does jollibee gravy have pork

Does Jollibee gravy have pork? It can be quite confusing for people who do not eat pork or are always looking for halal food.

The secret spices in Jollibee’s trademark fried chicken make it extra juicy on the inside, making it a fan favorite at the fast-food chain.

But it gets even better with Jollibee gravy.

The problem is that not many people know if it contains pork. There have been rumors suggesting Jollibee gravy contains pork liver. Is it true?

No, Jollibee gravy does not contain pork, but cross-contamination is a possibility because Jollibee serves pork in the USA.

Fact: Jollibee is growing in popularity with more than 1,500 restaurants around the world. 

Does Jollibee Gravy Have Pork or Not?

does the jollibee gravy have pork

Jollibee is a Filipino speciality fast food chain, that started in 1975 and expanded to the United States in 1998. 

With over 30 sites across the United States and counting, this expanding franchise shows no signs of slowing down.

They have a number of delicious food items, but Chickenjoy continues to be the most popular, especially because of its gravy. 

The issue is that some people believe that gravy contains pork, but that is not true – at least not in Muslim countries. 

Is Jollibee Gravy Gluten-Free?

There is no real information available about the ingredients used in Jollibee gravy, which is why all sorts of rumors circulate from time to time.

While you may not find pork in gravy, you may not be able to enjoy it if you have any gluten sensitivity.

The reason is that they have mentioned clearly that it contains allergens, including wheat. 

Is Jollibee Gravy Suitable for Vegans?

is gravy suitable for vegan

Okay, so you know Jollibee gravy does not contain pork, but does that mean you can include it in your vegan diet? Probably not!

The reason is that you may have to avoid it in case you do not eat dairy.

The more you dig about the allergens in Jollibee gravy, the clearer it becomes that it is off-limits for vegans.

That is mainly because it contains milk and dairy.

Fact: Jollibee originally started as an ice cream shop, but it has now become one of the largest fast-food chains in the Philippines. 

Is Jollibee Gravy Halal?

It seems like it, but there are always exceptions, especially if you are in the United States.

The truth is that you cannot be sure that the Jollibee near you serves Halal food.

Send a kind message to the folks at Jollibee if this is something you are really concerned about.

More demand for Halal items from consumers would likely prompt a response.

They have shown an interest in catering to those who adhere to a Halal diet.

If enough people ask for more Halal options, the business will likely provide them. 

Does Jollibee Serve Pork in Any Form?

jollibee serve any pork

Yes, they do, and it changes with a change in their geographical location.

You can order pork at Jollibee depending on where you are, which is why not all of their restaurants are halal-certified.

Based on data posted on the company’s official website from many locations in different countries, it is easy to tell that they do have pork on their menu, which is why Jollibee is only partially halal. 

Is Jollibee Halal in USA?

No, it seems Jollibee in the USA is not halal. You can order many pork dishes when in the United States.

Jollibee restaurants in places with large Muslim populations, like Malaysia, have boasted about receiving halal certification from local religious organizations.

While certain Jollibee locations in the UK do offer halal meat that local Islamic authorities have approved, this is not the case everywhere, including the USA.

Fact: Jollibee, their mascot, is a dancing insect dressed in a blazer with an infectiously positive demeanor and unexpectedly risqué dance routines. 

Is Jollibee Halal in Singapore?

jollibee halal in singapore

The most successful fast-food chains offer the widest variety of food and prices to satisfy the widest range of customers.

The management of Jollibee must have a complete understanding of this idea.

Jollibee is making an effort to cater to the widest possible audience. The good news for Muslims in Singapore is that many establishments now cater to their religious needs.

The fact that not every Jollibee is Halal should be made explicit. If you need help, contact the headquarters by email or speak with the store manager. 

Can Muslims Eat at Jollibee Restaurants?

Yes, they can be provided they are sure they are in a halal-certified restaurant.

There are a number of Jollibee restaurants in the United Kingdom that only sell halal meat.

So Muslims who dine there may rest easy knowing that their food is safe to eat. 

Important Consideration

the important consideration

Jollibee’s restaurants across the globe offer halal and non-halal options.

