can twisted tea get you drunk

Can twisted tea get you drunk? This is an excellent question to ask before you begin to consume your favorite twisted tea.

Twisted Tea is one of the best-selling hard teas you can find out there recently.

The drink is highly rated because of the sizzling taste that comes with it.

If you want to know if twisted tea can get you drunk and what amount of twisted tea will get you drunk, then you have come to the right article.

Stay with me and I will give you all the answers.

Yes! Twisted tea can get you drunk when you drink more than you can handle because this drink contains malt-based alcohol. On average, people get drunk on twisted tea when they are on the 9th to 10th can but it all still depends on your alcohol tolerance. 

Is Twisted Tea Made Of Alcohol?

is it made of alcohol

When compared to other soft or slightly alcoholic beverages out there, twisted Tea takes the lead.

But the fact that twisted tea has a low alcohol content does not mean you should overdrink it.

Twisted Tea was launched by the Boston Beer Company in 2001. It was first produced as a sweet tea spiked with lemon.

It was later expanded as a beer and has remained like that till now. Twisted tea is a very common drink in the U.S, especially in Philadelphia, Houston, and Los Angeles. 

Twisted tea was made from a combination of malted barley( malt from beer) and brewed tea.

  • Twisted tea is an alcoholic blend of iced tea and some fruity flavors. 
  • Twisted tea can also be made at home and customized to your personal taste.

I have heard of people mixing vodka with their iced tea but I do not recommend this as it can get you drunk faster than the original twisted tea. 

Note: The standard alcohol percent of twisted tea is 5%.

Different Flavours Of Twisted Tea You Should Know So You Don’t Get Drunk

different flavors of twisted tea

A huge part of what makes twisted tea a popular drink is that it comes in different flavors.

There is an original twisted tea that is just pure and there are others that were enhanced with fruity tastes.

Twisted tea can come in;

Twisted Tea Original

This is the ideal and most popular iced tea out there. It has no flavor enhancer.

All you need to do is just pure malt plus tea taste. The alcohol level of this original twisted tea is 5%

Slightly Twisted Tea

Not all twisted teas contain the same amount of sugar and alcohol level.

Some were produced to contain a whole less sugar than the original ones based on preferences.

They are commonly known as slightly twisted tea and the alcohol level is at 4%. 

Twisted Tea Blackberry

the blackberry flavor

This twisted tea has a blended iced tea flavor with a fruity blackberry taste made perfectly for blackberry lovers. 

Twisted Tea Raspberry 

Raspberry twisted tea has a perfectly blended taste of iced tea laced with raspberry flavor.

This is the reason it is often considered a perfect summer drink

Twisted Tea Peach

Twisted tea peach has a blended taste of iced tea with a peachy flavor. This blend is usually a great option for peach lovers! 

Twisted Tea Blueberry

Twisted tea blueberry contains a mix of iced tea with blueberry flavor. If blueberry is your thing, you can opt for this option. 

Twisted Tea Mango

Twisted tea mango is a blend of iced tea and mango flavor and it’s absolutely perfect for mango lovers. 

Tip: You can further explore the goodness of twisted tea with your taste bud by mixing two or more flavors together.

What Kind Of Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea? 

what kind of alcohol is in

Twisted Tea contains malt-based alcohol. This alcohol is similar to the one found in beer.

The alcohol content in twisted tea is designed to be at 5% by all manufacturing brands.

The twisted tea that is sold to the public contains ethanol which is alcohol gotten from the fermentation of malted barley. 

Note: Some homemade twisted tea could contain Vodka, these ones are not for sale to the public.

So, Can Twisted Tea Get You Drunk? Yes, It Can! 

Twisted tea can get you drunk because it is an alcoholic drink.

The malt presented in twisted tea has been fermented to give it its characteristic alcohol base. 

It is a known fact that everybody reacts to alcohol differently.

So you need to know your limits personally before taking twisted tea or any alcohol at all. 

There are a number of factors that could determine if you would get drunk or not when you take twisted tea; 

Reason #1: Sleep Deprivation Levels

a sleep deprivation

If you have not had enough sleep in a long while, it might take you fewer cans to get drunk than someone who has slept well before drinking.

Already, your lack of sleep can make you feel intoxicated, and taking new cans of alcohol might worsen the situation faster. 

Reason #2: Hunger Level

Alcohol will absorb into your bloodstream faster when you are hungry than when you are filled up.

It is often advised to eat food before you start drinking. If you take twisted tea while hungry, you are more likely to get drunk faster. 

Reason #3: Alcohol Tolerance

Unless you are a first-time drinker, you would have probably known how fast alcohol has affected you previously.

Some people have a higher tolerance for alcohol than others. So knowing your tolerance limit will guide you when you want to take twisted tea. 

Reason #4:Body Weight

a body weight

The lower your body weight, the faster you could get drunk from alcohol.

This has to do with the Body Mass Index (BMI).

It has been revealed that alcohol absorbs faster into your body as a skinny person when compared to a bigger person.

You need to put your body weight into consideration before you take your twisted tea in excess.

Reason #5: Gender

Women get drunk faster than Men.

So if you are a woman and you are taking twisted alongside a man, there is a high likelihood that you will get drunk faster than the man.

This is a real scientific fact. Men have been noted to have more ADH enzymes in their bloodstream than women. 

Tip: Try to eat some food before taking twisted tea. It would help delay the alcohol effect. 

How Much Twisted Tea Can Get You Drunk?

how much to drink to get drunk

The fact that twisted teas come in sweet and fruity tastes might not make you realize on time that you have been taking alcohol all along.

The ‘whoosh’ feeling starts creeping in when you are far gone. You don’t want that kind of surprise, trust me.

That is why you should know how many cans or bottles of twisted tea can get you drunk.

Twisted tea contains like 5% alcohol and it will take up to 8-10 cans for an average adult to get drunk on twisted Tea.

Although, this varies as some people might have a higher alcohol tolerance than others.  

One twisted tea is equivalent to a glass of wine and this should guide you on how you should ration your drinks.

Tip: If you get drunk after 3 glasses of wine, then you should know not to take more than 3 cans of twisted tea at a time if you don’t want to get drunk.


Can twisted tea get you drunk? The answer is yes!

Because of the 5%  alcoholic malt content in your twisted tea, you can get drunk when you consume more than your body can handle. 

Twisted tea is an alcoholic drink but there is a tendency to drink it like it’s non-alcoholic.

It is important to take notes of the kind of alcohol that is present in twisted tea and your body’s limit to alcohol intake so you can ration your drinks accordingly.