why does my broccoli smell like farts

Why does my broccoli smell like farts? Many people dislike the scent of broccoli and feel uneasy when they prepare it.

So, if you feel unpleasant with the smell every time you prepare it, this article will explain why and how to get rid of that farts smell!

Broccoli and other comparable plants, such as cauliflowers, are cruciferous vegetables with a high sulfuric chemical concentration, such as hydrogen sulfides. Hydrogen sulfide is the same gas or chemical that gives flatulence its distinct disagreeable odor.

Why Does My Broccoli Smell Like Farts?

why my broccoli smell like farts

Broccoli may produce a strong farts odor.

The unpleasant smell becomes more noticeable during cooking, which may put you off when preparing it again.

This is unfortunate since broccoli is an excellent supplement to any diet.

Here are several explanations if you’re wondering why broccoli occasionally smells like a fart:

1. The Broccoli has Gone Bad

Like cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has more sulfur compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide.

Broccoli does not normally have a robust and powerful odor, nor do farts smell like propane, and you will only notice that stinky odor in ruined broccoli.

Hydrogen sulfide gas has a rotten egg odor and is very dangerous;

Even a tiny quantity of gas in the air may induce flatulence and poison people.

This chemical may be found in spring water, locked caves, or decomposing proteins. That is why decaying broccoli has such an awful odor.

2. The Broccoli has Been Overcooked

broccoli has been overcooked

The sulfurous component’s burning smell causes a disagreeable odor when it is overcooked.

By overcooking the vegetable, you are allowing the compound’s bad stench to permeate the air in your kitchen.

How Do You Keep Broccoli From Smelling Fart?

Due to the fact that there are two causes of broccoli’s fart smell, we will provide you with a variety of ways to prevent them.

1. Make Broccoli into a Bouquet

The first choice is a head of broccoli arranged in a bouquet. This is a fantastic strategy for ensuring that its viability is preserved.

It is recommended that the broccoli be put head up in a dish of water that has roughly 1.5 centimeters of water in it.

Afterwards, a plastic bag is placed over the broccoli head to prevent it from drying.

When stored in this manner, broccoli will maintain its quality for about one week. 

To get the best possible results, change the water every day.

2. Wrap the Broccoli in a Paper Towel

wrap broccoli in paper towel

The second method is to wrap the broccoli in a paper towel that has been moistened.

Spray the head of broccoli with some liquid from a bottle that has been well cleaned and is empty.

After that, cover it in a paper towel so that the moisture may be absorbed.

The broccoli will be kept in the refrigerator for approximately three days if stored properly.

3. Put Broccoli in a Ventilated Bag

Putting broccoli in a ventilation bag is an additional method for preserving it.

This is a straightforward and uncomplicated technique to preserve its freshness within a few days.

put broccoli in ventilated bag

After placing the broccoli inside of a plastic bag, you will need to make some holes in the bag so that air may flow through it.

4. Freeze It

You can freeze broccoli if you know you won’t need it immediately.

Blanch it in boiling water for two minutes after cutting it into florets.

Drain well before refreshing with icy water. Drain one again and store the florets in freezer bags or containers. Freeze for a maximum of 12 months.

How To Get Rid of the Broccoli Fart Smell When Cooking?

get rif=d of fart smell

Broccoli not only smells like farts when it’s bad, but it also emanates that noxious stench when overcooked.

So, how do you prepare broccoli without it smelling?

Add Some White Vinegar

The first thing you should do while cooking the broccoli has some concentrated white vinegar close by the pot or pan.

Vinegar deodorizes the air quite well, especially white vinegar.

However, after the cooking process is complete, you will need to clean up any residue left behind.

Use a Slice of Sandwich to Deodorize

Another method is to deodorize with a piece of sandwich.

When cooking, you chop or shred it to the bottom of the pot; the bread absorbs moisture and deodorizes well.

When steaming broccoli, lay a steaming basket in the bottom of the pot and cover with water up to the basket’s bottom border.

You can steam with an inch or two of water.

Avoid Overcooking

avoid over cook broccoli

Broccoli tastes better when it still has some snap to it. Remove from heat as soon as you can pierce the stem with a fork.

If your food is already smelling bad, it can only imply one thing: your broccoli is overdone!

Add Lemon Juice

Want to eliminate broccoli’s bad odor while still adding some taste? Allow a fair bit of fresh lemon juice to do the job.

Lemon juice, like vinegar, is an excellent deodorizer. However, remember that too much lemon juice may turn the broccoli brown.

Tip: Remember to separate the bunches of broccoli and clean them like you would cauliflower before steaming. 

Remember that it only takes three to four minutes for your veggie to cook thoroughly!

In no more than four minutes, otherwise, the broccoli will be overdone, resulting in an unpleasant odor and a decline in nutrients.

What Happens If You Eat Broccoli that Smells like Farts?

what will happens if eat bad broccoli

It is advisable not to use stinky broccoli since only rotten broccoli produces an unpleasant stench.

When it spoils, it emits hydrogen sulfide gas, which is hazardous to human health.

For instance:


Diarrhea is an indicator that an unpleasant agent has entered the body.

As a result, eating rotten broccoli might induce diarrhea.

As a result, you should drink enough water to compensate for the water loss caused by diarrhea.

Food Poisoning

Abdominal discomfort is a symptom of food poisoning caused by bacteria-laden rotten vegetables.

Abdominal discomfort and cramps may also occur due to eating outdated veggies.

Nausea and Vomiting

the nausea and voting

If you ingest stiny broccoli, you may suffer nausea and vomiting, which is the body’s natural response to eliminate the undesirable, dangerous material that has entered the body.


Consuming rotten broccoli may also elevate your body temperature, and you may suffer fever, which is your body’s natural defense mechanism and indicates something is wrong.

Electrolyte Imbalances

Chronic vomiting and diarrhea may cause electrolyte imbalances in the body, as well as severe dehydration, dizziness, flushed skin, and weakness.

It is recommended to drink enough water to prevent dehydration since severe dehydration might result in shock.

FAQs About Why Does My Broccoli Smell Like Farts

faqs about broccoli

Do you have other questions about why do my farts smell like broccoli? Here are some additional frequently asked questions.

Is It Safe to Eat Broccoli that Tastes Bitter?

Bitter broccoli is safe but not tasty. Broccoli’s bitter flavor comes from a chemical that repels bugs.

Many plants, including broccoli, produce natural insecticides. They aren’t harmful to people.

Is Yellow Broccoli Bad?

Yellow broccoli is edible. Yellowing broccoli suggests it’s beyond its prime freshness and no longer as tasty and healthful. Cut off any yellow florets and eat the remainder.

How Can You Tell If Broccoli has Gone Bad?

The scent becomes stronger when broccoli starts to go bad; this is generally the first clue.

Around the same time, you’ll notice a color shift as the brilliant green hue starts to become yellow, and the firm texture becomes limp.

Final Verdict

Why does my broccoli smell like farts? The reason is caused by either rottenness or overcooking.

Although broccoli is a fairly healthful food, consuming a rotting one might harm your health.

As a result, we’ve covered all recommendations for preserving and recognizing damaged broccoli. Thanks for reading!