do mott's fruit snacks have gelatin

Do Mott’s fruit snacks have gelatin? It is a frequently asked question by vegans who happen to be a fan of comfort food as well. 

When you consider yourself a true vegan, you must be careful with your food choices.

You really do not want to spoil it all just by carelessly downing some comfort food and realizing it had pork, do you?

And, of course, you really do not want to indulge in food that is strictly prohibited in your religion, like Muslims avoid pork like the plague.

And there is nothing wrong with making your own food choices – just be sure to make informed choices!

And that is when you have to know, Do Mott’s fruit snacks have pork gelatin?”

No, Mott’s fruit snacks do not contain any pork gelatin because they only use plant-based ingredients, making them halal and suitable for vegans. 

Do Mott’s Fruit Snacks have Gelatin and are Safe for Vegans?

are mott's safe for vegans

All the kids we know absolutely adore fruit snacks. They are juicy, flavorful, and deliciously nutritious.

However, gummies have a poor reputation among vegans since they typically contain gelatin or a fatty component originating from pork or beef.

Whether you want some for candy treat collection or munch on between meals, Mott’s fruit snacks are a great option.

So, is it safe to eat Mott’s gummies when you are a vegan?

Although it contains a few questionable components, the majority of people will still likely answer in the affirmative. 

Why Are Mott’s Gummies Suitable for Vegans?

In contrast to conventional gummy candies, Mott’s Fruit Snacks include no animal products. 

But some vegans object to the white sugar in Mott’s gummies on moral grounds. 

Is It Safe to Eat Mott’s Fruit Snacks for Vegans?

fruit flavored gummy snacks

These gummies do not contain gelatin or animal products, making them safe for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegans, however, are strict with what they can eat, and that is when they may object to using refined sugar.

So, ultimately, it is up to you to decide while considering your stance on a diet as a vegan. 

Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Halal?

Yes, they are.

Since Mott’s Fruit Snacks do not have any alcohol or other substances that could be deemed forbidden by Muslims, they are considered halal.

Fact: Mott's Sensibles came in 2018 to help families enjoy the benefits of 100% juice while consuming 30% less sugar (than 100% apple juice). 

How Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Made without Gelatin?

how motts made without gelatin

Mott’s is a popular brand of apple juices and sauces in the United States.

Mott’s claims that their fruit snacks are excellent because they use real veggie and fruit juice.

They are widely available at a variety of retail outlets, including online marketplaces like Amazon, Target, and brick-and-mortar stores like Office Depot and Walmart.

There are five distinct flavors of Mott’s Fruit Snacks:

  • Fruity Rolls
  • Berry Fruit Rolls
  • Assorted Fruit with Fiber
  • Tropical Fruit Rolls
  • Assorted Fruit

Every variety of Mott’s Fruit Snacks can be deemed vegan, despite including questionable ingredients like refined sugar and natural flavors. 

How are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Prepared?

how motts are prepared

Fruit snack production varies widely across manufacturers, but the basics remain the same.

They heat juice concentrates and then vacuum them to remove moisture, which is a necessary step in the process.

Most manufacturers then employ gelling agents, and that is where the gelatin comes into the picture.

It is encouraging to learn that Mott’s Fruit Snacks do not utilize gelatin.

Instead, they make use of fruit pectin. They are mass-produced by being baked in a machine and then being shaped into the final product.

fruit pectin powder
Fact: Mott's enjoys great popularity because of pioneering advanced pasteurization methods, and no-gelatin products. 

What are the Ingredients of Mott’s Fruit Snacks?

Mott’s fruit snacks are big in the vegan community because they only use plant-based ingredients.

Here is a bit about the major ingredients of Mott’s fruit snacks that make them suitable for vegans and people concerned about halal food. 

Corn Syrup

bowl of corn syrup

Corn syrup is a staple among the many ingredients in sweets and snacks.

It is a sugary plant-based syrup made from sweet corn, a plant native to and widely cultivated in the United States.

Corn syrup is almost completely see-through.

It is this that allows Mott’s Gummies to have a translucent quality when utilized as the main ingredient.

The refining process for corn syrup never involves the use of any animal by-products, making it completely suitable for vegans. 

Modified Cornstarch

modified cornstarch

Corn meal is processed to remove the starch, leaving behind a basic substance known as corn starch.

In order to make gummies, this ultrafine powder is used as a thickener, binding the sugar and juice together.

It also prevents the gummies from getting wet and sticky within the package.

Corn starch is not the best choice (because it is just a refined carb). However, vegans need not fear because it is suitable for them. 



Just like cornstarch, which is not ideal for vegans, sugar falls in the same category.

It is not desirable but still does not mean you cannot enjoy certain foods.

Corn syrup is not very sweet by itself, so it is typically combined with white sugar to intensify its sweetness.

Many kinds of gummy candies have these two things listed as the first and second components.

However, many vegans have issues with white sugar.

Why Do Vegans Dislike Refined White Sugar?

White sugar is derived from the sugarcane plant, making it a plant-based sweetener, but the refining process is anything but vegan.

white sugar vegans

The bigger brown crystals of raw organic cane sugar have to be filtered through animal bone char to produce concentrated white sugar.

Nonetheless, not a single bit of bone char makes it into the final product, but many vegans take a moral stance against the use of white sugar.

So, whether or not it becomes a dealbreaker for you is entirely up to you! 

Should You Worry about Pork in Mott’s Fruit Snacks?

In fact, it is immediately obvious from the list of ingredients that they don’t use any pork.

Pork gelatin is highly sought after in candies due to its sticky texture and ability to bind other ingredients.

should you worry pork in motts

As a vegan, it is a valid concern because it is used by some of the world’s major candy manufacturers.

While Mott’s Fruit Snacks are not the offender here, any candy with a gummy consistency could be.

Fact: The global fruit snacks market will be worth $9.93 billion by 2027 and rise 9.2% annually. 

Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Healthy Because of No Gelatin?

You will find a lot of artificial stuff in the key ingredients of popular fruit snack brands.

Artificial preservatives, chemical coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup are commonplace in many supposedly “healthy” snack options.

mott's fruit snacks

Many also include gelatin, which is sourced from animals and is therefore unacceptable to vegans.

Mott’s is well-known for its healthy applesauce and fruit juices.

Their gummies, however, have become a household name amongst families everywhere.

They are promoted as a healthier alternative to gummy bears and other sugary fruit treats since they include actual fruit juice.

You get only 80 calories from each serving of Mott’s fruit snacks, with about 19g of carbs and 10g of sugars.

Mott’s Fruit Snacks are suitable for vegans.

Unlike many other types of sugary candies, these have no gelatin, artificial colors, and a comparatively minimal amount of sugar. 

Should You Worry about Mott’s Controversial Ingredients?

mott's controversial ingredients

Maybe a little! 

The vegan community views natural flavors and refined sugar as “contentious” due to the possibility that they are not vegan based on their origin and refining process.

Having stated that…

Since Mott is talking about fruit snacks, there is less of a chance that they use any animal products in the “natural flavors” they create.

On the other hand, Mott is an American brand, and bone char is still commonly used in the industry.

What’s the point?

Well, there is a possibility that the sugar is not vegan!

Fact: A single pouch of Mott's Assorted Fruit Flavored Snack offers 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C. 


Mott’s fruit snacks are healthy and tasty since they are created with actual fruit and vegetable juices.

Additionally, they are gluten-free and include no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Great!

But, do Mott’s fruit snacks have gelatin? Thankfully, no.

So, you can enjoy these treats even when you are a vegan or looking for halal comfort food.

Just be sure to eat in moderation because these treats contain refined sugar!