a visit to Texas Roadhouse!

The laid-back vibe, enormous servings, and affordable rates at Texas Roadhouse have made it a fan favorite.

On top of that, they have excellent steak in every conceivable cut. But, you know you are only interested in one thing – those juicy ribs!

What’s stopping you?

Maybe you are reluctant because you do not know what type of meat they use. So, are Texas Roadhouse ribs pork or beef?

Texas Roadhouse in the US makes use of fresh pork loin back ribs only.

Fact: Every Texas Roadhouse outlet has its own baker and that basket of carbo-liciousness is prepared fresh right in front of your eyes. 

Are Texas Roadhouse Ribs Beef or Pork?

texas roadhouse ribs beef or pork

Texas Roadhouse may have started in Indiana, but it has won over admirers from all over the world.

You will love it too if you are eager to get your hand on some authentic Tex-Mex fare.

The ribs you order here are especially tender and delicious. But, you may want to avoid them if you do not eat pork because they only use pork loin back ribs.

More About Texas Roadhouse

The first store opened in 1993, and since then, the chain has expanded to hundreds of restaurants around the country.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of Southern dishes, including Texas-sized ribs and steaks, fish, chicken, burgers, and a plethora of sides and appetizers.

Texas Roadhouse is more than just a steakhouse, with a menu full of comfort food staples for the whole family.

Steak is a specialty at Texas Roadhouse, but the restaurant also serves burgers, sandwiches, salads, country-inspired meals, and seafood.

An assortment of desserts, starters, and more sides are also available at the chain. 

texas roadhouse

What Makes Texas Roadhouse Ribs So Popular?

Their secret method of cooking ribs is what sets them apart from the competition.

The three-day process begins with Texas Roadhouse’s signature BBQ sauce and seasoning blend, both of which are used in every location.

The result is meat so tender that it practically slips off the bone. Their ribs are “fork-tender,” and most people just find them excellent.

Not to mention the warm buns and cinnamon butter you get the moment you order at a Texas Roadhouse. Just how incredible are those? 

The great atmosphere coupled with great taste is what makes their ribs so special. 

Are Texas Roadhouse Ribs Healthy?

are texas roadhouse ribs healthy

While steak is Texas Roadhouse’s specialty, the restaurant’s “fall off the bone” ribs are also a popular choice.

The ribs you order here have a lot high-fat content and calories as compared to many other steaks on the menu.

Calories and Fat

If you are considering ordering ribs as part of a combo meal, it is important to know how many calories and other nutrients they contain.

Each full slab of ribs provides you with 1,450 calories and 102g of fat.

Even when you go with half a slab, you still get 63g of fat as well as 900 calories. 

Nutrient Profile of Ribeye and Ribs
barbecue ribs steak

There are a staggering 1,510 calories in a 12oz ribeye and ribs combination.

The same serving provides you with 111g of fat – 46g of which is saturated fat.

It also contains about 6g of trans fat and 6g of sugar. It is high in protein, with 122g per serving.

Besides calories, it may not be an entirely healthy choice considering each 12oz serving contains about 2.4g of salt.  

Ribeye and ribs are high in calories, cholesterol, and sodium, so if you want to cut back, the 10-ounce selection is a good choice.

Fact: The chain has a trained expert at every outlet who cuts each steak individually to preserve its freshness.  

What is the Difference Between Beef and Pork Ribs?

difference between pork and beef

Some people have a liking for beef ribs, while others believe there is nothing compared to pork ribs.

If you are mainly a fan of pork ribs, what you get at Texas Roadhouse will surely impress you a lot.

But, knowing more about different types of beef and pork ribs would help you make the right choices and enjoy your meals even more.

Different Types of Beef Ribs

  • Plate Short Ribs: Taken from the short plate, the bottom of the rib cage section.
  • Back Ribs: Taken from the upper dorsal area behind the steer’s shoulders.
  • Chick Short Ribs: Taken from high towards the front, just below the chuck.
pork ribs

Different Types of Pork Ribs

  • Baby Back Ribs: Cut closest to the spine from the top of the pig’s loin.
  • Spare Ribs: Cut from the pig’s belly and towards its breastbone.
  • St. Louis Ribs: Obtained from a trimmed and squared-off rack of spareribs.
  • Kansas City Ribs: Quite like St. Louis ribs but they retain the cartilage.
  • Rib Tips: Obtained by clipping off the ends of St. Louis ribs.
Fact: The chain has opened five restaurants in the Middle East in addition to its already extensive international presence (with 460 outlets in all 50 states). 

What is the Difference between Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs?

Beef ribs are as renowned as pork ribs when it comes to barbecuing, despite the fact that pork ribs are smaller.

raw beef rib slab

Whether you choose to slow cook, grill, or marinate and braise, you will end up with tender, tasty meat when you are done.

If you do not have time to marinate, you can still give them a flavor boost by basting them with BBQ sauce after they have been cooked.

When slow-cooked, the connective tissue in these ribs breaks down and the flesh becomes tender and flavorful.

They both have their fans, but there are also many distinctions between them, making it easier for you to make your choice. 


The meat content of beef ribs is higher and has a bulkier, more primal appearance.

Ribs from a pig will always be slightly smaller than their beef counterparts. 

Fat Content

Beef ribs have a higher fat content. Though pork ribs are generally leaner, you still get a lot of fat when you opt for Texas Roadhouse ribs. 

barbecue ribs steak

 The flavor of pork ribs is mild, like that of pork chops, whereas the taste of beef ribs is meaty, like that of brisket or steak 


When compared to a rack of beef ribs, pork ribs are often less expensive.

On the other hand, unlike beef ribs, pork ribs are frequently sold in supermarkets as bulk items. 

Cooking Times

When compared to pork ribs, beef ribs will require a longer cooking time.  

Fact: Texans seem to be in love with Texas Roadhouse with more than 56 restaurants servicing the area. 

Should You Opt for Pork Ribs at Texas Roadhouse?

pork ribs steak

Deciding between beef or pork ribs usually comes down to personal preferences.

Pork ribs, while often considered inferior to beef ribs, are favored by some for their flavor and tenderness.

That is especially the case when you opt for Texas Roadhouse pork ribs.

Beef ribs have a robust, distinct flavor that stands on its own with nothing but salt and pepper (and maybe some garlic).

Many people claim that beef has an umami flavor, which is often categorized as salty, but it blends salty with savory and earthy.

However, you will truly love Texas Roadhouse ribs if you do not want anything as strong as beef. Some people even find it to have a mildly sweet flavor.

Pork ribs can taste remarkably similar to pork chops if not seasoned.

However, pork ribs go well with a wide range of spices, rubs, and barbecue sauces.

Fact: It may be named Texas Roadhouse but the chain first started in Clarksville, Indiana, not Texas. 


Some people love pork ribs, and others believe there is nothing as delicious as beef ribs.

But if you love steaks, you know Texas Roadhouse is the place to try. Are Texas Roadhouse Ribs beef or pork?

They use pork ribs, and if that is what you like, they will impress you for sure.

But, it also means you may want to avoid Texas Roadhouse ribs if you avoid pork. 

Thankfully, you can find many BBQ beef ribs recipes to cook your own meals, and there are alternatives to Texas Roadhouse, like Logan’s Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse.