can cornmeal replace bread crumbs

Did you just run short of breadcrumbs and wonder, ‘can cornmeal replace bread crumbs?’ Or is what you have not enough for you and your family?

I know how nagging this could be and how you may be stuck between options, even contemplate rushing out to find more breadcrumbs.

Now, you do not have to put in so much worry and stress when there are substitutes for breadcrumbs.

So the nearest in reach could save you the moment.

However, in the event the only readily available thing you had was cornmeal, do you think they would replace breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs can be replaced with cornmeal. Whether you want to add a crust to chicken, pork, fillet, or fish, and are out of bread crumbs, do not hesitate to do it with cornmeal.

And What Are Bread Crumbs For?

what bread crumbs

If you are an expert in culinary matters, then you know how useful breadcrumbs are to the diet and even to your health.

These crushed items of bread, can either be seasoned or toasted, dried, coarse or smooth, of high or low quality.

Primarily, bread crumbs are used to limit the moisture of various parties to a meal. 

They are what you might be lacking in your diet today. And so, quickly, below are other uses of bread crumbs you may not know.

Tip: Breadcrumbs are also used as bindings or crunch in meals.

To Enhance Flavour And Texture

enhance flavor and texture

Away from the flavor of the primary meal, we all fancy making our meals a lot tastier.

That is how meals can be enjoyed. And apart from the flavor, the texture of our diets also has to be soft and chewable.

You know what tough food could do. So, if you are after making your meals flavourful, tastier, and smoother, then bread crumbs could help a lot.

Especially if you are after doing it to grilled, baked, or fried meals.

Tip: Bread crumbs have the reputation for making meals way flavourful and chewable.

To Absorb Moisture

absorbs a moisture

You see, moisture is not always necessary in our meals, and that is why most of the time, you are encouraged to leave your food cool before freezing or refrigerating.

So, bread crumbs are a good way of absorbing all the moisture from your meals.

Moisture makes the food. Therefore, bread crumbs will save food from becoming very moist.

To Serve With A Crispy Topping

Breadcrumbs are handy if you are after shading your meals with a captivating crispy shine.

You know crispy means delicious and tasty. 

For foods such as salads, pasta, and casseroles, bread crumbs will serve you the magic of adding that crispness.

Note: Bread crumbs can also be used in cooking as a binding ingredient.

Why Would You Want To Substitute Bread Crumbs?

why substitute bread crumbs

Once, or twice, you may find yourself in dire need of substitution of bread crumbs.

And you could be asking  ‘can cornmeal substitute for bread crumbs?

The commonest of all reasons as to why most people browse for breadcrumbs substitutes is perhaps they have run out.

Perhaps, at the moment you needed them the most, you realize you used up all of them the last time.

And because it is normal to forget, you did not restock them.

substitute bread crumbs

Another reason people opt for a breadcrumb substitute is when they are in search of a much healthier choice.

Especially those that are wary of so much gluten. Additionally, bread crumbs are made of sodium, corn syrup, and other wheat allergens.

These may not be so appropriate for people with underlying health issues. 

It is because of either or any of the reasons here that most people tend to seek their substitutes.

Can Cornmeal Replace Bread Crumbs?

cornmeal replace bread crumbs

In the offset of this article, we gave the hint. We made it honest and open that indeed cornmeal can replace breadcrumbs.

Yea, that is it. This substitution/ replacement works well, so carry on, get that cornmeal in place for bread crumbs.

Cornmeal has a lovely, grainy texture that immediately reminds you of breadcrumbs.

They can be used in a number of different ways.

Cornmeal is used for breeding Blue Seasoned bread crumbs and Baked Onion Rings, for example.

However, you can easily transform your cornmeal into a delicious porridge or polenta.

Note: Cornmeal has the advantage of being gluten-free. This makes it quite embraced by people who should partake in bread crumbs that are blessed with gluten.

What Else Apart From Cornmeal Can Replace Bread Crumbs?

what else apart from cornmeal

You could be interested to know what else can be used in place of breadcrumbs other than cornmeal.

Truth is, there is a number. More than you thought, or perhaps more than you need.

All these have been listed below, you could try any of them if you feel like setting aside cornmeal and bread crumbs for a while.

Do-it-yourself from stale bread, Croutons, Panko breadcrumbs, Pre-made stuffing combined, Rolled oats, Cooked rice, and Couscous.

Others include;

Cornmeal, Gluten-free flours like almond flour or chickpea flour, Nuts and seeds, floor nuts, Flax seeds, Shredded coconut, Chopped rice paper sheets or rice noodles, and chia seeds.

We still have the likes of cereals, Corn flakes, puffed rice, Chips or crisps (potato or different veggies), Pretzels or crackers, and Parmesan cheese (dietary yeast for vegans), and Riced greens like cauliflower or candy potato.

Are Cornstarch and Cornmeal the Same Thing?

cornstarch and cornmeal

Do you think cornstarch and cornmeal are one and the same? Most people think they are, some do not have an idea.

In general, you shouldn’t mix and match cornstarch, flour, and cornmeal because they are all made from the same ingredient.

Corn flour can be used in place of cornmeal in chess pie filling, though.

Corn flour and cornmeal produce bread and cakes with varied textures when baked.


All said and done and this article answers the question, can cornmeal replace breadcrumbs?

In case you just ran out of breadcrumbs, then cornmeal comes in as a handy substitute.

Both are a great way for making your meals taste better and greater.

Do not hesitate, neither should you fear.

In fact, cornmeal, unlike breadcrumbs, is gluten-free and good for your health. Replace breadcrumbs with cornmeal asap.