is bob evans sausage gluten free or not

How many times have you heard gluten dodgers ask, “Is Bob Evans sausage gluten free?” 

It is a popular brand but people’s concerns about gluten intolerance are real too.

Sausages are delicious and have a remarkable capacity to fulfill us.

Because of their high-fat content, they will impart a rich, meaty flavor and texture when combined with the meat.

But, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy those treats without thinking twice, and that is when people ask, “is Bob Evans breakfast sausage gluten-free?”

Yes, Bob Evans sausage is gluten-free because it contains only meat, but some of their products are not gluten-free, so read the label to be sure. 

Is Bob Evans Sausage Gluten Free or Not?

the bob evans sausage gluten free

There are seven different kinds of roll sausage produced by the Bob Evans restaurant chain and sold in grocery stores.

While pork is the primary ingredient in all of the sausages, they do not “claim” to make gluten-free products.

Therefore, it is likely that some of the products may contain gluten in very small amounts.

However, when you inquire about it from the company’s representatives, they say they do not include any gluten in their sausage.

In fact, they confirm that their sausage links and one-pound sausage rolls are gluten-free as well. 

But, is Bob Evans Italian sausage gluten free? Luckily, it is, and so is the case, with zesty hot, maple, and sage flavors.

Are All Bob Evans Sausage Gluten-Free?

all sausages from bob evans gluten free

Though they say so, it may not be the case.

The gluten-free menu at Bob Evans includes all sausages with the exception of Hot Sausage Patties and pork sausage links.

Patties, in particular, are not safe for those on a gluten-free diet. Yes, they are made using quality pork cuts and are free of peanuts, eggs, or dairy. 

But, patties may not be safe because they are likely to have preservatives and grains.

Fact: Launched in 1948, Bob Evans restaurant now has over 400 locations in more than 18 different states. 

What to Do?

If gluten consumption is a problem, look for the “GF” symbol on the package.

For example, the majority of Bob Evans’ products are labeled “GF.” But if in doubt, replace pork with turkey, which will work better. 

What Are Some Gluten-Free Foods on Bob Evans Menu?

what are the gluten free foods

Quite interestingly, Bob Evans has several gluten-free options despite the absence of dedicated fryers.

The shared fryer is used to prepare their fries. Still, their Mac & Cheese, steak and eggs, and mashed potatoes are all gluten-free.

In addition, their food items may be gluten-free because they employ top-quality, fresh ingredients in their preparation.

Fact: Avoid sausage with Chinese soy sauce because it may contain wheat and opt for Japanese tamari soy sauce for a gluten-free alternative.

A Couple of Delicious Options for Gluten-Free Meals at Bob Evans

If you are looking for the best option for your gluten-free diet, opt for their hearty beef veggie soup or put your money on grilled chicken.

On a frigid winter day, nothing beats a steaming bowl of soup. Still, you would not settle for lukewarm canned soup, would you?

You are probably looking for a hearty, nutritious, and satiating meal.

Bob Evans has the perfect solution! 

Veggie Soup

the veggie soup

It has a savory broth and is perfect to slurp on its own, as it is brimming with well-cooked vegetables.

The delicate meat, however, is what really elevates this soup to the level of a substantial dinner, making it perfect in every way.

The potatoes and beef chunks with carrots are so tender that they can be eaten on their own as an appetizer or light lunch. 

Grilled Chicken

It is perfect for a filling, nutritious, protein-packed dinner. Two juicy chicken breasts are cooked to perfection and served with two sides and your choice of bread.

But, if you are interested in a gluten-free meal, you can skip the bread. Do not worry, you will still feel satisfied!

The chicken is juicy and flavorful, with a taste reminiscent of a traditional backyard barbecue.

It is a great choice and makes it possible for everyone to enjoy Bob Evan’s without compromising their diet or exercise routine.

Fact: Be careful when taking a new supplement or medication because they often contain gluten as a filler and may trigger your symptoms.

