do you smoke pork shoulder fat side up

Do you smoke pork shoulder fat side up? Suppose you’re unsure how to position the pork shoulder on the grill.

This article will clarify the differences and answer all of your questions.

Everyone has personal food preferences.

If you want a juicier, more succulent smoked pig shoulder in your pellet grill, you should put the fat side up. If you choose to improve the taste of the bark. Then frying with the fat side down is the superior choice.

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Do You Smoke Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up or Down?

do smoke pork shoulder fat side up

The fat layer side of the pork shoulder should be smoked up. However, there are a few things that determine how you prepare it.

In this section, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Also, consider if the type of smoker you are has anything to do with it.

So, if you’re scratching your head, thinking whether it’s worth visiting, I’ll assist you in solving it here!

1. Smoking  Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up

Everyone has personal eating preferences. If juiciness is at the top of your list of qualities to search for in a smoked pig shoulder, you are not alone.

Nothing is more frustrating than a ten-hour smoke that comes out dry.

So, for those of us who wish to improve the tenderness of our pork shoulder, positioning the fat side up is perfect.

When smoking a pig shoulder on a pellet grill, position the pork butt fat side up while it cooks.

It Allows for Consistent Basting of the Pork Juices:

consistent basting of pork juices

This is due to the fat rendering down as the meat cooks in the heat and smoke, effectively melting over the surface of the flesh for steady and constant basting of its juices.

Reduces Smoking Flare-ups:

One of the best things about pellet grills is that their design reduces the likelihood of flare-ups while smoking meat.

Fat drippings are less likely to result in bursts of flames when a barrier is put between the meal and its heat source.

Aside from continually bathing your pig in its juices, smoking it with the fat side up has the additional benefit of reducing the probability of flare-ups.

Pellet grilling reduces flare-ups because the fat liquids enter the meat and there are fewer direct drippings into the heat source, making flare-ups less of a concern.

Cons of Smoke Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up:

The fat cap melting and flowing down over the meat will wash away and remove part of the rub you applied on the outside of the pork shoulder.

This is an evident fault in this technique of smoking a pork butt.

2. Smoking Pork Shoulder Fat Side Down

pork shoulder fat side down

The ultimate objective for many is to get a tasty bark on the exterior of their smoked pork.

The flavor might be enough to save it even if it comes out a little dry.

Smoking your pork butt carefully over low heat will ensure that it comes out juicy. It is one of the many benefits of smoking your meat.

Consequently, many individuals may find it unnecessary to put the pork butt fat side up for basting purposes.

Note: It is also unnecessary to avoid flare-ups with the pellet grills' design.

It Maintains Moisture While Being Smoked:

Do you smoke pork shoulder fat side up or down? Many folks prefer to arrange the pig butt fat side down rather than baste it.

This posture allows the meat to function as a buffer against the heat source and maintain moisture while smoked.

Playing your pig butt fat down might result in a tastier bark if you prefer taste over moistness.

How To Smoke Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up

how smoke fat side up

Do you smoke pork shoulder fat side up?

It doesn’t matter whether you put the pork shoulder in with the fat side up or the fat side down in the smoker; both methods provide excellent results.

As the meat cooks, the liquids tend to take on the flavor of the flesh.

Pork shoulder should be smoked in this manner;

Step #1: Start Smoker

Start the smoker and set the temperature to about 220 F, or make a fire and let it smoke down to at least 200 F before adding the meat.

Step #2: Blend and Rub Ingredients

Blend all of the rub preferred ingredients well, breaking up the pieces of brown sugar and attempting to get an equal mix.

Remember that pork can withstand a lot of sugar, so you may go higher from here without it being too sweet, but don’t reduce it down too much, or you won’t get any bark.

blend and rub the ingredients

The caramelization of sugars produces an enormous bark.

Also, mix your injection until the sugar and salt are thoroughly dissolved.

Doing it in a small skillet and heating it slightly on Low is OK to aid with this; don’t burn it.

Tip: Pork shoulders have a fat cap that is roughly half an inch thick. If you want to smoke the shoulder, try it both ways, fat side up and fat side down.

As a general rule, the meat should be cooked with the fat side up so that the cooking juices may coat it.

Step #3: Set the Smoker

Set your smoker to whatever temperature you desire and begin pumping the liquid into the meat to the bone.

Step #4: Apply Generously

apply ingredients generously

Apply the rub generously all over the meat, but leave the fat cap untouched.

Place it in the smoker and let it alone. You only have to add wood chips every one and half hours while they burn.

Step #5: Estimate the Cooking Time

Cooking time is determined by weight. At 225, estimate a time of 2 hours per pound.

Work backward 3 hours from there. Apply the Mop once every hour for the next three hours until it is done.

The meat is officially ready to eat when it reaches 155 F internally, but pulled pork is done when it reaches 185 F.

If you take it out at 190 degrees, it will be OK, but it will not be soft enough to produce pulled pork.

Allow the meat to sit for 40 minutes before cutting into it; the temperature will rise 6 to 10 degrees while resting.

Tip: It took roughly 9 hours for my 6pound shoulder here.

Step#6: Remove and Discard Fats

remove and discard the fats

Remove and discard the fat cap, then pull the bone out; it should come easily.

Then, tear it apart or slice it up using two forks, finishing with some more mopping sauce.

Why Not Cook It Fat-side Up If Spices in Its Juices Enhance Flavor?

Some believe that if you position your pig butt fat side up during the smoking process, the rendered down fat will wash away the spice rub.

This is unlikely to be the case if your rub is performed appropriately.

It is preferable to arrange the pork butt fat side down because the outside layer has to dry out a little before it hardens into that lovely, hardened sweetness.

Getting the proper bark layer might be difficult with the fat side up and melting over its surface.

To get excellent bark, some individuals prefer to eliminate extra fat.

When Smoking on a Pellet Grill, Should You Flip the Pork Butt?

when smoking on pellet grill

Here is the place to be if you want the best of both worlds. You may also try turning the pig butt to cook in chunks with fat on both sides.

This is a less prevalent method. However, turning your pork butt might help you achieve an even roast.

It is vital to realize that flipping your pork butt so that the fat side alternates will unavoidably change the temperature of your grill.

Note: When you open the grill, heat escapes, affecting the cook on your pork butt.

Final Verdict

Do you smoke pork shoulder fat side up? When determining whether to position your pork butt fat side up or fat side down.

It all boils down to personal choice and what you value the most in your final cuisine.

Regardless of the cooking method you choose. You can’t go wrong by improving the juicy or savory qualities of your smoked pork butt.

Thanks for reading!