is old trapper beef jerky gluten free

Is old trapper beef jerky gluten free? This is an excellent question to ask before buying and consuming your beef jerky. 

Old trapper beef jerky originates from Oregon. This company makes use of low-fat meat cuts and other ingredients to produce high-quality beef jerky.

The question now lies in whether those ingredients contain gluten.

You need to always confirm that your food ingredients are certified gluten-free if you are allergic to gluten. There is no exception for beef jerky.

Beef jerky is produced in a factory and you need to confirm if the ingredients used in making it are also certified gluten-free. 

Yes! Old Trapper Beef Jerky is gluten free because it does not contain gluten soy sauce. It makes use of tamari-style soy sauce that was produced without wheat. I confirmed by checking their product label and website. 

beef jerky gluten free

Is Beef Jerky Gluten-free? 

Gluten is a group of proteins found in rye, bread, and wheat.

A lot of processed food contains ingredients that are made with gluten and this can pose a health risk to those that have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. 

Beef as natural food is gluten-free on its own.

But when you take it to the factory for processing into other dishes, you have to take note of the ingredients used and contamination to ensure that it still stays gluten-free. 

Beef jerky is often prepared with soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce and other ingredients.

These sauces are made with soy and wheat, except for a few other options.

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If you cook your beef jerky with this gluten soy sauce, you would have a gluten beef jerky. 

Beef jerky is gluten-free when cooked with soy sauces that are not made with wheat. Wheat from soy sauce provides the gluten present in beef jerky.

It is also important to buy beef jerky from farms and factories that prioritize stringent gluten-free policies.

Since these companies would be working with a lot of food products.

Tip: It is important to confirm that they always separate gluten-free ingredients from gluten-containing ingredients to prevent cross-contact.

Is Old Trapper Beef Jerky Gluten Free?

old trapper gluten free

We all know that beef jerky is marinated in spices and seasonings before cooking.

The majority of beef jerky producers use soy sauces that can either contain wheat or not. 

Old Trapper beef jerky uses sauce that does not contain wheat. They are known as tamari-style soy sauce. 

The common soy sauce contains wheat but there are also other soy sauces that do not use wheat as their base ingredient. 

Note: Old trapper beef jerky has been confirmed on their websites to be gluten free. 

You can also check the ingredients list to confirm if it contains any product you are allergic to.

Beef Jerky Brands That Are Gluten Free

beef jerky gluten free brands

Most of the brands listed below have written on their websites that their products are gluten-free and not prepared with any wheat-containing ingredients at all. 

For further confirmation, you might want to check for the label on the product, and the list of ingredients and confirm from a trusted source.

Note: This is because some beef jerky brands might claim to be gluten free when they are not. 

Some popular brands include:

Brand #1: People’s Choice Beef Jerky

people's choice

They are the popular producer of old-fashioned original beef jerky, old-fashioned hot and spicy beef jerky, and others.

They are one of the oldest in the game, with up to ten different varieties of beef jerky under their production. 

They produce gluten-free beef jerky because they prioritize cleaning and sanitizing their factories to prevent gluten cross-contact when making their products. 

Brand #2: Oberto Beef Jerky

They produce peppered beef jerky, applewood smoked bacon jerky, Texas style BBQ pulled pork jerky, among other varieties.

All Oberto beef jerky is certified to be gluten-free unless you specifically order the teriyaki-flavored ones.

Note: They claim to produce gluten-free flavors different from gluten-containing flavors and are extra careful with cross-contamination.

Brand #3: Tillamook Country Smoker


This company produces sugar-free beef jerky and gluten-free beef jerky.

The famous one is the zero sugar beef jerky original and zero sugar beef jerky black pepper. 

Not all of their products are gluten-free also. They also sell teriyaki-flavored beef jerky.

When you want to buy this brand, you need to be specific and check the label to confirm what’s inside over again. 

Brand #4: Mountain America Beef Jerky

This company specializes in producing pure gluten-free beef jerky. They have gluten-free buffalo jerky and gluten-free elk jerky.

Brand #5: Krave


This company has a lot of beef jerky brands. They produce both gluten-containing beef jerky and gluten-free beef jerky

The gluten-free ones include the chili lime beef jerky, sea salt original beef jerky, and smoked chipotle plant-based beef jerky.

They also have teriyaki-flavored beef jerky but these ones contain gluten.

Brand #6: Jerky Gourmet Beef Jerky

This brand offers up to 7 varieties of gluten-free beef jerky. The most popular one is the ghost pepper flavor which is very spicy and has a lot of flavors.

Note: The website claims that they produce gluten free beef jerky and you can look that up before making a purchase.

Brand #7: Cattaneo Bros Range Beef Jerky

cattaneo bros

This brand produces delicious flavors of beef jerky. Apart from being gluten-free, they are also sugar-free.

They are marinated in tamari sauce for hours, making it one of the purest beef jerky available in the market.

Brand #8: Baja Jerky

This brand is a popular producer of traditional beef jerky, salsa Fresca beef jerky, and sweet orange beef jerky.

They produce both gluten-free beef jerky and gluten-containing beef jerky.

They also have a strong policy for effective product separation to avoid cross-contact among products.

Brand #9: Bricktown Jerky

bricktown jerky

This brand makes soft and tender style beef jerky with honey flavor, BBQ flavor, and spicy flavor.

Their website claims they produce gluten-free products but you can absolutely double check my also confirming the information on the product label.

Brand #10: Epic

They produce chicken sriracha traditional jerky, traditional pork carnitas jerky, and spicy traditional beef jerky.

They are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-free Certification Organisation.

They take extra measures to confirm that their raw materials are truly gluten-free.

The company also claims to be extra careful while producing to avoid cross-contact among products.

You can confirm this information on their website or check the product label.

epic jerky
Tip: Gluten free beef jerky is available for purchase in a lot of stores. Just make sure you confirm that it is certified by a trusted body.


Is Old Trapper beef jerky gluten free? Yes, it is gluten-free, as confirmed by their website. As long as you have confirmed by checking the label to see what kind of sauce is used as the marinade.

The beef jerky is made with tamari-style soy sauce, which does not include wheat or wheat-based products like hydrolyzed protein. 

The other ingredients like pepper, seasoning and beef cut are also certified to be free from gluten.

The factory is holistically designed to produce pure gluten-free beef jerky by separating Gluten products from non-gluten products.

As a gluten-sensitive beef jerky lover, you can go ahead to enjoy your old trapper beef jerky once you notice it was made with tamari.