What Qualifies as Gluten-Free Sausage?

what qualified gluten free sausage

Although gluten-free sausages are widely available, you should not automatically believe they are all in the same category.

In fact, most of your regular sausages frequently use wheat-based rusk and are not gluten-free. 

What is Gluten-Free Sausage?

Sausage without gluten-containing components is called “gluten-free.”

Additionally, gluten-free sausage requires gluten-free surfaces and utensils during preparation.

Those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities should know that the definition of “gluten-free” might change depending on where they live.

It also depends on how a particular sausage manufacturer labels its products.

Anyone who doubts the authenticity of a processed meat product like sausage should get in touch with the company that made it. 

Why are Some Sausages Not for Gluten-Free Diet?

what are  not gluten free sausages

You know sausage contains only meat, which is gluten-free, so why on earth some brands do not certify their products?

The filler in some sausages may be cereal or another grain product, even though many sausages are made solely of meat.

Furthermore, seasonings used in sausage production may also include gluten.

For instance, soy sauce is often used in sausage recipes, and many store-bought varieties include gluten.

Veggie sausages, which are often manufactured from legumes or grains, and very cheap sausages may both contain a lot of cereal filler.

Are There Gluten-Free Alternatives to Bob Evans Sausage?

other gluten free alternative

There certainly are. And though you can opt for them, it is still advisable to check the ingredients before you finalize your purchase. 

Neese’s Country Sausage

A Neese representative confirmed that the company’s sausage products do not include any nitrates/nitrites, MSG, or preservatives and that they are gluten-free.

The sausages are made in the same facility as other items, including wheat gluten, but those rooms and curtains keep them distinct.

Therefore, Neese sausage may be a good option, but remember, cross-contamination is always possible. 

Niman Ranch

Niman Ranch is a gourmet meat company known for their pork and other products that are farmed humanely and ecologically.

Company representatives have stated that all of their products, including the bratwurst and other sausages they produce, are safe for those with gluten sensitivities. 

Tennessee Pride

the tennessee pride

Tennessee Pride is a brand by ConAgra Foods. They offer a number of food products, usually safe for people with gluten sensitivities.

Keep in mind that they do not maintain a list of gluten-free items.

They say they make every effort to clearly state the addition of any allergen in their products.

But, they do not take any responsibility in the legal sense. 

Banquet Brown ‘N Serve

If you are looking for gluten-free sausage, you may get some from this company.

As a subsidiary of ConAgra Foods, it follows the same policy and always states the use of any gluten ingredients.

The vast majority of Banquet sausages have gluten-free labels.

The sausages in combo items may be contaminated due to the presence of wheat flour in the pancakes and the waffles. 

An Important Consideration about Cross-Contamination

important considerations about cross contamination

Whether you opt for Bob Evans sausage or pick another brand, you should always understand the possibility of cross-contamination.

Various gluten-free goods come into touch with gluten-containing grains throughout the production process, making cross-contamination possible.

This is typical for manufacturers that process both gluten-containing and gluten-free items using the same machinery. 

Unfortunately, this technique can present significant difficulties for individuals with gluten intolerance.

Also susceptible to cross-contamination is the kitchen.

It is especially prevalent when cooking meals while sharing the same kitchen equipment and surfaces.


A recent study indicated that greater than 40 percent of processed items labeled gluten-free contained sufficient gluten to cause harm to individuals with gluten intolerance.

Fact: Unlike what people think, buckwheat flour is not always gluten-free and may be contaminated with grains. 


Are you wondering if you can enjoy sausage with celiac Or, you may be thinking, “Is Bob Evans sausage gluten free?”

Well, the good news is that you can certainly give Bob Evans sausage a shot without having to worry about your condition.

And, many other brands are promoting their sausage as “gluten-free” and safe for those with sensitivities.

Still, be sure to double-check the label before you decide to eat these meat treats.