how to fix crumbly sugar cookie dough

It is natural to look for how to fix crumbly sugar cookie dough when you notice it is a bit too dry, but knowing why it happens in the first place is just as vital.

A cookie that has been baked from dry dough is never delicious. 

Your hard work in baking cookies should not go to waste. 

But baking dry cookie batter will certainly lead to difficult dry cookies. 

Now the question is, what can you do about it?

Adding some additional liquid or increasing the fat content of your cookie dough may help make it moist and prevent them from crumbling. 

How to Fix Crumbly Sugar Cookie Dough Quickly?

fix crumbly sugar cookie dough

The dry ingredients may have been under or over-measured if your shortbread, chocolate chip, or sugar cookie dough is on the drier side.

Sometimes, dough for cookies can dry out in the fridge. 

Whatever the scenario may be, just keep in mind that there is still a chance.

But, before going any further with the “fixes”, it is important to answer why my sugar dough is crumbly. 

Once you know the “why” of this issue, you will manage to find the “how” to fix it. 

How Do You Fix Cookie Dough in Different Consistencies?

sugar cookie dough

Before you look for a solution, you need to confirm that the consistency of your cookie dough is indeed on the wrong side.

The appearance and flavor of baked cookies can be greatly affected by the consistency of the dough used to make them. 

After combining dry and wet elements (flour, sugar, water, etc.), test the dough to ensure it isn’t too hard, dry, or soft.

The Dough is Too Hard

Adding an excessive amount of flour to the rolling pin can cause the dough to become “tough,” which will prevent it from being rolled out.

When getting your dough ready to roll, limit the amount of flour you use to prevent this from happening. 

The Dough is a Bit Dry

dough is a bit dry

Overmixing the dough, or adding too much of one ingredient, will result in a “crumbly” or “dry” final product.

In most cases, all you have to do is add a couple teaspoons of milk, water, or melted butter to fix the consistency. 

The Dough is Too Soft

If your dough is too “runny” or maybe a bit too soft, you have to fix it or your cookies will never turn out the way you want.

To fix the issue, you may try adding a couple of teaspoons of flour. 

This will prevent your batch from “spreading” in the oven and turning into unappealing puddles instead of cookies.

Tip: Be sure to invest in a high quality kitchen scale and measure dry ingredients carefully to avoid changing the consistency of your dough. 

What Leads to Crumbly Sugar Cookie Dough?

crumbly sugar cookie dough

Instead of looking for how to fix your crumbly cookie dough, take all the precautions to avoid this problem in the first place. 

Here are some possible explanations of why your sugar cookie dough is a bit too crumbly. 

You Use Excessive Dry Ingredients

When you overdo it with a dry ingredient, it might leave your cookie dough dry and crumbly. 

Among these are various forms of cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, flour, and protein powder.

Suppose you are making traditional chocolate chip cookies and you opt for cocoa powder. 

This simple change could lead to crumbly and dry cookie dough due to the altered wet-to-dry component ratio.

Therefore, you have to be very careful when making changes to the original recipe or else your cookies would not bake perfectly. 

You Use Less Fat

Not using enough fat is a typical cause of cookie dough that crumbles during baking. 

This can happen if the fat called for in the recipe is missing or if the fat was mismeasured.

using less fat on dough

Without enough fat in your dough, there will be nothing binding the dry ingredients. 

It also means that you will have a hard time shaping the dough that lacks enough fat.

So many people end up having dry cookie dough when they try to “healthify” it by switching to a different fat than butter. 

Similarly, reducing the amount of oil from what is required by the original recipe may also cause all sorts of problems. 

You Over-Mix the Dough

It is possible that the overmixing of the dough is to blame for the dryness of your cookie bars. 

Simply overworking the dough could lead to the removal of moisture.

Moreover, it results in the hardening of the gluten, which is also responsible for making your dough a bit too dry. 

You Leave it in the Refrigerator for Long

you refrigerate the dough

It is possible for cookie dough to dry out in your refrigerator if you bake it ahead of time or store it there after purchase.

Refrigerators are extremely dry environments because they constantly circulate air to maintain their cooling effects. 

It means whatever moisture you have in your dough will eventually evaporate, resulting in an entirely different texture for your cookies.

Tip: When making cookie dough, be sure to slowly incorporate ingredients while evaluating the dough's progress as you go. 

How Do You Manage to Fix Crumbly Sugar Cookie Dough?

Once you identify the root cause, it becomes easier to fix your crumbly sugar cookie dough.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent the issue. 

Add More Liquid

Most common liquids will help improve the consistency of your dough without significantly altering the dough or the flavor of the cookies.

add more liquid to dough

When trying to make your cookie dough a bit moist, consider the recipe. 

If it already calls for a liquid like water, milk, eggs, or egg whites, add 1 tsp at a time and knead the mixture slightly after each addition. 

An Important Consideration

If it requires more than a quarter cup of liquid to soften the dough, there may be a problem with the recipe somewhere else. 

Load Up on Fat

Including fat in your dough is a certain way to make it a bit moist. 

However, too much will alter the texture of the finished cookies, so moderation is key.

First, consider the fat you have used as per the recipe. It could be vegetable oil, butter, Crisco or something else. 

Whatever it is, simply add a teaspoon of it to the dough and keep kneading until you get the desired consistency.

Tip: Avoid adding too much fat or it will result in puffy, greasy cookies because the fat gradually separates from the dough as it bakes. 

Blend Well with Hands

mix dough with hands well

When your dough looks crumbly, it is better to avoid using your stand mixer with the paddle attachment. 

Instead, you should mix the dough by hand until it is smooth and cohesive.

To avoid overmixing, using your hands is a great method to gently bring the dough together. 

It is also possible to use your hands to scoop and shape the cookie dough into balls. 

Set It Aside for a While

If you think you may have overmixed the dough, letting it rest is your best bet.

The thing is that you should allow the gluten to relax if the flour becomes very glutenous during the mixing process.

let the dough rest

Leave the dough out for at least an hour, covered, on the counter. 

Do not knead the dough again before scooping and baking. 

After resting, the dough will soften significantly. 

You Messed Up the Recipe

You can try to correct the recipe entirely if you realize that you over-measured something or did not add enough. 

This, however, is not always easy.

Knowing how much more or how little of an ingredient to add will significantly improve your chances of success.  

sugar cookie recipe

But in most cases, you will have to whip up some additional cookie dough to use for repairs.

You will need to adjust the recipe’s measurements based on the incorrect amount of one of the ingredients. 

And finally, you have to mix your new dough with the old one to correct the consistency.

Tip: Avoid using water when you know your dough lacks moisture and instead make use of milk to get better results. 


Understanding how to fix crumbly sugar cookie dough begins with what causes a change in the consistency in the first place. 

Sometimes, you make a mistake when measuring the ingredients, but on other occasions, you follow the recipe incorrectly. 

Once you realize what makes things go wrong, you can always fix it with ease. 

Get yourself a good kitchen scale to measure your ingredients, do not save your dough in the fridge for long, and follow the recipe to the dot for the best results.