what does twisted tea taste like

Some of you are familiar with twisted tea from the viral video about a store altercation while some of you knew twisted tea way before that, so you wonder what does twisted tea taste like?

Now there are some who know nothing about twisted tea. 

Twisted tea is a beverage in a bright yellow and blue can or bottle.

What does twisted tea taste like?

Well, this article is dedicated to enlightening you on the various tastes of twisted tea depending on the flavor.

But there is one thing all the flavors of twisted tea have in common. All the flavor of twisted tea tastes like actual iced tea with a tiny hint of alcohol and the distinct flavor it is named after.

So, What Does Twisted Tea Taste Like?

what does twisted tastes

Twister tea just like the name implies is a hard iced tea and it pretty much tastes like that.

According to their website, twisted tea spent a long time experimenting with different flavors just to get that exact iced tea taste.

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Twisted Tea is made with  Ceylon tea leaves and real fruit flavorings. It makes use of naturally flavored flavors and is sweetened with sugarcane.

Over the course of the years, twisted tea has developed new flavors for its ever-growing consumers.

The makers of Twisted Tea seem to know how well a fantastic beverage can be used to rejuvenate people, they do not use artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Which makes it exceptional in the iced tea world.

Note: As I said earlier, the one thing they have in common is the iced tea taste.

Here Are the Different Flavors of Twisted Tea and What They Each Taste Like

the different flavors of twisted tea

Twisted Tea Original

Twisted tea original is the first flavor of twisted tea. It is a hard iced black tea with a twist that is made with a natural lemon flavor.

It is very refreshing and sweet.

So if you are more of a sweet tooth, twisted tea original is the drink for the job.

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Not just because of the original flavor, but because it is the perfect blend of sweet, sour, slightly bitter, and savory. 

Twisted Tea Light

If you prefer a lighter version then twisted tea light is the one. It is not as strong as the original flavor but equally as delicious.

Twisted Tea Half-Half

Twisted tea half-half is a more improved version of the twisted tea original.

Some customers complained about twisted tea originally being too sweet and canceling the whole idea of hard iced tea.

In a way to satisfy these said customers, twisted tea half-half was born.

Half iced tea, half lemonade, twisted tea half-half is a perfect and equal blend of citrus kick and hard iced tea.

Note: The taste is stronger and less sweet and with a more obvious twist of lemon.

Twisted Tea Sweet Cherry Lime

the sweeet cherry lime

They say more is the merrier and twisted sure knows how to do that by creating more flavors to the drink.

I mean why be monotonous when you can have varieties? This flavor is mostly for people on the wilder side.

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Sweet cherry lime is a mixture of sweet and sour and it is very edgy.

Note: It was made specifically for Boston's hometown team.

Twisted Tea Blueberry

When I first heard of the twisted tea blueberry I was a little bit weary but the moment I tasted it I was quite impressed.

I was expecting it to be an over-do but it is really lovely.

It feels homey in a way blueberry muffins or pancakes would make you feel.

Though it is more on the sweet side it is delicious and can be taken at any time of the day.

Twisted Tea Peach

a peach flavor

I was never really a huge fan of peaches but I must say this, the peach flavor is one of the best.

The sourness and zing are reduced by the sugary sweetness of the peach which makes it more sweet than sour.

Twisted Tea Mango

Definitely my least favorite of all the flavors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the flavor.

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It happens to be the sweetest among them all and in a way, the mango has a very overwhelming flavor, making it hard to taste other flavors in the drink.

Twisted Tea Raspberry

A very delicate sweetness at first but then it is accompanied by a hint of tartness.

It is also very sweet but it has just about enough tartness to blend it up.

Twisted Tea Blackberry

the balckberry

Blackberries generally have a unique flavor, unlike any other fruit which automatically makes it an exceptional flavor for twisted tea.

It is sweet, really sweet and it has a slightly bitter aftertaste at the back of your throat.

All in all, it is delicious.

Twisted tea has now grown famous for its ability to liquidize the summer feeling into a drink for us to consume.

Not only that, it is known to lack carbonation which makes it even more drinkable for everyone.

So whenever you are throwing a party or just chilling at home missing summer, don’t forget there’s a drink called twisted tea that will bring summer to your very doorstep.

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If you are asked; How does twisted tea taste?

Just know that the answer shouldn’t be as difficult as you think, since we are all familiar with the different flavors and their distinctive taste.

Tip: Despite not being for everyone, Twisted Tea is a great option for those looking to decompress and unwind after a long day at work.

Is Twisted Tea Good?

is the tea good

Well, it depends on your definition of good. The drink contains five percent malt-based alcohol which is quite similar to that of a beer.

So if you have nothing against the consumption of alcohol, it is suitable for anyone over the age of 21.

As I said earlier, it is not carbonated so it doesn’t cause any form of heartburn. It also has no caffeine.

Contrary to other alcoholic beverages, Twisted Tea is healthy for people who are concerned about their weight. It contains 0 calories, so there is no need to be concerned.

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For those with different preferences, Twisted Tea is a great choice.

It is a fantastic option for persons with all types of food allergies due to its vibrant orange color.

This tea can be had without concern by many individuals who are allergic to nuts.

Compared to other sorts of beverages, like coffee, a tea cocktail will make you feel more rejuvenated.

When drunk in moderation, it is easier to digest than other drinks and does not cause stomach discomfort.

Additionally, it’s more nourishing, delicious, and satisfying than other local beverages, making it healthier for you.

Does Twisted Tea Have Effect On Our Body?

have an effect on our body

There are some adverse effects of twisted tea on the body.

The negative effects of ingesting way too much Twisted Tea include, among other things vomiting, and dizziness.

If the symptoms persist after twenty-four, it is imperative to visit a doctor. 

Aside from nausea,  the most common unfavorable consequence of Twisted Tea consumption is a hangover, which can endure for many hours.

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After overindulging the previous evening, you could get headaches and nausea the next day as a result of dehydration, alcohol poisoning, or over-consumption.

Tip: Be careful not to overindulge yourself the next time you want to consume twisted tea.

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So now that we have gotten to the end of the article, I hope I have answered the question “ What does twisted tea taste like?” to your satisfaction.

Twisted tea is the best-iced tea now because of its unique taste and summer feeling. Like I said earlier, it is like bringing summer to your very doorstep.

Too much of everything no matter how good it could be is bad.

No matter how delicious the drink is, you must consume it in moderation because just like anything containing alcohol, too much of it can be adverse to your body. 

I hope this article has been helpful. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Stay safe!