does frozen durian taste good

Does frozen durian taste good? I know you’ve been wondering if your favorite fruit would taste good when frozen.

You are in luck, as I am here to show you what your fruit will taste like when frozen. 

Durian is a wonderful fruit but its smell is what discourages a lot of people from trying this fruit.

The irony is that, despite its bad smell, this fruit tastes very well, especially when frozen. 

I wrote this article to show you how good frozen durian can taste even when frozen.

I will also show you a lot of other good stuff about durians.

Frozen durian tastes very creamy and delicious just like durian popsicles. This is true especially when the fruit is processed and frozen immediately after harvest. 

What Does Durian Taste Like?

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Durian, also known as the king of fruits, is a spiked fruit with an odd shape that is commonly eaten among Southeast Asians.

It is often introduced to visitors that come around. 

We all know that durian is not a sweet-smelling fruit. The fruit has a very strong and pungent odor. This, surprisingly, does not translate into bad taste. 

Durian is known for tasting like garlic, almonds, cheese, and caramel all mixed.

Although, a lot of durian lovers have testified that its taste is a lot more similar to cheese and cream.

There are different types of durian. Some types of durians are tastier than others.

You can get the necessary help from the local durian sellers in choosing the best for your taste buds.

It is important to note that keeping your durian under the sun for a long time is not advisable as this can make it go bad quickly.

The sun ripens the durian a lot faster.

Tip: The best alternative is to have durian frozen until you are ready to eat it. 

Is Frozen Durian Good To Be Eaten? 

frozen durian good to eat

Frozen durian is good when it has been in a good condition before you have them frozen properly.

A durian that was bad before freezing will still be bad after freezing. 

Durian’s in perfect condition kept in freezers would also come out in a very good condition.

Frozen durian is good to eat as long as it has not exceeded three months in the freezer. It starts to get mushy and goes bad after three months.  

You can avoid this by labeling your durians before freezing.

If you are not sure of the exact date you stored your durian, you can check for signs of spoilage.

If you notice that the texture has gone mushy or the taste and smell have gone sour, just bin the whole fruit. 

Tip: Try to confirm the expiry date of a frozen durian from its label or ask the store manager so you don’t go home with a spoiled durian. 

Does Frozen Durian Taste Good?

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Frozen durian has the characteristic of a bittersweet taste, like fresh durian but milder.

It also tastes as delicious as fresh durians but the texture is different as frozen durian is usually softer and creamier than fresh ones. 

Frozen durian does not come with that strong smell that accompanies fresh durians, or maybe it’s less noticeable due to its frozen state.

You might just be focused on the iced durian melting in your mouth rather than the smell filling your nose. 

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It also has an acquired taste in the sense that, when you combine it with other ingredients in recipes, it will give you a new taste entirely. 

Even though it might not taste as strong as freshly harvested durians, frozen durians still taste good.

They also last longer than the fresh ones because the effect of the spoilage bacteria has been kept at bay or reduced to the barest minimum. 

The majority of the durians shipped to other countries are shipped in their frozen states. 

What Can Be Made From Frozen Durian?

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Most durian lovers use frozen durians to make ice creams. They blend it with milk and sugar and turn it into delicious durian ice creams. 

Frozen durian can be used to make durian cookies too.

You only have to mix your normal cookie mix with pureed frozen durian and you will have some excellent-tasting durian cookies on your plate after baking.

You can also get the durian cookie recipe from your Asian friends!

You can also mix in durian puree with your pancake mix when you want to prepare your next pancake.

This is to show you that your frozen durian can take up as much taste as possible depending on what dish you are making with it. 

Frozen or Fresh Durians – Which is better?   

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Deciding which is better between frozen durians and fresh durians is relative, as your choice might vary based on some conditions.

However, to help make your choice a little easier, here are some key facts and differences between the two options. 

Frozen Durians Are Known To Last Longer

The whole point of keeping your Durians frozen is so you can store them for later use.

And although freshly cut durians can last as long as a week in the refrigerator, frozen durians can still be edible for up to 3 months, if kept frozen.

So, buying durians in bulk and keeping them frozen can ensure you never run out of durians, especially during the fruit’s off-season.

frozen durians last longer

The Taste Factor 

Although we have established that frozen durians taste good, it must be stated that fresh durians taste a whole lot better.

This is partly because keeping your durians in the freezer alongside other frozen foods like proteins could have a negative effect on their taste.

You can remedy this situation by ensuring your durians are first placed in a zip bag before being kept in the freezer.

This would help prevent a mix of flavors between the durians, and whatever is kept in the freezer with it.  

Tip: Another remedy for this would be storing your durians in a separate compartment of the freezer, keeping them away from other foods.

Frozen Durians Could Take A While To Thaw

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For the impatient people reading this, you might have to wait a while for your frozen durians to melt or thaw before you can enjoy them. 

At room temperature, this can take a few hours, so if you have high cravings for the tasty fruit, you might consider eating them as durian popsicles.  

Tip: If you placed your Durian in a zip bag before placing it in the freezer, you can try letting your frozen durian sit in warm water for a while, as this can help them thaw faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Defrost Durian In The Microwave?

Yes, you can defrost your durians in a microwave.

However, this is not advisable as this could have a major impact on the taste of the durian fruit.  

When using a microwave, ensure the heat is turned on low, and ensure the durian fruit doesn’t stay longer than 4-5 minutes in the microwave.

How Do You Know When Durian Is Spoiled? 

The durian fruit is known for its strong aroma, so it is quite easy to know when a durian fruit has gone bad.

A spoiled durian would smell and taste sour. 


From this article, the question “does frozen durian taste good?” has been answered. I have shown you how good frozen durian can taste.

It can taste as delicious as fresh durians with a creamier texture. It can even taste better when you use it to make durian ice creams.

Durian is best enjoyed when you get it fresh from durian farms or stores that sell fresh fruits.

But a good alternative is frozen durian which tastes as good as fresh ones.

 I have also shown you the best method to freeze your durian at home.  So go ahead and eat your frozen durian, and thank me later!