can you eat slim jims with braces

Can you eat Slim Jims with braces? So many people ask this question when they get their new braces.

The pork sticks and jerky snacks sold by Slim Jim are flavorful and fiery. So many folks nowadays would crack open a Slim Jim to eat when hungry.

For many, it is hard to let go of comfort food after they get their braces. And it is quite natural to ask, “Can I eat Slim Jims with braces?”

Unfortunately, you cannot eat Slim Jims with braces, and if you do, you may misalign your teeth. 

Can You Eat Slim Jims with Braces or Not?

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Eating beef jerky or Slim Jim after you get your braces is never a good idea.

It may be bad news for many people who are totally in love with Slim Jim.

Fact: General Mill bought Slim Jims from Levis for $20 million in 1967, but it has now grown so big with an annual turnover of almost $500 million. 

Why Do People Love Slim Jim’s Meat Snacks?

Slim Jim is a popular salty meat snack that can be easily identified by its bright orange and yellow packaging.

In its original form, Slim Jim was a spherical stick of beef jerky that came individually wrapped in plastic.

Mainly a bar snack, Slim Jim has transitioned to the mainstream market because of its salty, portable, and compact nature.

They are prepared with ingredients such as beef and mechanically separated poultry.

The beef-looking meat stick tastes more like pepperoni. The pepperoni and beef give this meat stick a spicy, savory, umami flavor, which is what people love. 

Do You Need to Leave Your Favorite Slim Jim Snack after Braces?

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Well, it is better to stop eating Slim Jim’s beef jerky after getting braces.

Because of the tightness of their braces, some people may discover that they cannot enjoy a Slim Jim.

Beef jerky looks like a simple and popular snack for many people with braces, but it should not be eaten while wearing them. 

This is because it contains hard, fibrous proteins, which are difficult to break down.

Sometimes it is hard to chew and digest beef jerky, and it can even shift teeth out of place.

Moreover, proteins like these can cause a lot of discomforts and perhaps permanent damage if they become lodged in braces.  

Why is it Not a Good Idea to Eat Slim Jims with Braces?

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To understand it, you must first learn more about the procedure of getting braces.

Each tooth is bracketed during the procedure, and a sturdy wire is utilized to align them.

An efficient set of dental braces must begin with a sturdy wire that effectively and reliably moves teeth into their proper positions.

 The brackets will be adjusted (or rotated) slightly at each dental visit to gradually move the teeth into place.

Fact: Besides offering smaller sticks in a box of 14, you can also get medium and giant Monster Slim Jims sticks. 

Important Consideration

Damage to the main brace wire from sources of excess stress can cause teeth to shift out of place.

And eating Slim Jim’s beef jerky may be enough to cause that stress and lead to serious issues after getting braces.

The worst-case scenario is that the user’s teeth start to shift about, which leads to even more dental problems.   

How Do You Eat Slim Jim’s Jerky with Braces?

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As mentioned already, trying beef jerky with braces is not a good idea. But, if you really want to, you can try some other alternatives in place of beef.

The great idea is to replace beef with softer meat such as Elk or Venison. These meats are high in protein and low in fat, so you can consume them even while wearing braces and still feel full.

Give homemade jerky a shot if you are looking for a tasty snack that is also good for your teeth.

Fact: Gray is the standard color for Slim Jims, but General Mills adds some sodium nitrite to keep the color dull brown-red. 

Tips to Eat Slim Jims Jerky with Braces

Braces and beef jerky may not often get along, but with these pro methods, you will be eating in no time. 

A good option is to have beef jerky that has already been diced up.  

Here are a few other things to remember:

  • Always look for beef jerky that is not too salty or thin.
  • Be sure to chew it through slowly, preventing crunching your braces.
  • Do not eat beef jerky out of the package; store it for a while to chew easily. 

What Should You Eat or Avoid with Braces?

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Slim Jim’s meat snacks are usually off-limit when you are sporting braces. But there are many other foods you should avoid eating.

Having your braces tightened can be a long and frustrating process, and some foods might loosen them and prevent you from getting the desired results.

Fact: Other than bacon, beef & cheese, honey BBQ, chili, and turkey, you can find as many as 21 other types of Slim Jim's tick to enjoy. 

Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

Sometimes, seemingly harmless foods become dangerous when you are wearing braces.

For instance, many people think they can eat popcorn with braces, but that is not the case.

White, airy popcorn may not appear dangerous, but there are elements of a roasted popcorn kernel that can be dangerous and difficult to avoid.

Popcorn “shellings,” as some people prefer to call them, are notoriously difficult to remove from the tight spaces between a wire and a bracket.

Moreover, the wire may break if you chew one of the uncooked kernels. As a result, you should probably pass on this munchie. 

Is It Okay to Eat Meat on the Bone with Braces?

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Meat tastes wonderful even with metal braces; it is the bone that presents a challenge.

You should also refrain from biting on meat bones because doing so could break your braces.

When eating bone-in meat, it is important to remember to cut the meat away from the bone before eating it and throw the bone away. 

What Else to Avoid with Braces?

Anyone would benefit from avoiding these meals and increase chances of having brighter, healthier smiles.

  • Say no to the pizza crust because it can lead to bent wires.
  • Stay away from pretzels, hard rolls, bagels, and bones.
  • No more Doritos or tacos, or they will leave your braces in a mess.
  • Do not eat raw carrots, or you will damage your braces.
  • Jelly beans and caramel candy is not for you when wearing braces.
  • Stay away from lemons, but you may be okay with lemonade.
  • No more ice to deal with the heat because it can destroy those wires. 

What Snacks Can You Eat with Braces?

snacks to eat when you have barces

Okay, so you know there is a long list of foods not to eat when wearing braces, but there are a few you can always enjoy. 

What Can You Eat with Braces?

Finding foods that will not loosen or break your braces is a challenge. You should avoid eating anything too hard or sticky while bracing.

Some baked goods, such as soft muffins, grilled cheese, and tortillas made without nuts, are safe to eat if you do not have bread or pancake allergies.

Similarly, soft cheeses and pudding made with dairy products are also fine to eat. But yogurt is your best pick if you are trying to cut back on dairy. 

An Important Consideration

the important consideration

Ensure you get enough nutrition between meals to maintain your stamina and dental health.

Meatballs, stewed and shredded chicken, lunch meats, and soft-cooked fish or chicken are all good choices. Frozen yogurt, smoothies, and milkshakes are also delicious options.

Fact: Besides initial discomfort, braces do not cause any pain unless you put so much pressure by eating the wrong type of food, like Slim Jim's meat snacks. 


When you love beef jerky and comfort foods, you may always ask, “Can you eat Slim Jims with braces?”

The more you understand how braces work, the easier it is to choose the right food to eat.

Beef jerky is a bit too hard on your teeth and is a potential cause of damage to your teeth.

Therefore, it is better to avoid it, but if you really want a meat snack, you can have the beef replaced with softer meats.

Or, try making a snack at home to enjoy even while sporting braces.