nutribullet stopped working

Finding yourself in a situation where your Nutribullet stopped working without any warning signs can be pretty annoying. 

Having a Nutribullet can be a very handy appliance, always making the blending of fruits and other vegetables easy.

It is, therefore a good appliance to be kept in the home. However, Nutribullet can break down for some reason.

But do not worry, your blender is still in good shape, it’s probably just a minor setback that can easily be fixed.

There are three main reasons why your Nutribullet could stop working: a blade problem, blender issue, or leakage issue.

Read on if you’d like to know the three major reasons why a Nutribullet could stop working and how to fix them.

Why Did Nutribullet Stop Working?

why nutribullet stopped working

Nutribullets could develop issues that could make them stop working.

Some of these issues could be a result of our negligence or issues that develop over time.

When these issues arise, disposal of the blender shouldn’t be an option as there are solutions to these issues.

We can categorize these issues into three parts;

  • Blender issue
  • Blade issue
  • Leakage issue

Now we shall take each of them and understand the reason behind them.

issue with blender

Issue #1: Blender Issue

A situation, where a Nutribullet stopped working suddenly, could be a defect from the blender.

This includes the wiring of the blender, the motor of the blender, and the power cable or outlet. 

Nutribullet Working Too Long 

Oftentimes, the reason for the abrupt stopping of your blender may just be due to excessively long hours of blending without rest in between.

The blender could get hot and lead to a forced shutdown. 

overworked blender

This is a minor problem and only requires a good rest time for the blender.

Once the blender stops working, give it a rest time for an hour to two.

If after the rest time, there are no changes, then you proceed to check other features.

Exposed wire

A wire getting exposed could also lead to your Nutribullet stopping or not starting.

This is a safety feature, as the exposed wire could go on to damage more components of the blender or cause you to harm through electrical shock.

exposed cables and wires

By simply opening up the blender with a few handy tools to check for any exposed or disconnected wires.

Power Cable 

The power cable is another important feature that may cause the blender to stop suddenly.

As with most appliances, once the cable is bad then there will be a hard time keeping the appliance on. 

A bad power outlet could cause damage to your blender’s cable, outlets can get defective at any time.

If not conscious, they could damage your blender cable, without you taking note immediately.

Issue #2: Blade Issue

issue with blades

This occurs when there is a defect with the blade, either the blade is unable to start or it comes on in an inconsistent manner and then stops finally.  

Damaged Motor

 If a Nutribullet motor stopped working suddenly, it might be a result of a short circuit damaging the motor.

The motor is the part of the blender responsible for rotating the blade.

Damage to the motor can be seen as one of the major faults in a blender.

Too Much Food Or Wrong Type Of Food

This is a common mistake with so many users.

We tend to overestimate the amount of food our blender can contain, and we stuff so many food/fruit items for it to blend.

Stuffing your Nutribullet at once with so many food items will cause it to stop blending.

too much food in blender

Likewise, putting food items not designed for the blender can not only stop the blade from spinning but can as well damage the blade and make it blunt over time.

Food items such as whole grains and other much more solid food items are a no for the blender.

Nutribullets are mostly designed for fruits and other light food items.

Note: There are Nutribullets that are designed for much more solid food items. 

Jammed Blade

The constant use of your blender and not cleaning it properly can cause the blades to get jammed.

When this happens, the blades are stuck and unable to move freely.

Debris and other residues from food items can pile up underneath the blade and obstruct the flow of movement.

Issue #3: Leakage Issue

leak issues

This might not cause the blender to stop working but it’s still an issue you want to watch out for.

Leakages can happen in so many ways, either from overfilling the blender or a crack in the blender, and the extractor blade seal getting damaged. 

All of these damages might not lead to your Nutribullet stopping immediately but leakages can get into the main control of the blender.

Moisture is known to affect electrical appliances.

Therefore, it is important to keep moisture away as far as possible from the main control.

Cracked Blender Cup

cracked blender

The blender cup is responsible for holding the food and fruit items for blending.

They can get cracked in so many ways, leaking fluid and parts of your food items out of the blender.

As explained earlier, this can be damaging and causes waste.

Damaged Extractor Blade Seal

The rubber seal that holds the blade can get damaged, mostly due to use over time.

When the seal is broken, it gives way for the passage of fluid and other liquid.

This fluid can flow into the motor from the blade and cause damage to the motor or other components.

how to fix nutribullet

How To Fix Nutribullet That Stopped Working 

Now, let’s jump right into the ways of fixing Nutribullets that may develop faults.  

Solution #1: Replace The Defective Components 

A lovely feature about Nutribullets is the fact that 80% of all defects that might cause it to stop operating can be changed.

The motor, blade, and power cable can be changed very easily.

Just ensure to purchase the right component for the model of your Nutribullet.

replace components
  • Lose all screws holding the blender in place, 
  • Locate the component you want to replace, 
  • The motor is inside the main body of the blender,
  • Detach the component and then attach the new component to sit right the same way the former one was.
  • Close up the blender and test-run it.

Solution #2 Clean Blade Properly

This is important as a blade clogged with debris can jam and prevent the movement of the blade.

Hence it is very important to clean a blade properly. 

clean the blade properly
  • After using the blender, dissemble each of all the components until it is just the blade left.
  • Using your regular soap and water solution, rinse out the blade
  • Then using a plastic activator or a safety pin, remove any debris that may be found underneath the blade.

Solution #3 Use a Warranty or Visit Any Nutribullet store 

Perhaps your blender is still within the period of warranty, a good tip would be to visit the store you purchased the blender from or any verified Nutribullet store near.

The warranty should be able to cover some aspect of the damages, and possibly all so long as the damage wasn’t done intentionally.

warranty or visit store

And if your warranty has expired, visiting the store for professional fixing would go a long way in the life of the blender. although, it will inquire some cost.

Final Thoughts

So has your Nutribullet stopped working?  I believe now you not only why it stopped working but how to fix it as well. 

Therefore next time, you do know how to avoid getting your blender stuck but what to do in case it stops. 

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Nutribullets are very durable and can last for years with proper usage but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to fault.

Like every other appliance, Nutribullets can also develop faults. Therefore it is important that you know how to fix those faults.

I hope you have a lovely smoothie.