can you freeze cold brew coffee

Can You Freeze Cold Brew Coffee? Whoever coined the cliche that Patience pays must have been referring to cold-brewed coffee.

Coffee is indisputably the most loved beverage of all time, but I have a feeling the cold-brewed one ranks higher than all other types of coffee.

It is bestowed upon the sweetness of a kind, is refreshing, and way more convenient. And for real coffee lovers, plan by starting to prepare it earlier.

Unlike regular coffee, cold brew coffee takes time rather than heat to extract its oils, sugars, and caffeine.

Cold brew coffee can be frozen.  And since nobody drinks it straight, for reasons we will later learn, it is usually served with milk, ice, and water.

Why You May You Need To Freeze Cold Brew Coffee?

why need to freeze cold brewed coffee

Can you freeze homemade cold brew coffee? The processes behind brewing cold-brewed coffee at home and by yourself can be so tiring, engaging, and time-consuming.

It would take you up to eight hours to just have it soaked. But again, going commercial might also be too expensive.

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For this reason, one may have to get accustomed to preparing their own cup of cold brew coffee.

As you do so, keep in mind that you will need to keep your cold brew coffee frozen, if you are not going to drink it at the moment.

Why Is It Important to Freeze Your Cold Brew Coffee?

Just as the name implies, it was meant to be kept cold, thrives well, and tastes better when frozen.

why important to freeze

So what are the reasons behind keeping cold brew coffee frozen?

One of the reasons is because you will need it later, and it is a general rule of the thumb that if you are not taking it, you need to freeze it.

Secondly, freezing it makes it more flavored and prolongs the period of time it is best for us.

Tip: As soon as you have cold brew coffee ready, keep the one you are not drinking in the freezer. The freezer makes it better, and sweeter and makes it last longer.

Can You Freeze Cold Brew Coffee With Milk and Sugar?

Because of the amount of time it takes to prepare cold brew coffee, it will be wasteful to pour what has been left down the sink.

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You need to get it frozen for later use because you never need coffee only once.

cold brewed coffee with milk

I drink up to six cups of coffee a day which is absolutely healthy for me.

Take the eight hours preparing your cold-brewed coffee, take some and what is left, and freeze it.

Earlier, I mentioned that nobody drinks cold brew coffee straight and alone.

Or do you?

It is taken alongside milk, sugar, or ice.

The reason behind it is, that cold-brewed coffee has an enormous caffeine concentration, with such a powerful taste.

Therefore, you are going to have to add sugar or milk to make it taste better.

Tip: Since sugar can’t dissolve in the cold, you are going to have it dissolved first before adding it to the coffee.

Does Freezing Cold Brewed Coffee Reduce Caffeine?

Would you freeze your cold brew coffee if that would reduce the caffeine levels?  I doubt you would.

The levels of caffeine in every coffee are very vital. And no matter how concentrated they are, no one desires that they are lost.

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Freezing cold-brewed coffee doesn’t in any way reduce the caffeine present in the coffee.

freezing cold brewed coffee reduce caffeine

However, as stated before, the key reason it is frozen is to keep it in a good taste for later consumption.

Also, frozen coffee has been revealed to have higher caffeine because unlike regular coffee it is never diluted.

Tip: Cold-brewed coffee has a higher caffeine concentration than other regular coffee. However, freezing it does not reduce caffeine levels.

How to Preserve Cold Brewed Coffee

How are you going to preserve cold-brewed coffee?

You cannot pour it down the sink, nor can you brew it in smaller quantities because of the time it takes.

Cold brewed coffee can be preserved for later use, and in this piece, I will show you how in quick, simple, and easy ways.

So that you do not go around wasting and pouring it or preparing it more often.

In the Freezer

the freezer

Let me begin by insisting that the freezer is the ultimate way to keep your cold-brewed coffee for as long as possible.

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It has been tried, tested, and approved. If it was not, I would have told you so. Using coffee ice cubes is the real deal in freezing.

Below are the steps you should follow while freezing the cold-brewed coffee in ice cubes.

  • Place the coffee on an ice tray.
  • Cover the tray with a lid that seals it completely to preserve the taste and odor.
  • Tuck away the tray in the freezer.

Do Not Store It at Room Temperature

Room temperatures will do your cold-brewed coffee more harm than good.

It is best that it is stored in cold temperatures and that isn’t what room temperatures offer.

dont store in room temperature

The probability of the coffee getting spoilt under these temperatures is quicker since bacteria thrive well under these conditions. 

If you are storing it at room temperature then that should only be for the meantime

Do Not Store It Mixed Together with Other Ingredients or Products

Now, you may be tempted to mix your cold-brewed coffee with other ingredients such as milk and sugar. It is best that you do not.

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These other ingredients have a shorter shelf life and may impact the entire coffee negatively. Make sure to do it separately.

Tip: Only mix milk, cream, sugar, and any other ingredients with your coffee at the moment you want to use it.

Use of Coffee Pot

coffee pot

Another great way to preserve cold-brewed coffee is using the coffee pot.

It helps to keep the coffee cold and preserve its flavor seamlessly.

Ensure the container is airtight, preferably, make use of a glass pot container, so that it is easier to clean the pot.

Strictly let the pot be used for coffee only.

Metal pots do not make a good option since while hot, the steam interacts with the pot consequently wearing it off.

How Long Can You Freeze Cold Brew Coffee?

Coffee hugs you each morning, it makes your day livelier, your brain active, and is a nice way to kickstart your day.

how long to freeze

Since you do not need to be preparing coffee each morning, and with the need and desire to rake regular cups of coffee in between the day.

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Freezing works as your best companion, especially for our cold brew coffee that is best while kept cold.

The Real Deal

Coffee lovers like you are so interested in finding out how long you can freeze cold brew coffee.

For fourteen days, that is a pretty two weeks, you can keep your coffee tucked away in the freezer, pouring yourself in low amounts until it runs out.

Isn’t that impressive? It surely is. Two weeks of not preparing any other coffee are great.

With this, all you need to do is to brew coffee in large volumes, make a realistic estimate of the amount you can gulp down in two weeks, and then move on to prepare it.

For the two weeks, you will be able to enjoy a real taste of cold-brewed coffee each moment you feel like it.

What Else Can Be Done With Leftover Cold-Brewed Coffee?

what else can be done

You can use any leftovers for the following purposes:

  • Baking a coffee chocolate
  • Cooking chili
  • Watering your plants
  • Masking your hair
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We all enjoy coffee, and those of us who do cold-brewed coffee enjoy it the most but can you freeze cold brew coffee?  

Since it is best while brewed in large quantities because of the time it takes to prepare, it is best that it be preserved.

The good news is, YES! You can. Cold-brew coffee can be frozen. Until then, we wish to sum up our post.

But before we do, do you use any other methods to preserve your cold brew coffee or any you know of?

Which one is it? Be as gentle and kind as to share with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, stay caffeinated folks.