Therefore, verify with the restaurant staff whether the menu you want to order or the specific Jollibee restaurant you visit serves halal food. 

Can You Order Pork at Jollibee?

Yes, you can, especially in the US because Jollibee has a number of dishes with pork in it. For instance: 

Adobo Rice

Those interested in pork could order adobo rice, which is popular for its spicy, vinegary flavor.

The pieces of pork add a great, meaty texture and flavor to the dish.

It is an excellent complement to main courses, but it does not always have the depth of taste and complexity that sets adobo apart. 

Pork Sausage

It is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? You may want to avoid pork sausage if you are after halal food.

But, if pork is okay, pork sausage can always be your go-to breakfast option.

This sausage is reminiscent of kielbasa in flavor and texture, being juicy and salty.

While it is called a hot dog on the menu, it looks like a spin on longanisa, the typical Filipino breakfast sausage. 

Sweet Pork

a sweet pork

This dish is not for you if you are searching for halal food at one of Jollibee’s restaurants.

But, you may love it if pork is not off-limits for you.

What makes it special is the hints of Chinese sausage, lap cheong, in the sweet pork breakfast.

Also, the pork has a comparable chewiness to jerky. But, the sweet and sticky marinade complements the savory undertones of the garlic rice beautifully.   

Fiesta Noodles

Filipino “Fiesta Noodles” are a noodle meal topped with hard-boiled eggs, ground pork, shrimp, and onions, and tossed in a shrimp sauce.

This variant, prepared with glass noodles, has a plethora of flavors and textures.

There are crisp pieces of chicharron, shrimp, eggs, pork, many wet noodles, and a big dollop of lemon juice.

The dish is lightened by the addition of acid, which makes pancit palabok a delicious and well-rounded meal. 

What Can You Order to Avoid Pork at Jollibee?

Vegetarians and vegans can still enjoy Jollibee with the selection of tasty sides and drinks.

For instance: 

Beef Tenders

If you only have a problem with pork and you are not a vegan, you can always order beef tenders at Jollibee.

This morning favorite consists of bite-sized slices of seasoned beef on a pile of garlic rice.

You may find the beef tenders a bit dry at times, but the accompanying garlic rice is delicious.

It is hearty and delectable and might easily replace your current go-to breakfast choice.

Mashed Potatoes

a mashed potatoes

These mashed potatoes are more of a whipped consistency than the traditional mashed potatoes served at Thanksgiving.

The saltiness of the gravy is a welcome contrast to the richness of the mashed potatoes.

The texture is uniformly mushy and loose, like what you would get from a fast-food restaurant.

And it works well if you want to avoid pork at Jollibee. But, if you like vegan food, you may simply want to avoid gravy. 

French Fries

If you want a vegan option, you might want to try the French fries at Jollibee.

They taste great and are served piping hot and crispy.

But, remember, even the best fries are still just fries, and they may not fill you up nicely. 

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

You might enjoy this sandwich if you are looking for something straightforward with a little kick.

This soft bun is topped with nothing but jalapeno rings, fried chicken, and a generous spread of Sriracha mayonnaise.

It is easier without the tomato or lettuce, and is a great choice for those avoiding pork. 

What Can Vegetarians Order at Jollibee?

vegetarians order for jollibee

In most cases, vegetarians can opt for French fries and steamed rice to be on the safe side.

As mentioned already, mashed potatoes without gravy are fine for vegans, so vegetarians can do the same.

Other than these, you can opt for the following:

  • Pineapple Barbeque Dip
  • Pineapple Quencher
  • Peach Mango Pie
  • Coffee
  • Soda
Fact: Nowhere else in the Philippines can you order a pineapple burger other than Jollibee, which makes it super popular. 

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Does Jollibee gravy have pork? Apparently, it looks like it does not contain any pork, but still, it is not safe for vegans because it may contain dairy.

Also, depending on location, Jollibee may not serve halal foods, like it serves pork in the United States.

So be sure to ask the staff about the halal status of anything you order at Jollibee to be on the safe side.