What does descale mean on my Keurig

What does descale mean on my Keurig?  Hey, coffee lovers! Don’t you think that your coffee machine is one of the greatest inventions of all time?

However, just like any other things in life, you and your coffee machine should have a give and take relationship.

As much as your coffee machine strives to give you delicious coffee, you also need to pay close attention to them.

One way to take care of your coffee machine is by descaling it, which you will learn more about in the following parts.

What Does Descale Mean on My Keurig?

Going back to the real question, what does Keurig descale means?

Do you own a Keurig coffee maker? If yes, you may have seen the descale light on some of its models.

Its function is to give you a signal when there is already a scale buildup that can affect the performance of your appliance.

So, how does scale buildup happen?

Water, regardless of its type, contains minerals that we need to filter.

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Unfortunately, as we try to remove them from the water, the minerals will stick in metal components such as the fittings, heater tank, and pump.

Generally, scales do not build up on surfaces like plastic, glass, porcelain, and some metal types.

However, since a Keurig coffee maker has parts like heaters, it is vulnerable to mineral buildup.

Is Mineral Buildup Dangerous?

Worry not because scale or mineral buildup is not toxic, and it should not affect the taste of your coffee. However, it may affect the performance of your Keurig.

As the mineral buildup continues, it can severely slow down the flow of the water. It also reduces the effectiveness of the heater and pump.

That is why descaling your Keurig is a vital maintenance activity that you should frequently do.

Descaling vs. Cleaning a Coffee Maker

What is the difference between descaling and cleaning a coffee maker?

Many people think that descaling and cleaning are the same things, but they are different processes.

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As mentioned earlier, descaling a coffee maker is the process of removing mineral buildup.

On the other hand, cleaning a coffee maker is the process of removing residue buildup that affects the taste of your coffee.

When cleaning, you should focus on the parts of coffee grinds, brew chambers, portafilter baskets, and grinder burrs.  

It would be best if you did both processes frequently to maintain your Keurig.

Both methods will help you ensure that your coffee is fresh and clean and that your machine is operating without issues.

Benefits of Descaling My Keurig

benefits of descale of Keurig

Let us dive deeper into descale and how it can benefit your Keurig. Aside from its function, descaling can provide benefits on your Keurig, which are the following:

First is that it lengthens the life of your Keurig coffee maker. A coffee maker with no mineral buildup can prevent technical issues and save you from stress!

Second, it improves the quality of your coffee. Mineral buildup can affect the heater, which makes it harder to extract your beans. We all want to maximize the flavor of our beans, right?

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Third is that it shortens the time needed to make coffee. Are you rushing to work? A descaled coffee maker will generate your beverage faster.

Fourth, it reduces energy consumption.A longer processing time means higher energy consumption. Start descaling your coffee maker to save time and energy!

Fifth is that it reduces the noise of your coffee machine. The presence of unusual rattle noise and vibration are red flags and signs that your machine needs to be descaled!

Sixth is that it will save you money.You can save money in terms of not having to repair or replace it frequently, less energy consumed, and less time needed to kickstart your day!

Lastly, a well-functioning coffee maker will make you happier.A good coffee brings a good morning. It will only be possible if your machine can carry out its functions carefully and smoothly.

How to Descale a Keurig?

Now that you know what descaling means to your Keurig, the next question is, how do you do it?

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There are several ways to descale a Keurig, and there are ways to know when to descale it as well.

One way to know when to descale it is by checking your Keurig machine and see if the light labeled as descale is on.

When it comes to cleaning, we know that vinegar is a powerful tool, but can I use vinegar to descale Keurig? In descaling a Keurig, you may or may not use vinegar as your cleaning tool.

So, can I use vinegar to descale Keurig? Yes, you can use it, and cleaning with vinegar is an official method of descaling Keurig.

Note that the recommended type of vinegar is pure white vinegar and not the other types. Also, remember not to dilute the white vinegar with water.

Descaling a Keurig Using White Vinegar

Now, let’s get into the process.

Before descaling your Keurig, make sure that it is unplugged and that there is no water and water filter in the reservoir.

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After doing the things mentioned, you can start filling up the reservoir with pure white vinegar up to its maximum line.

Once you have filled up the reservoir, you can now remove the coffee pod holder, then close its compartment.

Turn on your Keurig and prepare a large mug as it will run a coffee cycle.

Just so you know, the liquid that will come out from the coffee maker is the scale inside the machine.

Once the “add water” indicator is on, it means that the vinegar is already gone.

Let your coffee maker stand for 4 hours before removing the remaining solution from the reservoir.

Yes, you need to leave your machine for several hours. Only after then can you rinse the remaining solution before filling it up with fresh water.

When you use vinegar, rinsing it is essential, or else the taste of your coffee will change. A coffee with vinegar is the least beverage that you can have right now.

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Aside from descaling, remember to clean the other parts of your Keurig to give it complete maintenance.

Things to Remember Before Descaling Your Keurig

Are you about to descale your Keurig? Hold up and check these reminders!

When descaling your Keurig, there are some things that you should not do:

First, make sure that you are not using dirty or cloudy water in rinsing your machine.

Second, it would be best if you did not use household or chemical cleaning tools in descaling your Keurig. It may leave behind toxic substances to your machine.

Third, you should not use detergent in cleaning your machine.

Fourth is that you should not use commercial acids (e.g., muriatic acid).

Fifth, make sure that you are not using high mineral content water.

Sixth, it would be best if you did not use alcohol in your brewer.

Lastly, it would be best if you did not use different types of vinegar (e.g., balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar).

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Descaling a Keurig may take some time; however, there are also ways to prevent or slow down scaling.

You can slow it down by using filtered water since it contains fewer minerals.

For a cheaper option, you can buy a tabletop water filtration system to reduce scaling.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope you have got a clear picture on what does descale means on Keurig. Descaling your Keurig is a must, and it is inevitable.

You can only prevent or slow down scaling, but you still need to descale it at some point or another.

Remember that descaling and cleaning your Keurig will prolong its life and improve or maintain the quality of your beverage.

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