do pork rinds go bad

When pork rinds are your newfound love, it is natural to ask, “Do pork rinds go bad?”

There has been a rebirth in the popularity of pork rinds in recent years. They previously represented gas station fare in the South, along with Red Man cigarettes and RC cola.

 This once-unassuming product started to achieve widespread snack cred soon after the low-carb community claimed that pork rinds are diet-friendly.

But, if you are turning to these, you may want to know how long you can safely store and eat pork rinds.

So, do they go bad?

Yes, pork rinds can go bad and are perishable, and may spoil if not stored at the right temperature. 

 Do Pork Rinds Go Bad or Not?

do the pork rinds go bad

Pork rinds have a defined shelf life and can go bad.

However, you need to understand that they do not “expire” like other food products.

If you do not store them properly, you may only notice a change in texture and flavor.

Therefore, storing them in the fridge or freezer is a good idea. Be sure to store them in a sealed container or bag to extend their freshness and enjoyment.

Fact: A 14g serving of pork rinds provides you with 80 calories along with 5g of fat and 90g of protein with no carbs. 

What Makes Pork Rinds So Popular?

what makes pork rind  popular

In the United States, pork rinds have become a popular snack.

In the last 20 years, their sales have skyrocketed, perhaps due to the popularity of low-carb eating plans like the ketogenic, Atkins, and paleo diets.

Gourmet varieties of pig rinds are now being sold by a few companies. In fact, it is not uncommon to find gourmet pork rinds on the menus of upscale eateries.

Fact: Pork rinds are extremely popular in Peru, Mexico, and South America, but they are also all the rage in Thailand, where they are called Kaeb Moo. 

Will Pork Rinds Spoil When Not Stored Properly?

will spoil if not stored properly

They most definitely will, and that is just the same with any type of food, from a bag of chips to fresh produce.

Every product comes with an expiration date. You may avoid using a product past this stage because it will no longer have the same quality and flavor as it once did.

A “best by” or expiration date is printed on every package of food, including the original pork rinds.

Maybe you have seen one and questioned its validity. Remember, you do not want to unknowingly consume spoiled food. 

How Are Pork Rinds Made to Last?

Also referred to as chicharrones, pig skins are used to make pork rinds. Then, they boil or slow-cook the fresh hog skin slices until they are tender.

The pork skins are cut down to about a quarter of their original size as a result of this process.

Then, after being drained, they are fried in oil, which expands the skins.

While pork rinds have always been available at gas stations and convenience stores, they have also recently begun to appear in regular supermarkets. 

Can You Eat Expired Pork Rinds?

can eat expired pork rinds

Do pork rinds actually perish after their expiration dates?

Every time you buy a bag of pork rinds, you should always consume it by the “expiration” date mentioned on it.

That being said, pork rinds are more resistant to these “best-by” dates than other snack foods.

This is because pork rinds are usually dry after being subjected to high temperatures.

They do not absorb much moisture, so you do not have to worry much about any microbial growth in the bag. 

Should You Not Use Expired Pork Rinds?

While you should definitely consider expiration dates on food products, you do not have to be that strict with pork rinds.

The majority of the time, their expiration date just means that they will lose some of their airiness, flavor, and crunchiness after that date.

As you may not like it that way, you should consider eating them right after you buy them.  

Fact: Pork rinds are better than tortillas and potato chips because they do not have carbs, but they also lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

How Long Do Pork Rinds Stay Edible?

how long will stay edible

They can last a long time and can be consumed even if they are past their expiration date.

However, if you specifically ask about their shelf life, it falls somewhere between 9 months and 12 months.

As long as you keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dry environment, the rinds will be good for consumption for this long.

In some instances, the rinds lose their flavor and crunchiness after two years. 

What to Consider?

Certain factors can have an impact on how long your pork rinds would stay good.

Always keep in mind that store-bought packs of pig rinds have a longer shelf life than freshly baked pork rinds at home.  

Similarly, in comparison to a transparent plastic bag, a foil bag will maintain its contents for far longer.

It is also true that a bag of pig rinds can keep for a more extended period of time if it has not been opened.

Fact: Pork rinds come with loads of fat but it is mostly healthy oleic acid so you do not need to worry about it.  

What Happens If You Eat Expired Pork Rinds?

what happen if you eat expired

As a general rule, pork rinds will keep their optimum quality for about 6 months if stored in the freezer correctly, though they will likely still be safe to consume beyond that.

You need to understand that pork rinds do not spoil. Bacteria can spoil pork rinds, but they do not go bad because they are old.

Mostly, expired rinds are just stale and dry, and are usually fine to eat.

The same goes for old pig rinds that do not smell or look bad; you can still enjoy them.

However, even if they will not do any harm, they probably will not have a fantastic taste. 

Note: If pork rinds are stale but not rotten, you could try microwaving them to revive their flavor. 

How Do You Tell Pork Rinds Are Bad?

how tell if pork rind bad

Pork rinds are one of those foods where it is better to be safe than sorry and toss them out if you have any doubts about their freshness.

Consuming rotten food or drink (such as milk) can cause severe stomach issues and food poisoning.

That being said, there are ways to tell if your pork rinds are still edible or not.

For instance, you may want to avoid eating if:

  • They have an off smell or taste.
  • They look sticky or slimy.
  • They have visible mold growth.
  • They have dark streaks and spots on them. 

Is It Possible to Fix Stale Pork Rinds?

A few simple steps can make your favorite pork rinds for snacking last much longer and maintain their original texture and flavor.

Do not let your pig rinds dry out and harden by storing them in an open container.

If they have gone stale, a quick bake in the oven helps remove excess moisture and restore some crunch.

fix stale pork rinds

When they are stale and no longer edible on their own, you can smash them and use them as a flavoring in other dishes.

 They are still useful for a variety of culinary purposes, such as:

  • Spicing up your everyday supper
  • Topping off a bowl of soup
  • Subbing in for breadcrumbs when frying fish or chicken 


If your pork rinds have gone rotten, you cannot eat them anymore. Pork rinds should be thrown out if they have turned green and smell more like a wet dog.

Fact: You may want to eat pork rinds in moderation because each 14g serving contains up to 270mg of sodium and about 20mg of cholesterol. 

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When you are in love with pork rinds, you should also know, “do pork rinds go bad?”

This way, you can always take the necessary steps to extend their life and keep them edible for long.

But, the good news is that pork rinds do not expire like other foods. And you can continue to use a bag of pork rinds beyond its “best-by” date.

Be prepared to let go of some flavor and texture though! So, learn to store them properly and they will serve you for long enough!