is vanilla syrup the same as vanilla extract

Is vanilla syrup the same as vanilla extract? Do you know Orchids? Perhaps you don’t, but you know its product.

You use it in your day-to-day culinary activities for broths and whatsoever. Vanilla are spices manufactured from the orchid plant.

What you may not also know is that there are two types of Vanilla. The syrup and the extract.

Millions of people all over the world have and are still buying one when they mean the other. It looks a lot like we really do not care to know the differences between these two.

You have been in the shadows over these for a while and in this article, we will give light to this problem 

Is vanilla Syrup the same as vanilla extract? No not, there are differences between these two types of vanilla, from the tastes to the uses.

Differences Between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Syrup

the differences

Perhaps we are still in the darkness as to whether Vanilla syrup is the same as vanilla extract.

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Are they similar? Or are there differences between these two?

I am sure anxiety is killing you and I do not want it to, and I won’t keep you waiting.

So in quick succession, let me show you the differences between vanilla extract and syrup.

The Taste

the taste of two

Could things with diverse tastes be similar? I can’t see any. Tastes make things, meals, fruits, juices, and everything totally different.

Once the taste between two items differs, we cannot say they are similar.

So do Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Syrup. They have two very distinct tastes. Do you know these tastes?

Vanilla Syrup, which is a little more prominent over the extract, is sweet. Yea, of course, we all love the sweetest things in life.

That is why there is a promise for milk and honey.

The taste of vanilla syrup is sugary, delicious, and tasty while the extract is kind of bitter with some almost strange smell, close to that of alcohol.

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So can they be similar? They can’t. One is bitter, the other is sweet.

That is, the Syrup is sweet and the extract is bitter. An absolute difference. Is it?

How They Are Made

how they made

Now, although the Vanilla Extract and the Syrup are a product from one common source, they are produced slightly differently.

The Extract is manufactured in a short process that involves steeping the pods from Vanilla in water blended with alcohol.

So it is the alcohol and water solution that makes the Extract end up bitter than its tastier counterpart.

The Vanilla syrup, on the other hand also draws its sweet taste from how it is made.

The Syrup is produced by mixing granulated sugar in water and a Vanilla extract.

The Length of Time Taken in Production

length of production

You will be surprised that both of these vanilla types take different periods of time in processing.

This is one of the reasons that can never make them similar.

Because you really can’t claim that a car that takes six months in the manufacturing industry could be similar to one that takes a year or more.

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There are variations in the quality of the machine, the horsepower, mileage, and even the price.

Now, away from cars, Vanilla extract and Vanilla syrup take up very dissimilar amounts of time in production.

The syrup, which is known for its sweetness, takes up a much shorter period than the extract.

While it takes the extract several months to process, the syrup is only manufactured in hours.


the usage

More often, people walk out of supermarkets with the very wrong type of vanilla, and walk home, hoping to use it to make their meals scintillating.

It all ends in premium tears. Generally, Vanilla syrup and vanilla extract are meant for different purposes.

The Vanilla extract has a chain of functions compared to the syrup, that is, it is so versatile. It can be used in baking, making beverages and soft drinks, and in general cooking.

However, the syrup is tied down to lesser functions and is especially used for making beverages and also as an additive in desserts.

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With all that said, you are now fully aware that saying Vanilla extract and Vanilla Syrup are similar is a huge lie.

These two are as different as the mouth and the nose. Above is all the evidence you need to believe this.

Can You Substitute Vanilla Extract For Vanilla Syrup?

substitute extract for syrup

Can I use vanilla extract instead of Vanilla syrup?

Now, it would be unfair if I told you these are as different as the moon and the stars minus telling you whether or not they can be substituted for each other.

Can they, in your opinion?

I will tell you that.

It is prudent that The Vanilla extract and Syrup are different in several ways right from:

  • Their taste
  • how they are produced
  • how long it take them to be processed

A common question amongst most people, those with the curiosity of a cat, who dare try this on that may still want to know if vanilla extract can be substituted for the syrup or vice versa.

Vanilla Extract can be substituted for Vanilla syrup but they must not be used together.

Other Vanilla Syrup Substitute

syrup substitute

Say you just ran out of Vanilla syrup or are in dire need to try a substitute matching the syrup itself, which one would try?

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There are several substitutes for vanilla syrup that you never imagined of. All these work well in adding flavor just like the syrup would.

These are;

Maple Syrup

Over the years, Maple syrup has retained its stature. It is indisputably the best substitute for vanilla syrup there is.

In fact, with it, you only are required to replace the amount of vanilla syrup you were to use with exactly a similar amount of maple syrup.

Also, this Maple syrup allows you to use little sugar than you would with Vanilla syrup since it is sweeter.

The Almond Extract

almond extract

If you are in preparation for cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and chocolates, then the Almond extract plays as a senior sub for vanilla syrup.

Away from the Maple Syrup and the Almond Extract, Vanilla syrup can also be replaced with Fiori di Sicilia, vanilla-flavored liqueur, and/or vanilla-flavored milk.

It all depends on which one you want to use.

Vanilla Extract Substitutes

If you again run out of vanilla extract someday, there are substitution options on your way as well.

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extract substitute

You should never despair. Vanilla extract is a major ingredient in the baking of cakes, custards, and cookies.

It is what makes them sweet and tasty.

But in the event you are out of it, or are thinking of trying something different, what would you bring in?

Vanilla extract can be substituted with the following:

  • Vanilla beans
  • Flavored Extracts.
  • Fruit zest
  • Herbs and spices
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Liquor

Is Vanilla Syrup The Same As Vanilla Extract Conclusion

In this article, we sought to understand if is vanilla extract same as vanilla syrup? It turns out it is not.

We have exhausted all the information on the two concerning the differences, if there is any we did not that you know of, be as good as to share with us.

Meanwhile, let it be known to you that Vanilla extract is not similar to vanilla syrup. 

Although you can substitute one for the other, you cannot use them together.

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We have shared with you Substitutes for each kind, amidst presenting to you the differences between these two.

If there are similarities or any other information you would love to know, then drop your comment and we will cover it in our next blog post.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and be professional in matters to do with Vanilla. This is where you get all you need. Meanwhile, get the right vanilla for your needs today.