how much do servers make at texas roadhouse

If you are considering working in the hospitality industry, it is natural to ask, “How much do servers make at Texas Roadhouse?”

In bars, restaurants, and cafés, servers are an integral part of the hospitality sector, tending to the eating experience of customers.

It is believed that there are about 2 million waiters and waitresses in the United States alone.

And when it comes to food service or the hospitality industry in general, you just cannot keep Texas Roadhouse out of the list.

But, the question is, “Is it really rewarding to work as a server at Texas Roadhouse? And How much do servers at Texas Roadhouse make?

The hourly rate for servers at Texas Roadhouse varies greatly, but you should expect to earn $12-$16 per hour.

How Much Do Servers Make at Texas Roadhouse?

how much does servers make

It is possible to find over 600 Texas Roadhouse restaurants in the US alone.

When they claim that Texas Roadhouse restaurants can be found all over the United States, they are not kidding.

Every state in the union (excluding Hawaii) has at least one and in some cases many more, Texas Roadhouse locations.

With so many locations, they obviously need the workforce to keep customers happy, and that is when you can consider joining them as a server.

Being a waiter at Texas Roadhouse is a great way to meet new people and earn some extra money on the side. 

Fact: Texas Roadhouse is popular for its fall-off-the-bone ribs, but they also have an extensive range of margaritas, with a total of 15 to choose from.

Is It a Good Idea to Serve at Texas Roadhouse?

good idea to serve at texas roadhouse

It definitely is, especially because the atmosphere is great.

Texas Roadhouse serves great food, and people are simply in love with the sandwiches, the hand-cut steaks, the ice-cold beer, and much more.

However, the laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere at Texas Roadhouse is another reason visitors keep coming back.

If you have ever gone to a Texas Roadhouse, you will know that the atmosphere is made possible in large part by the personnel, who are always smiling and eager to help.

How Is It Like to Work as a Texas Roadhouse Server?

To begin with, Texas Roadhouse and its culture as a whole are fantastic. Managers are the best and most of your teammates will be fantastic, too.

In other words, you are going to meet a lot of awesome people there.

The quick speed of the workplace might be frustrating at times, but the steady paychecks more than makeup for the difficulties.

What’s more, you will acquire several marketable abilities, such as public speaking and customer service, throughout your stay there.

How Much Do Texas Roadhouse Servers Make an Hour?

how much make in an hour

You may have already heard that the atmosphere at Texas Roadhouse is amazing, but what about the pay? Are you going to get good hourly pay?

The truth is that the hourly rate at Texas Roadhouse is not outstanding for servers, but then, it is quite the same at most food chains and restaurants.

Texas Roadhouse food servers earn between $13 and $16 per hour on average.

Many variables, such as level of education, supplementary talents, certifications, and years of experience in a certain field may affect an individual’s hourly rate.  

An Important Consideration

the important consideration

The day of the week and your location also have a role; generally speaking, the greater the population density, the higher your earnings potential.

If you work as a waiter on the weekends, you may earn as much as $20 to $30 per hour when you include tips.

But, you should not be shocked if things die down a little throughout the week.

In addition, winter is likely to be your busiest season, when you can earn the most of your pay, because of the holidays.

You may earn close to $1,000 in a week if you work hard.

Fact: Servers at Texas Roadhouse have to work hard as they serve around 5,000 guests every week in each restaurant.

How Much Can Night Servers Make Per Hour?

how much does night shift make

On average, servers who work at night earn $31,623 a year ($15 an hour).

According to statistics, however, the salaries of these experts range from a high of $34.38 to a low of $5.29.

It is contingent upon the experience, expertise, and nature of the business. 

How Can Servers Make More Money at Texas Roadhouse?

You may supplement your income by waiting tables and collecting tips.

Therefore, you should strive to ‘woo’ your customers into giving you additional tips by providing them with excellent service.

The good news is that all tips are kept private. The amount an individual earns is contingent on a number of factors.

Mostly, it depends on the quality of their job, the attractiveness of their personality, the number of shifts they are given, and the time of day.

In general, dinner shifts earn greater tips, although all shifts have their slow periods.

Note: The law mandates that your employer pay you at least 150% of your regular hourly rate for any overtime or extended work hours. 

So, you can definitely make a lot more money through tips and choosing to work overtime. 

How Much Do Texas Roadhouse Servers Make in Tips?

how much servers make in tips

You get to keep all you earn in a given shift at Texas Roadhouse. You can earn more on a night shift during the week, and it often pays between $50 and $100.

A double shift over the weekend can help you make $200. But doing a single night shift will net you $150.  

Fact: Texas Roadhouse is a great place to work, as each restaurant offers up to 7,500 sq-ft of space with a capacity of 291 guests. 

What Would You Do as a Texas Roadhouse Server?

Serving, sometimes known as waiting tables, is a multifaceted occupation. There is more to it than merely taking orders and delivering food and drinks to customers.

There is a lot of room for growth in this position, which is crucial to the success of any business dealing with food or drink.

Furthermore, you will constantly be on the front lines of providing excellent service and creating unforgettable dining experiences for your guests.

what does servers do

Regardless of the establishment or role held, a server’s general tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Arranging everything and getting the restaurant ready for service
  • Reviewing menus and serving food and drinks
  • Helping with hosting duties, including managing reservations
  • Managing orders through a point-of-sale system
  • Upselling drinks and foods to increase revenues
  • Interacting with guests and giving them a better dining experience
  • Clearing tables after serving food and drinks
  • Taking care of customer complaints and handling difficult guests 

What Else is Required of Texas Roadhouse Servers?

Besides taking care of the typical duties, servers at Texas Roadhouse often have to do many other things as well. For instance: 

You Will Have to Take Part in Line Dancing

Having a difficult day at home and trying to keep a smile on your face while serving customers at Texas Roadhouse? It is not enough.  

If the music starts, you are going to have a rough day because all servers are expected to do line dances regardless of how they feel.

What’s more, secret shoppers are employed to ensure that servers do their mandatory line dancing at the appropriate times. 

Servers Need to Use a Corny Script to Greet Guests

servers use corny scripts

When speaking to a table of unknown patrons, the server is obligated to find out if any of them have ever eaten at the establishment.

If it is their first time, servers are expected to recite a certain script that promotes the items that customers can order.

And they do it in a corny way that makes it funny yet interesting. 

Servers Need to Upsell

When someone orders a steak at Texas Roadhouse, servers much ask how they would like it cooked and whether you would like to add sauteed onions and mushrooms.


There is no real evidence that these extras improve the flavor of a meal, but they can add several dollars to the bill and are therefore worth it to the restaurant.

Fact: You are more likely to find a job as a server in Texas because the food chain has more than 56 restaurants in this state. 


How much do servers make at Texas Roadhouse? Do they offer a good hourly rate? How is the atmosphere there?

You really have to consider many things before you decide to work at Texas Roadhouse.

Though the hourly rate is quite the same as at other restaurants, you are sure to enjoy the working atmosphere at Texas Roadhouse.

Just be sure to put your best foot forward and make customers happy to earn a lot more in tips.