can you refreeze pork sausage

The question is can you refreeze pork sausage? Well, this has led to a lot of controversies over the past few years.

Some say it is impossible and wrong to refreeze leftover pork sausage, and others believe otherwise, saying you can and it is quite possible. 

This writer is proudly a part of the population who think it is possible to refreeze pork sausage.

Let’s be honest, it would be really sad to be unable to refreeze leftover pork sausage. 

Imagine all that food going to waste. Luckily for you, this article will be taking you through the refreezing process of pork sausages.

So to answer the controversial question bugging the minds of our dear readers, yes, you can refreeze pork sausage. Though it might be for a long duration of time, you can refreeze a thawed pork sausage.

How Can You Refreeze Pork Sausage?

how to refreeze sausage

I can see why a lot of people are against the very idea of refreezing pork sausage.

If not prepared for storage properly, there are many downsides to refreezing pork sausage. 

It could lose its taste or flavor, or worse, it could go bad. 

Luckily for us, sausages are highly adaptable, which means there are various ways to store them easily without complications.

This brings us to the next part of this article, refreezing pork sausage, either cooked or raw.

For Raw Sausage

We will be starting off with raw pork sausage because they are more liable to complications being that they are raw.

refreeze sausage

Here are the steps to follow in order to avoid those said complications.

Step #1: Portion

The first thing that leads to you having leftover pork sausage is the inability to portion well or at all, for that matter.

Prior to anything else, choose the portion sizes you’ll be using.

The portion size should be based on the number of pork sausages you would typically use to prepare a meal.

Tip: You can skip this step if the amount of sausage left is the right portion size.

Step #2: Place in an Airtight Bag

place in the bag

After portioning the pork sausage, place it in a dry air-tight bag or a ziplock.

The bag should be spacious and have no holes of any sort. Place vertically inside the back in case of expansions.

Step #3: Label

Before storing the pork sausage, it is important to label the bag accurately with the expiration date of the pork sausage.

A raw pork sausage can last for about 1 to 2 weeks in the freezer after refreezing, so be sure to write it on the bag before proceeding to the next step.

label the bag with date

Step #4: Seal and Freeze

After making sure it is properly labeled, you can now proceed to the next step, which is sealing and freezing the pork sausage.

The bag ziplock should be properly and tightly sealed in such a way that nothing can go in or out of the bag. 

This is to avoid problems such as the pork sausage losing its flavor or tasting weird.

Make sure to place the pork sausage close in the freezer so as not to forget it.

Tip: it is always best to cook raw pork sausages before refreezing since they are more likely to last longer.

Cooked Sausage

cooked sausage

The steps needed for storing cooked pork sausage are quite similar to that of raw pork sausage, with only slight differences.

Step #1: Cool and Portion

If the pork sausage is newly cooked, let it cool for about thirty minutes to one hour before portioning them to the desired amount you will be needing per meal.

Step #2: Wrap

After portioning the pork sausage to the desired amount you can use for a meal, you should wrap it with cling film.

It shouldn’t be wrapped separately, you should wrap the portioned pork sausages together. That way, the flavor is conserved.

use cling film
Tip: Use as much clingfilm as possible when wrapping the pork sausages.

Step #3: Bag and Label, and Freeze

I think this step pretty much explains itself. After wrapping, place the pork sausage in an airtight bag and seal it up. 

Label the bag with the expiration date of the sausage. Since the pork sausage is cooked, it is more likely to last longer in storage. 

This is because cooked food is less likely to go bad compared to raw food. Cooked pork storage lasts about a month in the freezer. 

So write the expiration date and the type of sausage, whether cooked or raw, on the bag to avoid confusion.

Tip: After bagging and labeling, you can then put it in the freezer.

Can You Refreeze Ground Pork Sausage?

refreeze ground pork sausage

I realize that a good number of us do not have any idea what a ground pork sausage is.

Luckily for you, this writer is going to remedy that so before we jump right into this frequently asked question, let’s talk about what a ground pork sausage is. 

Ground pork is a product of grinding fresh pork. 

It originated from the need to make the preparation of certain dishes easier.

With that need came a solution of grounding sausages to make their usage easier. It is used for making patties and meatballs. 

It is often confused for breakfast sausage and the confusion is justifiable.

The only difference between both is that a breakfast sausage contains certain spices added to breakfast sausage, and ground pork sausage is just ground meat.

Steps To Refreeze Ground Pork Sausage

steps to refreeze sausage

Now that we all have an idea of what a ground pork sausage is, we can now proceed to the steps involved in refreezing it. 

Ground sausage usually comes frozen or cold in large packs for the sake of preservation so it is usually common to have leftovers that need refreezing.

Here are the steps involved in the refreezing process.

Step #1: Portion

Like I said earlier, ground pork sausage usually comes in large packages, so it is best to split them into smaller portions based on what you can use for a meal. 

Since the sausage is ground, dividing them into smaller portions can be tricky, which is why I advise using a spatula to separate them.

If you find that hard, you can use a knife for the separation instead.

Step #2: Season

season the sausage

This part is totally voluntary and you can skip it if you want.

I personally season my ground sausage pork with a little bit of salt because it is less likely to go sour that way. 

Sometimes I season it with other spices so that it can be marinated before its next use. As I said, this is totally optional, so you can go straight ahead to the next step.

Step #3: Wrap and Bag

Wrap each of the portions tightly with aluminum foil or a cling film before placing them sectionally in a thick airtight bag.

The wrap should be as thick as possible.

Step #4: Label and Freeze

After wrapping and bagging the portioned ground pork sausage, label it with the expiration date.

It should last about a month or two in the freezer, so be free to write that on it. 

freeze sausage
Tip: You can place it in the freezer for as long as you want.


Raw pork sausage, cooked pork sausage, and ground pork sausage are something we can’t do without, and having the knowledge of being able to store them properly can be really handy. 

If you diligently follow the steps given earlier in this article, you will be able to refreeze any type of pork sausage without any problem whatsoever. 

Now that we have gotten to the end of this article, I hope that I have been able to answer the question “can you refreeze pork sausage?” to your satisfaction.

I hope this article has been really helpful. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Stay safe!