can you deep fry chicken in olive oil

Can you deep fry chicken in olive oil? You may not know what oil to use for your fries.

And right before you, there is olive oil. So, does olive oil work best in deep frying chicken?

This article lifts you from that dismay.

Can you deep fry chicken in olive oil? Absolutely yes, olive oil is your best bet for a tantalizing deep fry chicken.

What You Need To Know About Chicken And Olive Oil

chicken oil and olive oil

My years of practice as a food consultant and I must mention as a chicken lover taught me many things.

One is that a diet of well-cooked chicken supersedes whatever thing you thought are great.

Chicken can be sweet, shower you with total inspiration, and massage your hunger and appetite.

I keep chicken, not for sale for subsistence. Now, enough with that. How you cook chicken determines how you enjoy it.

It also determines how others who partake in it love it. How would you feel when people eat your food and seem unhappy with frowned-upon faces? 

need to know about

Bad, right?

There are several ways you could prepare chicken, and still, make it yummy.

You can do so by deep-frying, roasting, broiling, grilling, or pan-frying.

If it involves frying, that is where this article comes in, especially when deep-frying.

And one of the key aspects to be considered is the kind of oils you use for deep frying.

Note: Extra virgin oil bears a low acid point as a result of the cold processing. 

And this in turn is responsible for stopping its natural content from altering.

Types Of Olive Oil

a types of olive oil

Now, before going any further, there is something about olive oils we all need to know. That is the type of olive oil.

The type of olive oil you use largely affects the quality of the results you get from deep frying.

This is affected by the smoke point in the various types of oils.

And what is the smoke point?

In the simplest of terms, the smoke point is the temperature when olive oil or any other oils stop and glisten completely.

At this point, the oil instead begins to smoke. And when used to fry, the foods pick an acrid and burnt-like flavor and the smell of smoke.

Olive oils of higher quality have a lower smoke point.  While those of poor quality have high smoke points. Below are the various types of olive oils.

Extra Virgin Oil

an extra virgin oil

Of all the types of olive oil, extra olive virgin oil is indisputably the best there is.

It is coldly processed and hence highly resistant to high temperatures.

Tip: Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil for deep frying your chicken.

Virgin Olive Oil

With a relatively higher acidity level, virgin oil is processed through cold processing.

However, it remains undefined. Virgin olive oil is perfect for low-heat cooking.

Olive Pomace Oil

olive pomace

Olive Pomace Oil is the mildest type of olive oil in all. It is extracted from the remains of olive fruits that have been pressed before.

It is drawn from the remaining residues. As a result, it is mixed to top up its quality.

But still, it remains relatively low and poor. It is used in high-temperature cooking.

Refined Olive Oil

a refined olive ol

This type of olive oil is hyped for resistance to colon cancer. It is made from ripe olive fruits, with very minimal olive oil amounts.

It is low-quality olive oil used for frying at high temperatures.

So, of these four types, extra virgin oil is the best of all. It is resistant to high temperatures hence it is very costly.

While olive pomace oil, used to fry at high temperatures has the poorest quality of them all. It is cheap and readily available.

Can You Deep Fry Chicken In Olive Oil?

deep fry chicken

Looking at the various types of olive oil, you might find yourself indecisive on which one works best for frying.

The question of whether chicken can be deep-fried in olive oil has found an answer.

Yes, it is okay and advisable that you use olive oil for deep frying your chicken. It bathes it with unmatched sweetness.

Topped by your culinary skills it’ll turn out mouthwatering and scrumptiously delicious.

Therefore, whether or not you can deep fry chicken in olive oil should no longer worry you. 

With that said and done, you could again have found yourself in a second fix.

And that is which type of olive oil is best for deep frying chicken?

For quality and delicacy, the extra virgin oil is your best bet. It is resistant to high temperatures and hence lets your chicken fry well in the oil.

The other types of olive used to heat at high temperatures are not suitable for deep frying chicken.

How To Deep Fry Chicken In Olive Oil

how to deep fry

Below is a step-by-step guide to deep frying chicken in olive oil.

Step #1: Place Oil In A Pan

Pour olive oil into the frying pan, until it is almost half full.

Or pour it in quantities you believe are sufficient for the amount of chicken you are frying.

Then, place in a deep fryer and heat under temperatures between 350 and 375F.

Step #2: Measure The Temperatures With A Thermometer

To detect the progress of the temperatures, dip in a thermometer.

Other than testing the temperature with a thermometer, drop in a piece of onion or cube of bread and watch them turn into a brown color.

Step #3: Place The Chicken In The Oil

place chicken in oil

Using tongs to hold the chicken, place the parts into the deep fryer.

Then let them fry for 10 to 15 minutes until it turns brown.

Tip: Make sure to use tongs or a spatula to dip the parts of the chicken in the hot boiling oil. Also, do it carefully so that you do not burn.

Can You Deep Fry Chicken In Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Whether or not chicken can be deep-fried in extra virgin oil is a very common question.

We already mentioned that extra virgin olive oil yields the highest quality in all its types.

can deep fry chicken

Your worry must have arisen from a common myth that extra virgin olive oil can’t be used for deep frying.

This article is a clarion call that it should remain just that, a myth.

It is okay and best to deep fry chicken in extra olive oil. Extra virgin oil has a way of making the chicken scrumptiously delicious.

Extra virgin oil works best for a couple of reasons. It is resistant to high temperatures and improves the sweetness of the chicken.

Other than that, it is a healthy option since it has been found to remain stable when heated. 

And it has been linked to helping reduce and control colon cancer.


Can You Deep Fry Chicken In Olive Oil? It must have been a point of serious concern to you.

But rest assured this article has helped clear the doubts and the myths about extra virgin olive oil.

Allow the extra virgin olive oil to save you the moment. Do the deep frying skillfully, and watch your family or guests enjoy each bite.

The secret is Extra Virgin Olive Oil for deep frying your chicken. Is it?