can i leave hot soup out overnight to cool

Can I Leave Hot Soup out Overnight to Cool?

When thinking of an easy meal to make that can last for some time during the cold season, one of the best so far is to make a large quantity of soup.  

This is because it’s easy to warm or reheat, lasts well, and is light.

The only problem is that it can require a lot of time to get cold, and you will need to let it get cold before storing it in your fridge.

Will leaving hot soup out overnight help it cool? 

Find out here.

It is okay to leave hot soup out overnight to cool? Yes, when done well, the process is safe. You will however need to reboil it in the morning and keep it in the refrigerator during the day.

Can I Keep Soup In A Crockpot/Slow Cooker Overnight?

can keep in slow cooker overnight

Yes, you can, if your cooker is heating your soup above 140°F through the night.

So, don’t keep your soup sitting all through the night in a pot that you have switched off.

This is because perishable, prepared food ought not to be kept somewhere in the range of 40°-140°F for more than two hours.

 At the point when you keep food out all through the night without any form of heat like using a crockpot or without putting it in the refrigerator, there will be excess time for any bacteria present to multiply. 

For example, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria can recreate rapidly, especially when kept between 50 and 120°F.

So you should avoid leaving soup or stew overnight at normal room temperature.

So, Can I Leave Hot Soup Out Overnight to Cool?

can leave hot soup overnight

Can you leave hot soup out overnight to cool?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, any stew or soup kept out for more than two hours or even overnight ought to be disposed of. 

Regardless of whether you warm it to destroy bacteria, there might be toxins from the bacteria, that even reheating can’t annihilate.

This is applicable to all stews and soups, with meat or without meat. if it’s super hot (more than 90°F), the standard is 60 minutes.

Temperatures somewhere in the range of 40-140°F are alluded to as the “Risk Zone.”

Bacteria are twofold quickly in this range, and bacteria infection can sicken you. It is applicable to all stews and soups. 

It applies to meat stew, chicken stew, pork stew,  tomato soup, vegetable soup, bean soup, chicken soup, pea soup, mushroom soup, and lentil soup, regardless of meat or milk content.

How Long Can Soup Be Left Out?

how long soup be left out

Many people suggest letting your soup cool for close to two hours prior to refrigerating.

In any case, not all soup is made the same. An enormous pot might require more than two hours to cool.

If you’re concerned about staying within the 2-hour limit and you also don’t want to put hot soup inside your refrigerator, then you can do two things. 

Firstly, you can partition your soup into small containers immediately after cooking so it cools on time.

It is actually an incredible method, as you can partition the soup into portions that you will use each day of the coming week, so you can just pick up a portion, reheat and the food is ready. 

Another method you can use to cool your soup is you can put the pot containing the soup in your sink.

Just make sure that it has been filled with cold water and ice, this will ensure that your soup cools down within 2 hours.

What Makes Bacteria Develop in Soup?

how does bacteria develop in soup

When answering the question, can I leave soup out overnight to cool? we need to understand what causes bacteria to develop in soup. 

Bacteria development thrives in areas with a ton of moisture and protein content. These are the two major attributes of a soup.

This implies that bacteria can grow in soup very much like it actually does in some other prepared food.

Many individuals think that making your soup boil just after you left it overnight will destroy any bacteria that figured out how to develop. 

This is valid if you bring the soup to boil for somewhere around 10 minutes. 

This will destroy all active bacteria.

However, although cooking the soup might rid the soup of the bacteria, it might not rid it of all possible toxins created by the bacteria

How Can You Say Whether Soup Has Turned sour?

how to  know when sour

After knowing how long soup can be left out, you should also know when it has turned sour.

You will know if your soup has turned sour the same way you would know the newness of some other food. 

Actually, the easiest method for telling that the soup has turned sour is if indeed the smell changes and becomes upsetting.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture recommendations If you kept it at room temperature for over 2 hours, then it ought to be tossed out.

Additionally, if it’s been refrigerated for more than 5 days, you ought to likewise discard it.

Mold is an obvious sign that the soup is spoiled and ought to immediately be discarded.

If the soup is bringing out bubbles before you’ve stirred it, then it is likely that it has turned sour.

The equivalent goes for any significant discoloration.

Dangers of Eating Spoiled Soup?

dangers of eating spoiled soup

Eating soups that are spoiled can cause various food-borne illnesses, the signs and symptoms generally include fever, stomach issues, diarrhea vomiting, and nausea. 

You can check by eating just a bite of the soup.

If you do so and you notice a change in the original taste, it’s time to stop eating it and probably discard it.

When Would it be a Good Idea for You to Discard Soup Left Overnight?

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that soup should be discarded when you leave it to sit out for more than two hours.

If you have a café, you should strictly follow this guideline and discard food that you didn’t properly store. 

If it is for individual consumption, below are a few factors to think about before going on to save the soup.

If the Taste or Smell Has Become Horrendous

has taste or smell horrendous

If you take a little scoop from your soup and find the taste to be horrible, then there is no need to save it, just discard it.

If Your Soup Was Not Covered All through the Night

If you have no clue about what might have slithered into your soup during the night, it is ideal to discard it.

If There Are No Acidic Food Varieties in It

If your food has acidic ingredients like tomatoes, then it’s alright to use our hack to save your soup.

How Can I Save Soup Left Out Overnight?

how save soup left out overnight

After cooking a very large pot of soup and mistakenly leaving it out without keeping it in the fridge, you don’t need to worry as long as it meets the requirements above. 

You should simply boil for 15 minutes, that will not be pretty much as efficient as boiling so it is best that you ignore that idea. 

You can add water and a few ingredients if there is a need. 

It is actually an option but can bring back the freshness and newness of your soup.


Can I Leave Soup Out Overnight to Cool? How long can soup be left out?

If these are the questions that were on your mind, then this article has explicitly answered you. You shouldn’t leave soup overnight to cool. 

This is because food is not meant to stay at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

It’s not compulsory to wait for the soup to completely cool down before putting it in the fridge.

But if you want to cool it a bit, then this article has explained the quick methods you can use to cool down your soup. 

However, if the food is for you and not for commercial purposes, this article has explained the easy fix that you can make for your soup.

This article also contains other information that you might find helpful.