can you eat expired crescent rolls

Can you eat expired crescent rolls? Similar to croissants, crescent rolls are made by rolling out buttery dough sheets, so it is natural to worry about their shelf life.

The dough for crescent rolls usually comes in a can that must be refrigerated before use. It will eventually go bad, just like any other dough or bread product.

When you opt for canned crescent rolls, you can always find an expiration date. But, what if they are past that date? Are expired crescent rolls safe to eat?

Yes, you can eat crescent rolls past their expiration date, but you should avoid them in case there are any signs of spoilage. 

Can You Eat Expired Crescent Rolls?

can eat  expired crescent rolls

Puff pastry filled with fruit or cream makes crescent rolls so delectable. You can make them yourself, but you can also buy them already made or in a partially finished state.

You may check the freshness of your rolls by looking at the expiration date, which you can find printed on the can. The dough may degrade after this date and be unusable.

However, the good thing is that crescent rolls do not expire like other similar products.

In most cases, they only lose their texture and flavor after their “best by” date.

So, can you eat crescent rolls past the expiration date?

Yes, you can still consume them if they have just expired, but ultimately, it depends on what other signs of spoilage are present. 

What is the Expiration Date of Most Crescent Rolls?

what is the the expiration date

Bread products do not last forever, and canned dough is not an exception. Although it depends on the products, you can use the canned dough for up to 3 months.

Does that mean your crescent rolls are unusable soon after the printed expiration date?

Probably not.

Crescent rolls made from dough that is past its expiration date may still be edible, but they will lack freshness and texture.

Tip: Once baked, store crescent rolls in an aluminum foil, airtight bag, or plastic wrap to prevent drying out while in the freezer. 

How Long Will Crescent Rolls Last?

how long the crescent will last

Crescent rolls, stuffed with custard or fruit, are a lovely treat. You can get them ready-made or in a kit to save time, but you can also make them yourself.

Despite their delicious flavor, they can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to preserving them.

You can keep most crescent rolls at room temperature for a few hours after baking before they grow stale. 

If you buy them in a partially prepared state, they will keep in the refrigerator for up to two days before they need to be baked or frozen.

They can be stored for a year in the freezer (baked or unbaked) and a week in the fridge. 

How Long Will Crescent Rolls Last Based on Condition?

how long will last  condition

Depending on the condition of your crescent rolls and how you store them, their shelf life will change considerably.

For instance, when opened, they stay good for up to 4-5 days. But, if you keep them in the refrigerator, they will last up to a week.

In case they are unopened, they are good to eat up to a couple of months past their expiration date.

But, you can put them in the freezer and make them last up to 12 months. 

Crescent rolls are only going to last a few hours after baking.

Tip: Be sure to heat crescent rolls until warm to the touch when stored at zero degrees for a couple of months. 

When Do Crescent Rolls Lose Their Flavor and Texture?

Most crescent rolls have a four- to five-day shelf life once the package has been opened before they become dry and crumbly.

Interestingly, the flavor will not suffer much, but the consistency will almost certainly be damaged after so long.

when do crescent lose flavor

They have an extremely short shelf life after baking, only a few hours at most if not properly stored.

Light and heat will do their work if you cook them and then set them outside. This will cause them to become dry and crumble when eaten. 

Is It Bad to Eat Expired Crescent Rolls?

Maybe some expired crescent rolls are still good to eat; it all depends on whether or not they have gone bad.

To get a better idea about whether you should consume crescent rolls past their expiration date, you need to pay a closer look at their ingredients.

Tip: Avoid storing cans of crescent dough for too long as it affects its texture and keeps it from rising when baking. 

What Are Most Crescent Rolls Made Of?

what crescent made of

The ingredient list may vary a little between brands, and you can always play around a little when baking rolls at home.

In most cases, you will find water, enriched flour bleached, baking powder, sugar, vegetable shortening, soybean oil, wheat gluten, monoglycerides, and potassium chloride.

Many of the ingredients found in packaged crescent rolls have nothing to do with their flavor, but they are only used to extend the shelf life.

Therefore, it is okay to consume most crescent rolls well beyond their printed expiration date. 

When Can You Eat Expired Crescent Rolls?

While it is okay to eat expired crescent rolls, you still need to consider the original expiration date to decide.

In case you have stored crescent rolls in the refrigerator, you can eat them a month past the expiration date.

But, the time comes down to a week past the expiration date for canned dough.

However, if you have frozen croissants or crescent rolls, it is probably okay to eat them 45 days past the expiration date. 

What Should You Consider Before Eating Expired Crescent Rolls?

what to consider before eating

Before you consume expired crescent rolls, you must consider how you have stored them in the first place.

Storage makes all the difference folks. 

Why Is Proper Storage Important for Crescent Rolls?

To keep crescent roll dough from going stale and to stop any hazardous germs from growing, refrigeration is essential.

You should toss out any canned dough that has not been chilled for at least two hours at 40F. 

An Important Consideration

The bacteria that feed on rotten dough release carbon dioxide, which might cause the cans to rupture.

Any dough that has been opened or perforated in any manner should be thrown away.

It is mainly because the dough will dry out and become more susceptible to hazardous bacteria and mold. 

How Do You Know Crescent Rolls Are Bad?

how to know if bad

As was previously indicated, crescent rolls can lose quality without compromising their safety.

They may become dry and crumble if they are still edible but have lost some of their freshness and flavor.  

If they have indeed gone bad, they will begin to change color. In most cases, they are golden brown, but the color turns darker if they have gone bad.

And if there are some greenish tones extending inward from the borders, they are beyond saving.

The smell of those crescent rolls will change as well. Know they have become bad when you notice a strong smell like active yeast.

And the smell may turn more into a “mold-y” smell after a while. 

Should You Eat Spoiled Crescent Rolls?

consider eating spoiled crescent

You probably should not!

When they are obvious signs of spoilage, it is better to avoid eating your crescent rolls.

Not everyone might develop complications, but most people may notice issues such as nausea, stomachache, and vomiting. 

An Important Consideration

To illustrate, spoiled crescent rolls might give you a little stomachache but leave your friend bedridden, as the effects of food poisoning vary from organism to organism.

But in general, the moldier the rolls, the more disastrous the results.

Tip: Be sure to bake, wrap, and freeze crescent rolls if you want to store them for an extended time. 


Crescent rolls are awesome, tho it is true that they eventually expire but can you eat expired crescent rolls?

So, should you immediately throw them away once they are past that expiration date?

The truth is that it is generally okay to eat expired crescent rolls if you have stored them properly in the first place.

But, if you notice visible signs of mold and spoilage, it is best to avoid them to lower the risk of food poisoning.