is cream of tartar halal

Before determining is cream of tartar Halal, we need to define exactly what is the cream of tartar?

Also, the word halal needs to be defined to see if and how it pertains to the cream of tartar.

Additionally, the term haram needs to be explained to see if the cream of tartar is haram as well as or instead if it is halal.

Both are terms that describe if they are allowed to be consumed according to known Islamic teachings.

Cream of tartar is a product that is used in cooking in very small amounts but for very specific reasons. This ingredient is either halal or haram and it will be explained which one it is and why.

What is Cream of Tartar?

halal tartar cream

If you do any kind of baking or cooking, you probably recognize it as an ingredient that is used in many recipes.

If you do not cook or bake, the first thing you need to know is that cream of tartar is not a cream.

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In fact, it comes in a dry powder in a small tin. You can find it in the aisle that carries baking products as well as in the spice aisle.

Cream of tartar is made from an acid substance that occurs when grapes are fermented into wine. Its technical name is tartaric acid or potassium bitartrate.

Its current name is a shortened version that was adapted when it began being marketed for use in cooking.

What is Cream of Tartar Used For?

usage of tartar cream

Cream of tartar has acidotic properties that are used for many things. Just a tiny bit is used when whipping eggs to help them reach different levels of peaks.

It also helps the whipped eggs maintain their stability or consistency.

Other ways that cream of tartar is used is in making whipped cream, baking cookies (snickerdoodles are the most popular type), and the meringue used to create a lemon meringue pie.

When you put a little pinch of cream of tartar in a pot of vegetables that are boiling on the stove it will help the vegetables maintain their strong bright colors.

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It can also be used around the house to polish copper and stainless steel utensils.

When you add an equal amount of white vinegar you can clean the sink and tub in the bathroom.

Note -Make sure you measure out your cream of tartar – if it calls for just a pinch, that’s all it takes.

What is Halal?

whats halal

While the Arabic word halal translates to something that is acceptable, it is primarily used to describe the foods that are allowed to be consumed by Muslims who follow the Quran.

The Quran is the guide for what people of the Islamic faith are permitted to eat and what is not permitted.

There are specific types of food that are off-limits and considered halal.

And while the foods are listed, there are also additional restrictions and practices that need to be followed according to the practices of Islam and the Quran.

Many of the types of food products are considered to be halal, in certain circumstances it is the way the foods are processed that leads to them being halal or haram.

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This brings us to the other side of the dietary guidelines.

What is Haram?

is it haram

Foods that are allowed are considered halal, but foods that are not only unacceptable but are forbidden, are considered haram.

The foods and products that are in the haram category are listed in detail.

But it seems many people have found themselves eating foods that are haram without even knowing it.

The way things are processed in today’s world you may be consuming foods that have hidden foods that is haram that you aren’t even aware of unless you conducted a thorough investigation.

The following examples will give you a better idea as to which foods are which and where the cream of tartar fits in.

Examples of Foods That are Halal or Haram

halal and haram

Knowing which foods are considered halal and which foods fall into the haram category will help you see how to decide on other foods.

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Besides the specific categories of foods, it is also the way they are prepared for consumption that puts them in a certain group.

One way to explain this is that consuming the blood of an animal is considered haram.

This means that the meat that is halal or allowed, must have the blood completely drained from its body in order to be consumable.

Fruits and vegetables fall into the halal group with hardly any exceptions.

This means that almost all vegan foods are halal. There are actually cookbooks that present each type of Islamic food group used in each recipe.

Is Cream of Tartar Halal or Haram? 

is it halal or haram

Now that each category has been explained, it is time to determine is cream of tartar halal or haram?  

The answer to this question depends on the way the cream of tartar is put together.

Cream of tartar is made from grapes that have been made into wine.

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Alcohol is definitely in the haram category so if the cream of tartar is made from fermented grapes it would be considered haram.

If the cream of tartar happens to be made with synthetic ingredients, or grapes that have not been fermented but have been left as grape juice, then it is halal.

When the cream of tartar is made according to halal principles it is labeled as Potassium Bitartrate.

There are also companies that sell halal-certified cream of tartar. You won’t have to guess if you are buying the right kind.

A quick search online will lead you to the answer is the cream of tartar halal?

What Can you Substitute Cream of Tartar With?

six substitute

If you want to make sure you stay true to your religious guidelines, there are things you can use instead of cream of tartar that will give you the same results.

1. Lemon Juice

Use two times the amount of lemon if used to leaven your baked dish; just a half teaspoon of lemon juice for each egg will get them light and fluffy with just the right peaks.

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2. White Vinegar

Use it in the same proportions as you do for the lemon juice.

3. Baking Powder

As a replacement, add three times the baking powder to replace two times the cream of tartar.

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is used in recipes for baked products, use 1/4 cup of buttermilk to replace 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar. Also, take 1/4 cup of the wet batter from the mixing bowl.

5. Yogurt

Thin it out so that it is the same consistency as buttermilk and use it in the same proportions.


questions about tartar cream

1. What if you Run Out of Cream of Tartar or Substitutions?

When in doubt, leave it out. Some recipes say that just leaving it out completely won’t affect the taste or the texture.

2. How long will Cream of Tartar Last?

The shelf life of cream of tartar in your kitchen cupboard is four years.

3. Can you Store Cream of Tartar in the Freezer?

Yes, it will last for four years in the freezer as well but you may want to put the tin in a freezer bag to make sure it doesn’t get wet or get freezer burned.

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If it gets moisture in it or if it gets wet inside it is no longer good to use.


Now that you know the answer for is cream of tartar halal, now if you are not of the Islamic faith, cream of tartar can fall into either category and it will not matter in your life or in your cooking.

If you do follow the teachings of the Quran you should check to make sure that the cream of tartar that you use in your cooking is halal.