can i eat expired pizza rolls

Can I eat expired pizza rolls, or should I discard them? Is there truly an expiration date for pizza rolls?

Clever pizza rolls have become a trend in the world of food. They are made so that you can taste the delicious toppings while they remain crispy. 

But, just like any other frozen food product, it is natural to feel concerned about your pizza rolls expiring.

Some folks absolutely refuse to eat anything that has passed its expiration date.

Some people, however, are not too concerned with safety and will eat frozen goods well past their “best by” date.

Examples of this include pizza rolls, which have recently gained popularity. However, is it possible for them to perish while still frozen?

Can you eat them if they expire?

Pizza rolls do not expire, and can survive indefinitely when preserved properly in the freezer. So, you can eat them, unless there is a drastic change in flavor and texture.

Tip: It is okay to store your pizza rolls after baking for up to a couple of months without causing the texture or flavor to change.

Can I Eat Expired Pizza Rolls?

eating expired pizza rolls

Pizza rolls do not go bad or expire if stored frozen.

The recommended shelf life is 18 months from the date of purchase. So it is a good idea to consume them within that period.

You should not worry much about anything, even if you make it last longer than that.

It would not pose health risks, but freezer burn can create obvious changes in texture and flavor over time.

Can Pizza Rolls Go Bad?

Technically they do not, but they are naturally spoiled if the texture has changed considerably.

True enough, you probably do not want to keep those bags of tater tots and tasty frozen pizza rolls in the freezer forever.

There is still a risk of food spoilage there.

While eating these items over the expiration date is normally safe, you may find that the flavor and texture have diminished.

That is when you should avoid them. After all, who wants to eat pizza rolls from 2012, anyway?

Why May Pizza Rolls Go Bad?

why does pizza roll go bad

Pizza is one of those foods that can always be found in everyone’s freezer.

You may be a huge pizza fan, but how many times have you forgotten about a pizza in your freezer?

Hey, and sometimes they are just covered up by other things, and you end up forgetting that they are in there.

Therefore, it should not be too difficult to find somebody who has consumed their good share of pizzas that were maybe a little bit past their prime.

Although they can still be consumed without risk, their consistency can best be described as firm and dry.

In addition, the crust begins to have a flavor that is somewhat spongey and reminiscent of Styrofoam. Yuck!

What Does It Happen?

expired bread

It is mainly because of the ingredients, and toppings on those pizza rolls.

If the pizza dough contains eggs, there is a possibility that it contains Salmonella.

Not only can it alter the taste and texture of your pizza rolls, but it also could cause you to experience stomach distress.

But again, it is not always the case. In fact, it is perfectly fine to consume frozen food after the “best by” date printed on the packaging.

This includes pizzas and veggies.

If the meat purchased and frozen includes more than 50 percent protein, its shelf life is likely to be at least fifty years. Incredible, huh?

Tip: Do not leave your pizza rolls out for long and avoid warming them up in the microwave.

Can Eating Expired Pizza Rolls Hurt You?

expired pizza rolls hurt you

Not always, but there is still a possibility.

Unrefrigerated pizza that has been left out at room temperature for a whole day poses a very low risk of foodborne illness.

This is supported by the fact that there are relatively few instances of food-borne disease in which pizza was a contributing factor.

That being said, almost anything you put in your mouth could potentially cause “food poisoning.”

It is not the pizza itself or the cheese that makes you sick; it is something else entirely – and that is Salmonella contamination!

What Symptoms to Watch Out For?

Salmonella infections almost often cause symptoms including fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping.

In most cases, the onset of symptoms occurs anywhere between six hours and six days after infection and can last for 4-7 days.

However, some people do not exhibit symptoms until several weeks after they have been infected.

How Can You Identify Expired Pizza Rolls?

how to identify expired pizza rolls

Because cheese and sauce are the primary components of pizza rolls, they can become spoiled.

There will be evident warning signs indicating that your pizza rolls are not fit for consumption and should instead be thrown away:

Change in Texture

Pizza rolls are bad if they have a slimy texture and a sort of “oily” quality.

It usually happens due to the presence of ingredients like mushrooms and pepperoni.

Change in Flavor

If the flavor is awful, your pizza rolls are expired.

Throw them away even if they appear in decent shape but have an unpleasant flavor when you take a bite out of them.

Change in Texture

Pizza rolls are past eating when they are dry and hard in texture.

They probably will not make you sick, but it does not indicate they will taste delicious or be safe to consume.

changed appearance

Change in Appearance

The pizza rolls develop a moldy appearance for a reason.

Remember that mold can appear in a wide variety of colors, including white, green, black, grey, and just about any other color.

It frequently has a texture that might be described as “fuzzy,” as well. If you notice it on your pizza rolls, it is time to get rid of them.

Change in Smell

When the pizza rolls smell awful, they have no place in your freezer. Period.  A foul stench is never a good sign.

It is never a good idea to toss out food.

If, on the other hand, eating them could put your health at risk, it is not worth the risk. And the same holds for your beloved pizza rolls!

Tip: Try to eat your thawed pizza rolls stored in the refrigerator within 5 days to avoid any change in taste or texture.
how long pizza rolls take to expire

How Long Does It Take for Pizza Rolls to Expire?

It usually depends on how you store them. But again, they do not easily go bad, so you do not have to worry much in this regard.

How Long Can Pizza Rolls Survive on Room Temperature?

If you allow them to thaw at room temperature or leave them out after cooking for an extended period of time, the possibility of developing food poisoning dramatically increases.

When you leave meats and cheeses at room temperature for an extended period of time, they can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore, if you allow your pizza rolls that have already been heated to remain out on the counter, they may spoil quickly.

In most cases, they may no longer be fit to consume after 2-4 hours.

How Long Can Pizza Rolls Survive in the Freezer?

pizza rolls

If you want to enjoy your pizza rolls, they should be eaten within 18 months of purchase at the latest.

Does this indicate that when the 19th month rolls around, we should get rid of the rolls right away? No!

After that time, they can still be eaten safely.

In fact, if frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), food like pizza rolls will remain forever – literally!

An Important Consideration

If these cheese-filled treats have been lying in your freezer for too long, they will probably not live up to the quality the manufacturer promised.

It is not because they are past their use-by date; it is freezer burn.

The term “freezer burn” refers to the deterioration of previously frozen food.

It is the result of dehydration and oxidization that occur when the air enters the freezer.

Remember, freezer burn is only a quality issue with food, not a safety risk.

Yet, it is preferable to avoid it because freezer-burned pizza rolls are not very good.

How to Store Pizza Rolls Properly in the Freezer?

how to store pizza rolls

To preserve them “properly,” you need to keep your freezer running and constantly cooling and ensure that it stays dry and airtight.

It means you need to keep them appropriately sealed in a suitable container. 

Remember, unsealed food is the most common culprit when it comes to freezer burn.

That is to say, pizza roll packages that have previously been opened are more prone to this problem.

This “burn” on the surface of your food will cause it to dry out and lose flavor, resulting in a typically unpleasant taste and chewy texture.

Tip: Be sure to set the temperature at 350F in the oven and reheat your pizza rolls for 20-30 minutes before you eat them out of the freezer.


Pizza rolls are so much delicious and completely addictive.

And it is okay to stock up on those yummy treats so long as you know how to store them properly.

And if you worry about, Can I eat expired pizza rolls?” put your mind at ease, as they would not go bad any time soon.