can you freeze beef jerky

Can you freeze beef jerky? This question is broad because most people freeze beef jerky for years, while some just freeze it for the next day.

Regardless of the variety you want, fresh jerky is delectable, which is something we can all concur on when it regards beef jerky. 

Getting to know how and where to maintain beef jerky properly helps ensure that your supply remains at its freshest.

So keep reading on how to preserve it.

You can freeze your beef jerky and this depends on the quantity you are preserving. The quantity of preservatives in the beef jerky is indeed the main element affecting how long it will keep. 

Why Is It Necessary To Freeze Your Beef Jerky?

freezing beef jerky

Do you intend to keep commercial jerky that uses preservatives to remain fresher?

Or is it homemade jerky made without nitrates or other additions?

The bottom line is that preserving beef jerky is really necessary and not hard to do.

We all preserve our proteins when we are not using them at that moment. And leaving it for a long period or hours could lead to spoilage.

So preserving it will extend its lifespan and retain its freshness. By doing so, you can still enjoy the flavor that comes with it, including the nutrients.

Any protein can be frozen, and the result after cooling down isn’t much different from the original protein.

Therefore, jerky is indeed the preferred choice if you require your strips to remain fresh for years after unwrapping. Jerky freezes quite well.

Tip: The flavor and texture of your beef jerky may change somewhat after freezing, but most people won't even notice.

Can You Freeze Beef Jerky?

can you freeze beef jerky

Although beef jerky keeps for a long time, immediately after you unwrap the packet, you only have a few days’ worth.

That raises the question of whether beef jerky can be frozen.

The quick answer is that your jerky freezes quite well, and it is possible to do so. Actually, this is true for the majority of beef products.

Of course, given the long shelf life of jerky being bought from the store, freezing an unopened box usually isn’t a good idea.

However, when you have a lot of extra jerky strips, freezing them is a simple technique to increase their shelf life.

If you do not own a personal vacuum sealer and would like to prolong the lifespan of your homemade jerky, putting it in a freezer is a fantastic alternative.

It enables you to prepare a sizable quantity of your preferred beef jerky instead of being concerned that a part of it will spoil.

Why You Can’t Differentiate Between Fresh And Frozen Beef Jerky

fresh frozen beef jerky

The grade of the beef, the seasonings used, and whether additional preservatives have been added to the jerky will determine how much these attributes are altered.

I highlight this for completeness’ sake rather than because the variations are glaring. They are scarce.

The freezing procedure is as straightforward as it gets.

To execute this, all you will require is a zipper bag and, perhaps, a few seconds of your work.

How To Maintain Your Beef Jerky And Keep It Fresh

Can you freeze homemade beef jerky is the same thing as preserving even the packaged ones?

No matter the preservatives in store-bought beef jerky without proper preservation it will still go bad.

There are a few steps it takes to preserve your beef jerky. Here are some steps:

maintain beef jerky freshness

Ensure You Wash It Properly

If it is beef jerky that was made at home it is important to wash it very well.

All you need is a big bowl depending on the size or quantity of the beef jerky.

If you are a chef and you own an establishment it means you are going to be storing the beef for a long time.

So you can take out any required amount when needed and still keep the rest.

So a very big bowl is needed to wash your beef jerky. With water, you can wash it properly.

wash and clean jerky
Tip: You can make use of salt when washing it but that is optional.

Get A Zipper Bag If It Is Homemade

If you don’t have anyone at home, you could head to the supermarket or any good store around that is likely to sell Ziploc bags.

I know you could be asking why Ziploc.

Well, it is very good and recommended for storing foods, vegetables, and proteins.

Utilize the Ziploc closing technique to get rid of as much air as you can.

get ziploc bags

This is how: close the bag, leaving a little opening in the center.

With your mouth, immediately close the bag by sucking out as much oxygen as you can.

You’ll be astonished by the amount of air you were able to get rid of.

Tip: It's not airtight though but it could save your meal from leakage if you follow the guidelines given.

Freeze The Beef Jerky

Can you freeze beef jerky? It’s an amazing question.

It’s preferable to preserve beef jerky in the freezer if you will not make use of it at that moment.

freeze beef jerky

When thoroughly frozen, the life span of your jerky can be increased up to a year.

Perforated or bags that have air inside of them should be kept in sealed bags to prevent freezer burn.

Beef jerky needs to be frozen after being consumed in order to stay fresh.

After being opened, beef jerky must be refrigerated to be preserved.

Beef jerky must remain chilled after the sealing is broken to preserve its structure, taste, and quality.

Instructions Before Freezing Your Beef Jerky

beef jerky freezing instructions

Can beef jerky be frozen? Yes, it can but there are certain things you must know before you start freezing your beef jerky.

It is important that you follow the instructions so you can get your desired results.

Seal It Properly 

Air is detrimental to the conservation of jerky, particularly in a cold room.

You can simply freeze the bag directly when you still have the beef jerky inside the manufacturer’s original packaging. One’s best option is likely to be the actual package.

It is advisable to put beef jerky from unsealed packets inside a sealed jar or an airtight container.

Make an effort to purge the package of any oxygen. The best beef jerky wrapping for freezing is air-sealed packaging. 

warmed jerky

Don’t Keep A Warm Jerky In A Freezer

Large temperature swings, particularly those from warm or hot to cold, can cause dampness and “sweating.”

As a result, the beef jerky develops ice crystals, leading to freezer burn.

Individuals are left with stiff and flavorless jerky. After freezing, give the jerky some minutes to settle in a cold location, such as the refrigerator.

Ensure To Crest Your Beef Jerky For Future Purpose

Do not however forget to write the period the beef jerky was placed in the freezer mostly on containers or Ziploc’s label.

One can estimate how long the jerky has been kept inside the freezer in this way.

It is especially useful if your freezer has several batches of frozen beef jerky.

safe freezer packed jerky

For Longer Storage Use Safe Freezer Packages

Freezer burn could develop over time.

When food, vegetables, or proteins that have been frozen lose their moisture and oxygen replaces them, the tendency of freezer burn is likely to occur.

Food becomes very dry, very rough, and discolored as a result.

Use enough packing to protect the beef jerky from the elements.

In contrast to the Ziploc bag, we advise covering the jerky in parchment paper (i.e wax paper), aluminum foil, or butcher paper. 

Tip: The additional layer will stop moisture from evaporating, preserving your meal's quality for a very long time.


Can you freeze beef jerky is a question that has so much to do with preservation and how to extend its life span.

Know that freezing meals is a viable choice if you want to preserve beef jerky fresh for much longer than a year.

Always freeze beef jerky inside a sealed, airtight container.

The air-tight bag will guarantee that your food is at its finest and tastiest when you’re ready to consume it.