keurig shuts off when i push brew

Keurig shuts off when I push brew and it refuses to work for no apparent reason. Are you dealing with one such situation?

Imagine waking up in the morning and going for a quick cup of coffee. But, it leaves you frustrated to see your Keurig coffee maker refuse to work properly.

It is a common issue. Sometimes, your Keurig may occasionally shut off while brewing and returns to life when you restart.

But it is possible that it does not start again no matter what.

So, if Keurig shuts off when I hit brew, does this represent a serious issue?

It could happen for many reasons, but it is usually because the K-Cup is not punctured on the bottom because of a faulty needle or something else. 

Keurig Shuts Off When I Push Brew: Why Is That?

why does the keurig shuts off

Keurig will be a game-changer if you live in a home where everyone has very specific tastes.

It works great for making single cups of coffee on the fly.

However, a standard drip machine may be more cost-effective if you frequently prepare coffee for more than one person or if you frequently refill your cup.

And it may be a good alternative if your Keurig continuously stops working.

But, why does that happen?

If the K-Cup has not been properly punctured at the bottom by the needle in the K-Cup basket, the Keurig will turn off during brewing.

A blocked brew needle, broken outlet, or out-of-whack water reservoir magnet can all cause it to power off unexpectedly.

How Can a Problem with the K Cup Shut Down a Keurig?

problem with k cup shutdowns keurig

If your Keurig suddenly stops brewing, it is probably not the machine itself but the K Cup.

When you place a Keurig pod in the basket and close the lid, a hole is punched at the top of the pod.

But the K cup also has a hole punched out of the bottom, which you may not be aware of.

The Keurig will stop brewing if the pod’s bottom is not pierced. It is mainly because the water inside will have nowhere to go if the machine does not detect a hole.

Tip: Be sure to use the right water because it is 99% of your coffee and can affect the flavor and performance of your Keurig. 

Why Does the Machine Fail to Puncture the Bottom of the Pod?

If the pod is particularly thick or the needle at the base of the brew basket is damaged, it may not be possible to make a hole in the bottom of the pod.

You are more likely to experience this problem when using some milk K pods, such as lattes and cappuccinos because they are hard. 

What Should You Do?

what to do with it

If your Keurig suddenly turns off while brewing, remove the pod and look at the underside of your Keurig.

If the bottom is unpunctured or only partially, you know the issue.

It can be fixed by manually puncturing the bottom of the K pod by pressing it firmly into the pod basket.

Alternatively, you can use pliers to straighten out the needle at the base of the pod basket. 

What Besides the K Cup Can Cause Keurig to Shut Off When Brewing?

Sometimes, you check the K Cup and notice that the pod has been punctured perfectly, you know there is something else wrong with your machine.

It could happen for many other reasons, and you will have to fiddle around a little. 

It Could be Due to a Misaligned Magnet

due to a misaligned magnet

Occasionally, a Keurig machine will shut off after you press the brew button if the water tank is not in the correct position.

Key components of Keurig machines are held securely in place by magnets.

However, the water reservoir could shift out of alignment if the machine shakes too much during the coffee-making process.

If that happens, your Keurig will be rendered useless. 

How Do You Fix It?

It is not a serious issue and does not require extensive repair either.

All you have to do is carefully remove the water tank and then put it back in place. 

While doing so, you should ensure that the magnet on the water reservoir is not out of alignment.

Remember, the Keurig cannot detect any water supply and so will not brew if the magnets are not in full or partial contact.

Tip: Always verify that you have put everything back where it belongs if you drain your Keurig or play with its parts in any way. 

It Could be Due to a Malfunctioning Timer

a malfunctioning timer

Do you use a Keurig machine with an auto shut-off feature? Any problem with this feature could cause the machine to shut off while brewing.

How Do You Fix It?

All you have to do is disable the timer feature on your Keurig, which should fix the issue. 

It Could be Because of a Clogged Keurig

Descaling, often known as cleaning your Keurig, is a somewhat more time-consuming approach but may be necessary to fix the problem.

Mineral deposits will occur regardless of whether you use bottled water or tap water in your appliance.

And not removing it regularly would make you ask, “Why my Keurig shuts off when pressing brew.” 

How Do You Fix It?

how fix keurig

Descaling the Keurig will remove any mineral deposits accumulated in the machine and may be triggering the machine to turn off unexpectedly during brewing.

Use a Keurig descaling solution to fix the issue. While each model may have its own unique quirks, the basic procedure is the same.

  1. Fill the water tank with the descaling solution.
  2. Add some water to the tank.
  3. Put a large mug beneath the coffee spout.
  4. Before you rinse it, double-check that no K-Cup is still within the machine.
  5. Choose the largest available cup size for the descaling process.
  6. Be sure to keep doing this until the water-adding indicator turns on.
  7. Take a 30-minute break and then restart your machine.
  8. Wash your machine and fill the tank again to the max.
  9. Select the large cup size and prepare 12 rinsing brews.

Of course, it is likely to take a bit of your time, but you will end up having a machine that works as efficiently as new.

Tip: Never try to get more out of a single K-Cup by adding more water, as it could affect the performance of your Keurig.

It Could be Because of an Internal Glitch

because of an internal glitch

Sometimes, a glitch in how the whole Keurig works could make it stop while brewing.

And it is likely to be the case if you have checked the K cup and already descaled the Keurig. 

How Do You Fix It?

To eradicate the issue, you usually need to reset the machine. Here is what to do:

  1. Stop your machine and disconnect it from the electrical socket.
  2. Wait a minute or two and then try again.
  3. Now, take out the water storage tank.
  4. Reconnect the Keurig to the wall socket and turn it on again.
  5. Reinstall the storage tank for the water supply.
  6. Be sure to access the K-Cup chamber as well and open it.
  7. Clean the K-Cup and close the chamber again. 

It Could Be Because of a Faulty Power Outlet

because of faulty power outlet

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with your Keurig but the issue is with the power source.

It is so obvious, but so many people overlook it.

Know that there could be an issue with the power outlet if your Keurig just won’t turn on.

But, sometimes, the outlet can get hot or it may be loose, causing the Keurig to stop in the middle of brewing.

A faulty outlet cable may also lead to all these issues. 

How Do You Fix It?

  • Double-check that the machine is plugged into a properly-functioning outlet.
  • Try using another appliance at the same outlet.
  • Try using your Keurig in another room with a different outlet.
  • Make sure you turn off the machine’s power button. 

Call the Customer Service

call a customer service

When you have already tried everything else and your Keurig still refuses to work properly, it is time to seek professional help.

Tip: Be sure to replace the filter in the water tank to reduce the mineral content of the water and keep your Keurig functioning properly. 


It turns into an annoyance when it malfunctions, and the most common issue people have is, “Keurig shuts off when I push brew“.

When you value convenience more than everything else, you just cannot overlook the importance of having a Keurig.

Some troubleshooting may surely help fix the issue, but you should be prepared to contact customer service if your new Keurig is acting strangely.