is boar's head turkey processed meat

Is Boar’s Head turkey processed meat? You probably have this question when you like turkey but are worried about eating processed meat.

Common American cold cuts include ham, turkey, and roast beef from the deli.

These deli meat slices are convenient and may elevate a simple sandwich to a delicious meal.

But, you may be thinking about its health effects.

Naturally, highly processed foods can cause all sorts of health problems, and deli meat is no exception.

But the question is, “Is Boar’s Head turkey considered processed meat?”

No, the Boar’s Head turkey is not highly processed and is usually cured meat with minimal processing. 

Is Boar’s Head Turkey Processed Meat or Not?

is processed meat or not

No, Boar’s Head meat is not considered highly processed – though it has to be processed to a certain degree.

It is a traditional European dish that has been eaten for ages.

Dry-cured with salt and spices, the meat is commonly prepared from the boar’s hind legs or shoulders.

Fact: Boar's Head is among the most famous deli meat brands, serving the world for over 115 years now. 

Do You Get Processed Meat from Boar’s Head?

Boar’s Head Foods specializes in delicatessen items, such as cheeses, meats, and condiments.

It was established in 1905, so you know they have been making quality products for a while.

To this day, Boar’s Head Foods is still running out of its original facility and offices in Sarasota, Florida.

The meat is a healthy, delicious, and high-quality option if you want something to eat. 

Is Boar’s Head the Finest Deli Meat?

a finest deli meat

The key is moderation; while deli meats are fine in small amounts, healthy eating is paramount.

The list of considerations is long, but going with Boar’s Head can save you a lot of trouble.

Compared to other processed meats, Boar’s Head is a much better choice. It is a healthy option because it is low in fat and protein.  

Boar’s Head deli meat is not only low in sodium, but it is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and MSG-free.

It does not contain any artificial flavors or colors. It is also free of any fillers and has zero trans fat. 

How Is Boar’s Head Meat Processed?

Cured pork is a classic European delicacy dating back centuries.

The meat is often dry-cured with salt and spices and comes from the boar’s shoulders or rear legs.

Meat is processed differently, but Boar’s Head meat is usually cured with sugar, salt, and spices. 

This blend’s flavoring and preservation properties are particularly useful when applied to meat.

When the meat is cured, it is usually smoked or grilled. It is possible to buy Boar’s Head meat that has already been prepared and cooked from some retailers. 

Does Boar’s Head Meat Come from China?

boarr's head came from china

Concerns regarding whether or not the popular Boar’s Head deli meat is sourced from China are understandable.

It is especially true in light of recent news reports concerning tainted food products imported from China.

It is a widespread myth that Chinese people import boar head meat. However, Boar’s Head deli meat is made right here in the USA.

That said, not all of Boar’s Head’s ingredients are made in-house; some come from overseas suppliers.

Their spices and seasonings, for instance, are imported from all over the world. Nevertheless, all the meat used in their products comes from the United States.

Thus, Boar’s Head is a safe and tasty option if you are in the market for deli meat.

Is Boar’s Head Turkey Healthiest Deli Meat?

Grass-fed, organically certified meat from a humanely raised animal makes the healthiest deli.

The health of a grain-fed animal or one raised on a substandard diet will not compare to that of an animal kept on natural grass.

Turkey breast is the healthiest meat option because it contains the fewest calories and the least fat.

The good thing is that you can find several turkey products from Boar’s Head.

Their oven-roasted turkey breast is probably the best and is one of their most popular deli meat options.

Fact: Boar's Head is a healthier option for turkey meat because they offer several low-sodium products with no processing at all. 

What is the Nutrient Profile of Boar’s Head Turkey Breast?

what is the nutrient profile

Boar’s Head offers various types of turkey meats, including:

  • Honey Smoked
  • Maple Glazed Honey Coat
  • Low Sodium Turkey Breast
  • Ovengold Turkey Breast
  • Pastrami Seasoned Turkey Breast

·  … and so on

However, if you opt for their oven-roasted turkey breast, you will find it the healthiest option.

