can you freeze papa murphy pizzas

Ever faced with the question; Can You Freeze Papa Murphy Pizzas? Papa Murphy’s is a great place to get your Pizza.

If you are looking for a real taste of Pizza, or have been getting one that doesn’t really go down well with you.

You must reconsider how and where to source your Pizza. Now, you could be already getting your Pizza from Papa Murphy and are wondering if you really can freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza.

Papa Murphy Pizza can be frozen. It shouldn't worry you anymore. However, abide by the best practices and guidelines while freezing Papa Murphy Pizza to get the best results.

In this article, we will reveal to you more than just how you can freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza. So, Can You Freeze Papa Murphy Pizza?

Can Papa Murphy Pizza be Frozen?

First things first, because you asked, it would be inappropriate that we start off with anything else other than what is at the core of our discussion.

can freeze papa murphy pizzas

Can You Freeze Papa Murphy Pizza?

Right from the onset, this article made it evident that nothing can stand between Papa Murphy pizza and the freezer.

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Say, you just bought pizza, and it seems you won’t be able to consume it all right away.

Or in another relevant event, you do not want to keep going to the Pizza boy at Murphy’s regularly. So then you decide to stock up on what is enough for a set time frame of your own.

How are you going to preserve it as you wait for the right time to take it. Or as you take it in bits?

The answer is simple and straight, the freezer is your best bet. So what is stopping you from using the freezer to keep Papa Murphy’s Pizza fresh?

Nothing right? Then do it!

Tip: The freezer is the ultimate and best way to preserve Papa Murphy's Pizza for as long as you may want.

How to Freeze Papa Murphy Pizza

freeze the papa murphy pizza

Now that you just learned that Papa Murphy’s Pizza can be frozen, are you at a crossroads or worried about how that should be done?

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You are right, it is best that you be so worried, so that you find out how that can be done.

Unless you approach it wrongly, then you can consequently be spoiling your precious delicious pizza.

Fret not, for we are just getting started and will show you how best you can freeze pizza from Papa Murphy so that it is safe and fresh throughout the preservation.

While storing away any leftover Papa Murphy’s pizza or that intended for future usage in the freezer.

You intend to have it retain its shape, taste, odor, and color so that whenever you deem fit to retract it, it is as it went in or even better.

Note: If this is what you desire and deserve, then you are going to have to follow the steps below on how to freeze papa murphy pizza.

Below are the key simple steps to follow:

Step #1. Allow It to Cool

Allow your Papa Murphy pizza to completely cool before freezing it.

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cool first

To make cooling a little faster, place it in the refrigerator overnight before proceeding.

This will help you retain the maximum quality while keeping your pizza in the freezer.

Step #2. Seal Your Pizza in a Container

After making sure that your Papa Murphy pizza is cool, then partition your pizza into smaller pieces, or if you have larger airtight bags then so be it.

Seal your Papa Murphy’s pizza in the containers or plastic wraps you are using while ensuring that it is completely airtight.

It should be airtight to an extent that even the slightest air can’t penetrate the seal.

Then Place the container in a freezer bag. And then, you can gently place the bag with the contents in the freezer.

Always ensure that the amount of pizza you are freezing is reasonable, it shouldn’t be too much.

You should be able to take it throughout the ideal period of time; it can best be preserved in the freezer.

Tip: Always use an aluminum foil to seal the container with the pizza in order to increase how long Papa Murphy's pizza can stay in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Papa Murphy Pizzas?

how long can you freeze

Did you just buy more pizza than you need, or do you plan to stock more for the coming days, then you could be worried about how long you can freeze papa murphy pizza.

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Of course, papa murphy pizza can be frozen like any other food.

However, you need to beware of how long it is going to take for the pizza to start changing while in the freezer.

What period of time is it going to take for a frozen pizza to start having and showing a change and decline in the quality of taste?

Because I needed to be sure, I did this myself after conducting some research to validate the truthfulness behind it, and guess what? my source was right.

For a stunning 2 to 3 months, your pizza can stay tucked away in the freezer and in good shape.

What Other Factor Determines How Long You Can Freeze Papa Murphy Pizza?

other factors

Remember that it starts with how you do the packing. The preparation, and the sealing should be done right.

Then be sure of a straight two or three months of fresh pizza in your freezer.

Whether you are taking it out in bits or plan to take it at the end of a period of your time on your own, so long as it is anywhere between two or three months, then be sure of quality pizza.

Tip: To achieve this time, I insist that you cover Papa Murphy pizza so well so it won't gone bad, with aluminum foil and ensure not even the slightest air can penetrate through to the pizza.

Can You Freeze Cooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

freeze cooked papa murphy pizza

Again, there is nothing to stop you from freezing a cooked papa murphy pizza. So, yes, a cooked papa murphy pizza can be frozen.

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In fact, it is the best pizza to be frozen over raw. To do so, follow the very guidelines highlighted herein to show you everything you are supposed to do.

General Guidelines To Observe While Freezing Papa Murphy Pizza

To ensure that you are well with the right sense of direction in all matters concerning Papa Murphy’s pizza.

general guidelines

I went a step further to compile a number of precautions you must take into account while freezing Papa Murphy Pizza.

Follow these precautions totally to get the best results and for your Pizza to stay preserved all along.

The tips herein are essential while preparing papa murphy pizza for freezing.

Most importantly, ensure that the container and aluminum foil are well sealed, thus they should be airtight.
  • Remove any materials that come home with Pizza from Papa Murphy’s.
  • Papa Murphy’s pizza can only stay fresh in the freezer for up to 3 months, ensuring the period you freeze yours doesn’t exceed this limit.
  • Always bake your pizza at your preferred temperature, but that should be for 20 minutes or less.
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Does Freezing Affect the Taste of Papa Murphy Pizza?

Does freezing affect the taste of papa murphy pizza? I am afraid to mention that the answer is both a Yes and No.

freezing affect taste

No, because, if you abide by the set standard period of time the pizza should be in the freezer, then you won’t have any taste irregularities.

On the other hand, Yes because, papa murphy will start quickly losing its taste once it crosses the three months line.


In this piece, we have given a detailed answer to the question; Can you freeze papa murphy pizza.

So, someone else also asked a similar question which is; can you freeze unbaked papa murphy pizza?

By now, the answer should be resonating with you. Papa Murphy’s place is a great stop for your pizza, and if you have any leftovers and are looking for a way to preserve the rest.

Be informed that Papa Murphy pizza can be frozen.