does twisted tea have caffeine

Does twisted tea have caffeine? This is the right question to ask to confirm if your twisted tea is caffeinated or not. 

It is common knowledge that most teas out there contain caffeine.

When consumed in the right quantity, caffeine can help you with athletic performance, improved moods, and alertness. 

The caffeine content in a cup of tea is less when compared to that of a cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, this quantity might still be too much for some people who do not take caffeinated drinks.

If you read with me till the end of this article, I would show you the answer to your questions and so much more.

Yes! Twisted tea has caffeine. Twisted tea is made from a blend of real brewed tea and malt barley. 

What Is In Twisted Tea?

what is in the twisted tea

Twisted tea is similar to beer but a major difference is that twisted tea does not contain carbon dioxide.

Let us check the ingredients present in a can of twisted tea; 

Brewed Tea

Twisted tea contains real tea. The brewed tea is made from tea leaves that are 3.5% caffeine.

This is the source of the caffeine in twisted tea.  Comparatively, the drink is not as caffeinated as a cup of coffee.

The tea leaves are obtained from the tea plant ‘Camellia Sinensis which is very high in caffeine content. 

Malted Barley

This is the source of alcohol in your twisted tea. This alcohol is similar to the one obtained from beer.

A 12ounce can of twisted tea contains 5% alcohol content. 


Twisted tea can be made with a variety of fruity flavors.

While we have the original twisted tea with no fruit flavors, we also have twisted teas that have been enhanced with different fruity tastes.

We have the Raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and peach twisted teas. 


a sugar

The original twisted tea contains up to 100 calories and 9grams of sugar.

For diabetics and those that avoid sugary drinks, I would advise you to go for the Twisted tea light the next time you want to order.

It contains no added sugar and it is very low in calories. 


Twisted tea contains potassium, sodium, and calcium. A 12-ounce can of twisted tea contains 8 mg of sodium, 34 mg of calcium, and 271 mg of potassium.

Tip: If you are currently on a carb diet, I do not recommend this drink. 

Does Twisted Tea Have Caffeine?

Does twisted tea contain caffeine? A can of twisted tea has about 30 mg of caffeine.

Now, compare that to your cup of coffee which contains approximately 100mg of caffeine.

You can see that it is comparatively low to other caffeinated drinks. 

This ‘low’ caffeine might be a source of concern to those who do not consume caffeine at all.

If you don’t consume caffeine, it is better you stay away from twisted tea because it is a caffeinated drink. 

If you are a teetotaler, then you must abscond the use of Twisted tea.

Irrespective of the flavor, there always will be about 100g of caffeine in every cup of twisted caffeine. 

But Will the Caffeine Get You Drunk?

will caffeine get me drunk

If you are an alcoholic, then 100g of caffeine might be nothing to you.

It will take you up to three or as much as five cups of it to start feeling carried off your feet. 

However, for people who are teetotalers, at the sip of an entire cup of twisted tea, the 100g of caffeine is enough to get them drunk. 

Tip: A cup of twisted tea has 100g of caffeine. This quantity is likely to get a teetotaler drunk. 

Does Twisted Iced Tea Contain Caffeine? 

Iced tea refers to strongly brewed tea with ice.

You can get this ice tea powder from stores and make yourself a tall glass of iced tea or you grab the hard seltzer iced tea cans.

Either option is fine. 

For homemade iced tea, The caffeine content in your iced tea is dependent on how you brewed it.

Iced tea can contain between 10mg to 50mg of caffeine per 8oz.

The longer the steeping time, the more caffeine is released into your tea. Home-brewed iced teas include Lipton, Bigelow, Tazo, and Tetley. 

For popular brands, the truly hard seltzer iced teas also known as twisted iced tea are made from black tea leaves.

It contains about 15 milligrams to 40 milligrams of caffeine. Some brands like Honest can contain up to 90mg of caffeine.

Try to confirm the caffeine content from the manufacturer’s page before drinking. 

Tip: For home-brewed iced tea, you should use two or more tea bags for a strong brew. 

Does Half And Half Twisted Tea Contain Less Caffeine?

contain a less caffeine

The half-and-half twisted tea also known as slightly twisted tea contains less sugar.

It also contains less caffeine as compared to the original twisted tea. 

The alcohol content was revealed to be 4% and the caffeine content is around 15 milligrams.

Slightly twisted tea is original twisted tea with less ingredient concentration. 

Why You Should Not Drink Too Much Of Twisted Tea

Too much of everything is bad and that applies to Twisted tea also.

There are a few reasons to avoid too much intake of Twisted tea:

Reason #1: Twisted Tea Is An Acidic Beverage

It naturally contains tannic acid, malic acid, and chlorogenic acid. When lemon is added to twisted tea, it becomes more acidic.

This can pose a health threat by triggering Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms in people that take too much of it.

Reason #2: Twisted Tea Is An Alcoholic Beverage 

it is an alcoholic beverage

This tea contains ethanol which is pure alcohol. The alcohol is obtained from the fermentation of malted barley.

If you have a low or zero tolerance for alcohol, then you should avoid or be very careful with twisted tea. 

Reason #3: Twisted Tea Is Caffeinated 

Twisted tea contains caffeine and this means you have to be conscious of your intake.

Too many caffeinated drinks in the body system can lead to restlessness, insomnia, headaches, and anxiety.

Being addicted to it can also lead to caffeine dependence. 

Reason #4: Weight Gain

All the extra carbs, sugars, and calories that come with twisted tea can lead to unwanted weight gain.

If you don’t drink in moderation, you might be setting yourself up for future weight gain. 

Reason #5: Potty Emergencies

potty emergency

Caffeine affects all the muscles of the body that includes bowel contraction.

When you take too much-twisted tea, you are likely to visit the restroom more often than someone who did not. 

Tip: As sweet and refreshing as Twisted tea is, I do not recommend taking more than two cans at once.

How Many Cups Of Twisted Teas Will Get One Drunk? 

Caffeine is a beverage and an alcoholic product at the same time. Consuming it in larger quantities will likely render one drunk in a blink of an eye. 

As stated earlier, even the smell of a single cup will leave one drunk.

However, habitual alcoholics might take a couple of cups before they blackout or will not depending on the concentration of the drink.

how many cups to get drunk

Now, the number of cups of twisted teas one will take before he or she gets drunk varies from one person to the other.

Apart from whether it has become a habit or not, the weight of an individual also affects how many cups of 100g of twisted teas they are to take before they fall drunk.

Lightweight individuals are likely to get drunk with the first or second cup while heavyweights will take more.


Does Twisted tea have caffeine? The answer is Yes! Twisted tea contains caffeine. 

Twisted tea is made from black tea leaves that have 3.5% caffeine.

A can of twisted tea has around 30 mg of caffeine, while a cup has about 100g of caffeine. 

If you have low or zero tolerance for caffeine, you should avoid Twisted tea.

Although it is not highly caffeinated to the point of replacing a cup of coffee, it can suffice especially when you take it in large quantities.