A 2oz serving provides 60 calories and 1g of fat. It still contains sodium, but it is a lot less at 380mg than in other deli meats.

Their ham and roast beef are also among the popular and healthy options.

Their 2-ounce servings of Ovengold turkey, Virginia ham, and London broil top round roast beef all come in at around 70 calories and 3 grams of fat. 

Isn’t it remarkably low for such high-quality meats? 

Should You Worry about the Sodium Content of Processed Meat?

Boar’s Head has also developed solutions to the problem of high salt levels in cold cuts.

Their Black Forest Low-Sodium Ham is quite low in salt compared to other hams, with only 440 mg of sodium per serving.

The No Salt Added Turkey Breast from Ovengold has only 55 milligrams of sodium, while their regular turkey has 350.

Furthermore, the roast beef has 310 milligrams of sodium, while the No Salt Added Top Round has only 40. 

Why Should You Avoid Eating Processed Deli Meat?

what to avoid processed deli

Three major health issues occur from eating an excessive amount of deli meat that is high in sodium and nitrates.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

People who eat more than 50g of processed beef daily may be at a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease (42%) and diabetes (19%).   


 You should be careful about eating too much-processed meat due to the high salt level.

Prepared a hearty sandwich for lunch? Be careful, as there could be as much as 1200mg of sodium.

In fact, you will find 500–700mg in even a lightly packed sandwich.

Ideally, you should limit your salt consumption to under 2300mg; 

Note: Keep it under 1500mg if you already have hypertension. 

Colorectal Cancer

Recent research has shown that eating deli meats can increase your risk of colorectal cancer.

However, it is also crucial to note that eating too much red meat might lead to this disease.

Therefore, you should consider limiting your consumption of processed and red meat.

Tip: Consider making homemade roast beef if you are not prepared to eat even minimally processed meat. 

How Do You Choose the Healthiest Unprocessed Deli Meat?

how to choose healthiest

You should always do two things if you want to buy anything other than Boar’s Head turkey meat. 

Always Choose Fresh

It is a good idea to buy fresh deli meat if you are worried about processed meat.

It is best to get your lunch meat from the deli counter of a supermarket. 

Read Labels

Whenever buying deli meat, you should never forget to read the label.  Look for the specific ingredients it contains.

You should avoid it if you find any of the following ingredients:

  • BHA or BHT, as they may be a carcinogen
  • Sodium nitrate, as they may cause cardiovascular disease
  • Aspartame as it may cause gastrointestinal issues
  • Smoked or smoke flavor, as it may be a carcinogen

Remember, meats that are canned, smoked, cured, or salted are all considered processed foods.

And they all contribute to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

This includes anything from salami to hot dogs to cured bacon. So, think twice before you buy! 

Are There Alternatives to Boar’s Head Turkey Meat?

the alternatives to boar's head

Yes, you can find many healthier deli meat brands if you are uncomfortable with Boar’s Head turkey.

For instance: 

365 Whole Foods Market Ham

Vegetarian feed is used in producing these hams from animal sources.

Furthermore, basic substances like cultured celery powder and vinegar powder cure the meat. 

Naturalissima Salami

Uncured hard salami from Naturalissima is a good alternative to Boar’s Head turkey meat.

It is minimally processed and is free of nitrites. 

Pepperoni from Gusto

You can opt for uncured pepperoni from Gusto if you want something delicious and healthy.

It uses vegetarian pork and is free of any nitrites or nitrates. 

Black Forest Ham from Applegate

blackforest from applegate

Organic uncured ham is a healthier option, and the one you get from Applegate is just perfect.

It uses pork from animals raised on natural feed. The meat is always free of antibiotics, which makes it healthy.

Tip: Consider going with canned salmon or tuna if you are worried about avoiding highly processed turkey meat.


Is Boar’s Head turkey processed meat? No, you cannot consider it processed, especially compared to other available brands of deli meat.

It is minimally processed, though and uses high-quality meat only. You should make an effort to avoid overly processed foods, and Boar’s Head is a good choice.

But, if you are worried, there are many alternatives to consider.