rice krispie treats not sticking together

There are very few things that would make me cry in a kitchen, and Rice Krispie treats not sticking together is one of them.

Although they appear to be simple to prepare, there can sometimes be issues when making them.

Imagine going through all the trouble to make a very easy snack at home only for it to fall apart.

Now that is just a huge bummer.

This writer understands the pain and frustration quite well and would be taking you through how to fix it.

There are times when rice Krispie treats won’t stick together. It could be due to so many reasons, such as too much moisture, not enough waiting time, or it could be because of the rice cereal itself.

Why Do My Rice Krispies Fall Apart?

rice krispies falling apart

There are some lucky individuals who have never had such an issue before and are surprised that it is even possible for Rice Krispie to not stick together.

Well, I am about to burst your bubble because no one is truly safe from it.

There are times when Rice Krispies would not stick together.

Here are the possible causes of why your Rice Krispie treats won’t stick together.

Old Ingredients

using old puffed rice

When making any recipe whatsoever, it is always advised to use the best and freshest ingredients and yes, this also applies to Rice Krispies.

Every one of the ingredients should be as fresh as possible, even if they are manufactured ingredients like the cereals and marshmallows you use.

You can use the old marshmallows for hot cocoa or anything else but making rice Krispies.

Using old cereals and marshmallows will affect the texture and stickiness of rice Krispies.

The older the marshmallow, the more it would dry out and it would melt properly when cooking.

Note: The same goes for the cereal you use. The drier the cereal becomes, the more moisture it would absorb.

Not Using Enough Marshmallow

You know the saying that goes the more the merrier, I think they were referring to marshmallows in rice Krispies.


There should be an equal amount of cereal and marshmallows. I use a 1:1 combination of marshmallows and cereals to be on the safer side.

Treats that are made with insufficient marshmallows are bland and prone to breaking.

The proportion of marshmallows to cereal in a Rice Krispie dessert recipe is crucial.

If you put too much cereal, the Krispies will be too dry, and crunchy.

Tip: If you use too many marshmallows, the treat will become too sticky and won't even stick together.

Too Much Moisture

Excess moisture in the rice Krispies can lead to them falling apart easily.

The excess moisture could be a result of the type and the amount of butter used or it could be because of too many dissolved marshmallows.


applied heat

Heat can either harden or soften things. In the case of rice Krispies, it is the latter.

Enough heat is needed to dissolve some of the essential ingredients but too much of it makes the Krispies too soft to stick together.  

Asides from the excess heat, not allowing the Krispies enough time to chill is also a factor to consider.

Since the Krispies are known to harden and stick together over cooling, it is best to give them some time after cooking.

Now that the question we have familiarized ourselves with “why didn’t my rice Krispies stick together?” has been answered, we can move on to the next part of this article.

What To Do When Rice Krispies Treats Fall Apart

what to do rice krispies fall apart

With all that has been said so far, it can be deduced that any issue regarding the rice Krispies treat is a result of the ingredients and how they are used.

There are two ways to fix this.


If the reason for the rice Krispies not sticking together is inadequate ingredients, then adding in more of the ingredients is the best way to go.

In this procedure, you can decide to be as creative as you want by adding more ingredients like peanut butter, chocolates, and the like.

Step #1: Spray The Pan & Add The Add-ins

Before doing anything, it is advised to spray the pan with oil or brush it with butter so that the treatment doesn’t stick to the bottom.

brush pan with butter

If the add-ins are dissolvable then they should be added to the pan first to dissolve under steady heat.

After that, you can add the Krispies and then stir evenly.

In cases where the add-in is the cereal itself, add the already-made rice Krispies inside the pan and allow it to heat up before then adding the cereals. 

Step #2: Transfer To A Plate or Tray & Wait

After mixing and allowing heat for a while, you should then transfer the Krispies to a tray or a plate of your choice.

I would advise you to use a foil plate instead.

Tip: Whether you are using a plate or a tray, make sure to spray it with oil before adding the Krispies.

This is the last and the most important part of the process allowing the Krispies to cool. It requires a lot of patience.

cool rice krispies in tray

Some people cool theirs overnight, while some are within minutes.


The first time I ended up with rice Krispies that didn’t stick together, I had to eat them like that mainly because I didn’t know how to fix it. 

For those of you who have eaten theirs just like I did mine and do not want to make the same mistake, here are the steps to follow.

Step #1: Apply Butter

The first thing to do is add butter to the pan and let it dissolve.

The butter’s purpose is to deepen the flavor of the mixture and to coat the pan to prevent excessive sticking of the marshmallow/cereal mixture. 

apply butter

Even though butter is really important, it should not be used in excess.

Too much butter means too much moisture and we do not want that to happen now, do we?

Step #2: Portion The Ingredients

To avoid having an unequal amount of ingredients, it is best to portion them.

So for every cup of cereal, there should be a corresponding amount of marshmallows

Tip: Make sure to portion the add-ins to avoid sogginess.
mix ingredients in moderate heat

Step #3: Mix Under Moderate Heat & Allow Enough Time to Cool Down

Two things to take note of here: Don’t over and don’t over-stir.

The heat should not be too high, and immediately after it has been heated and stirred well, remove it from the source of heat.

The primary cause of the Rice Krispie Treats’ looseness is the lack of adequate cooling time. when you’ve finished creating your recipe.

Tip: It is best to wait at least thirty minutes for the Krispies to cool before cutting them into any desired shape.

What To Look Out For When Making Rice Krispie Treats

making rice krispie treats

Spray Thoroughly

Before you begin cooking, spray your pan with enough liquid. The rice Krispies won’t stick to the pan as a result.

Make Proper Use of Butter and Marshmallows

Mix the necessary amounts of butter and marshmallow to obtain the ideal mixture.

Since they both majorly contribute to the amount of moisture in the treat. 

If not, your Rice Krispies Treats would be out of proportion.

mixing butter and marshmallows in rice krispies

Watch The Heat

The Krispies shouldn’t be boiled over high heat. On a low or medium heat setting, warm it.

Remove the treat from the heat as soon as it has reached the proper temperature.


You have to be careful with the types and amount of ingredients you use. Mind the type of butter and avoid too much of it.

With all these, you can make the ever delicious rice Krispie treats without any complication whatsoever.

Now that we have gotten to the end of this article, I hope rice Krispie treats not sticking together is no longer a problem for your concern.

I hope this article has been very helpful. Thank you very much for your time and patience. stay safe.