can i use honey instead of vanilla extract

Can I use honey instead of vanilla extract? Writing from a chef’s point of view, I thought I should today share with you some vital intel.

So, promise me you are going to hang in there to the end as we together discuss the topic of the day.

As a chef, I have found myself in horrible situations before when my Vanilla ran out, and I realized it pretty late.

I believe we all have been embroiled in a kitchen dilemma before.

While you prepare to add vanilla as a preservative and sweetener to your dish, it might hit you that you ran out and will need a substitute, what will it be?

And how are you going to use it?

Honey can be used in place of vanilla as a preservative and sweetener, but you must use it skillfully. In this article, I have shared top-notch skills on how-to and other substitutes for vanilla extract.

What Are They Used For?

uesd for

Now, before I move any further, I must bring you to speed concerning the uses of these products and where they are extracted from.

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If you really are looking forward to making a great cook or chef. Then in your daily practice, you will have to use Vanilla and honey a couple of times.

But what do you use them for?

Honey is extracted from bees, they can be tamed or wild.  While vanilla is extracted from the vanilla orchid.

The vanilla orchid when pollinated produces pods with vanilla beans. When ready and ripe for harvest, they are pounded, cured then fermented then soaked in alcohol and water.

Pure vanilla extract has a minimum 35 percent of alcohol content. Vanilla isn’t sold in liquor stores but in groceries as a household cooking staple.

Note: It is chiefly used for baking and adding more flavor to bring your desserts to a stunning taste.

Can I Use Honey Instead Of Vanilla Extract?

use honey

Can I use honey instead of vanilla extract? Can I use honey instead of vanilla extract in cookies?

These are some disturbing questions visitors at my store have sought answers to.

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Maybe they have realized a change in taste sometimes in the desserts I offer.

Being a chef for some years now, I have learned a lot that can make me good a teacher, maybe I should start a cooking school. 

I have learned to find solutions in the kitchen, I have learned what to and what not to do, even when it got to using Vanilla.

It hit me severely when everyone forgot that we were out of Vanilla especially because we needed it urgently while baking.

Just like you, I wanted to know what things could save me the embarrassment, and one thing that came to my mind was honey.

Why Use Honey Instead of Vanilla?

why honey instead of vanilla extract

Believe me or not, I wasn’t wrong, and as already stated at the onset of this blog post, honey can be used instead of vanilla.

In fact, it makes the best substitute for it. I however did not stop there even after learning honey could help.

I wanted to know what other ingredients could work in place for Vanilla in the event honey wasn’t readily available as well.

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I’ve learned a few, and they have been intensively discussed here.

What Are Other Substitutes for Vanilla Extract?

Running out of vanilla, and consequently lacking honey shouldn’t be the death of you.

There is a long long list of other ingredients that can be used in their place while baking, sweetening, or preserving.

However, these ones are specially meant for sweetening and baking.

Below is a full list of vanilla and honey substitutes, you can choose from either of them.

Substitute #1. Almond Syrup

the almond syrup

Top on our list is the almond syrup, a product made by pressing the almonds to produce a yellow-colored oil.

Almonds are combined with alcohol, then left to blend over time until the almond flavor is the most prominent and distinct in the combo.

It comes top on my list for being cheaper but effective in baking and sweetening.

Almond syrup, blended with alcohol has an inviting aromatic, tasty, and nutty flavor, essential for baking.

Substitute #2. Vanilla Almond Milk

Vanilla almond milk is a product from vanilla that serves as a great substitute for Vanilla and honey.

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This is plant-based milk that isn’t as nutritious as the milk from animals.

Vanilla almond milk’s subtle sweetness qualifies it for substitution for honey and vanilla for dessert recipes and in baking.

Having vanilla almond milk in my fridge always has saved me on several occasions, and you should as well value adding it to your space.

Now, other plant-based milk extracts are also welcome for substituting vanilla and honey.

However, you must ensure that whatever they are, they must be flavored with vanilla such as soy milk.

Substitute #3. Spices

the spices

You walk into my kitchen, and you would think you just walked into a herbalist’s room. There are tons of spices all over.

Spices are what make the food we eat, and while baking, they are not any less. I am a huge fan of spices, and I realized that they can be used as a substitute for Vanilla or honey.

Spices such as cinnamon especially can be added to almost everything that can be baked.

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Other spices that you can use include, nutmeg, cloves, and coriander. All these can be used in place of vanilla with amazing results.

Tip: Spices, unlike vanilla or honey are way cheaper, readily available, and last a lot longer.

Substitute #4. Icecream

an ice cream

Did you know that ice creams make a great substitute for vanilla? However, they must be made from vanilla.

So if you are making milkshakes or baking, vanilla ice cream is an inviting option for sweetening.

Substitute #5. Bourbon

A close associate of mine, who lives a few blocks away, won’t go a day without using bourbon while baking. He uses it more than any other ingredient.

He says he values bourbon since it is best for topping the texture and moisture of his baked foods, with a soaked vanilla flavor.

Therefore he doesn’t need vanilla or honey when he has got bourbon.

Substitute #6. Chocolate

use chocolate

We are never running short of substitutes when it comes to baking, in fact, we are getting started.

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When you think that none of those mentioned above work well for your baking, then I bet, there is no way chocolate is going to let you down.

Try it today and get me the feedback.

Substitute #7. Coffee

Are you making a treat of chocolate that requires vanilla, then it turns out that you have none left?

Fret not, for coffee makes an instant substitute; especially espresso powder, instant coffee, or any other strongly brewed substitute.

Coffee is a sweetener and will work by enhancing the chocolate’s taste to make it tastier and richer.

It would take us an entire day narrating these vanilla substitutes. I myself have tried, tested, and proven the aforementioned.

Other substitutes you may consider testing include maple syrup, vanilla powder, vanilla bean paste, and vanilla rum.

Tip: You can also notice that these substitutes have vanilla in them, apart from coffee, honey, and bourbon. 

Always ensure that there is a percentage of vanilla in whatever other substitute you plan to use.

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What Would Happen If You Do Not Add Vanilla Or Any Other Substitute While Baking?

what happen if you not add substitute

It wouldn’t hurt much but who doesn’t like the sweet things? We all do, and that is why we will add vanilla or any other substitute to vanilla while baking.

Cakes without vanilla or any other flavoring options will taste butter, which is still great, and a bit like eggs that are sweetened.

Tip: For the real deal, vanilla and its substitutes will make it taste a lot much better.

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Can I use honey instead of vanilla extract? You can. Honey makes a great substitute for vanilla and vanilla extract substitutes honey as well.

But since honey is more sugary, you have to use it in controlled quantities.

In this article, we have figured out many other vanilla extract substitutes, we hope this article guides you through your baking experience.

Do not get stuck today, there are a whole lot of options to choose from.