how long do you boil parker house sausages

How long do you boil Parker House Sausages? If you are searching for answers to this question and more, then this is the article for you. 

In this article, we discuss sausage.

And not just any sausage, but Parker House premium sausages, they are arguably the best sausage company you can find across the United States.

With sausages that possess distinct tastes and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Without wasting time, let’s dive further in.

Ideally, the process of boiling Parker House sausages is an easy one. Simply keep them in a pot of water and allow them to boil for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Are Parker House Sausages Fully Cooked?

parker house fully cooked

Well, Parker House sausages do produce smoked sausages that have gone through some degree of cooking (If you consider smoking a method of cooking), but do they count as fully cooked sausages? 

I would argue that, yes, they do.

Smoked sausages are cured sausages of pig meat.

They have therefore been cooked in order to get smoked and can be fully eaten immediately after being opened from their packaging. 

However, the cool thing is Parker House sausages can be further cooked in a diverse number of ways, some of which include frying, grilling, and of course, boiling (which hopefully we should cover extensively).

Tip: Before choosing to eat or cook with Parker House Sausages, do ensure you read the packaging for its expiry date. This would save you from eating expired meat. 

Should You Boil Parker House Sausages?

boil parker house sausage

Parker House Sausages are quite lovely to cook. They offer a wonderful taste, especially when used in tasty dishes like pizza or spaghetti. 

Parker sausages are smoked sausages and this leads to the question of if they should be boiled.

Well, the decision to boil your House sausages should depend on what works for you. The process of boiling smoked sausages affects the meat in a variety of ways.

Some might argue that boiling reduces the dryness that comes with smoked sausages, making them a lot more juicy and tender.  

This view should help you decide if you should boil your smoked Parker House sausages if you want a dry, firm sausage, then boiling might not be best for you.

And if you want a soft or tender but juicy sausage, then you should consider boiling it. 

Tip: The process of boiling sausage can soften them, so do not overboil them as they might quickly become undesirable.

What Happens When You Boil Parker House Sausages?

what happens when boiling

Smoked Sausages like the Parker House sausages are known to contain lots of fat. This fat is a result of the process used in getting them smoked. 

When you boil these smoked sausages, you pretty much release the fat stored in the sausages into the water. 

Also, with the release of these fats from smoked sausages, the meat begins to lose its strong and firm texture, resulting in a softer texture that has been reported as unappealing by some people.  

Another cool fact is the high sodium content in smoked sausages.

hanged smoked sausage

The process of boiling does help in breaking down and reducing the salt contained in sausages, which can be quite healthy.

All in all, boiling your sausages makes them tender and helps release the fat that is stored in the meat.

It also helps in reducing the high salt content of smoked sausage, which can be argued to be a good thing for people on a low-fat diet as well as a low-salt intake diet. 

Is It Healthy To Boil Parker House Sausages?

boiling sausage healthy

The Parker house company produces smoked sausages, which, as we have stated earlier, are quite delicious, and offers variety when it comes to cooking them as they can be prepared in various ways. 

One such way has been a subject of numerous debates and that is, is it healthy to boil smoked sausages?

Also, as we have already established, smoked sausages are simply sausages made from either pig or beef that has been cured.

This means the process of curing the meat is what makes them smoked.

When you boil smoked sausages, you release the fat stored in these sausages into the water.

plate of boiled sausage

This on its own can be seen as unhealthy, especially if you intend on cooking right away without straining the water. 

Aside from that, it is completely healthy to boil smoked sausages like Parker House Sausages as they can also help reduce the salt contained in the cured sausages.

So boiling sausages is recommended for people intent on reducing their fat and salt intake. 

Tip: It is most recommended that you parboil the smoked Parker House sausages, as this helps get rid of the fat contained in the boiled water.

Should You Boil Parker House Sausages Before Grilling?

boil sausage before grilling

From what we already know, boiling smoked sausages does leave them tender and pretty much juicy.

This can be quite conflicting for people with an interest in grilling their smoked Parker House sausages. 

The process of grilling does require a firmer and less juicy taste which is mostly what happens to the smoked sausage that has been boiled.

So in that vein, I do not think it would be wise of you to boil sausages before grilling. 

However, this is relative, as what works for me might not particularly be the same for you.

If you would like pre-cooked grilled sausages, then sure, you can proceed to boil your Parker House smoke sausage before grilling it.

But, ensure that you do not overcook or overboil them as this can therefore reduce the appeal of the smoked sausage.

If you are wondering how long to boil smoked sausage, then you would have to wait for a little.  

How Long Do You Boil Parker House Sausages?

how long boiling sausage

The process of boiling your House Sausages is not quite hard, it simply takes place in a pot filled with boiling hot water over a stove. 

This can take leaving it for a period of 5 to 15 minutes, and this all depends on what you want. I’ll explain.

If you want your Parker house sausages to be pre-boiled, then I recommend leaving them on the stove for a maximum of 5 minutes.

However, If you want a more tender and juicy smoked Parker House Sausage, then you can consider leaving them on the stove for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

For a more standard cooked boiled Parker House smoked sausage, I recommend leaving them over the stove for a maximum period of 10 minutes.

Note: When pre-boiling smoked sausage, do not leave for anything less than 3 minutes as you are pretty much eating them raw.

Should You Steam Parker House Sausages?

steaming parker house sausage

The decision to steam smoked sausages is not different from the decision to boil smoked sausages. Both involve placing the sausages in heated water.

However, steaming requires a lot less water than actual boiling.  

When it comes to Parker House sausages, steaming is somewhat encouraged.

Not only does it help tenderize the meat, but it only makes it slightly tender, which means they are not too soft and not too strong. 

In my opinion, this is a much better choice for people intent on grilling the sausages afterward, as you can still have grilled firm sausages while still getting rid of the excess salt and fat contained in the meat.  

How Long Should You Steam Parker House Sausages?

steaming parker house sausage

Steaming should be done in a pot with minimal water, the whole process is to ensure the salt is reduced and the meat is a bit tender.

But they can quickly start to burn due to the low water in the pot. 

As such, it is better to keep them for a maximum of 5 minutes. They would require constant monitoring for the whole 5 minutes. 

Tip: Try steaming your Parker House sausage in a pan as it allows for easy access when monitoring it. 


Parker House sausages have become a staple in most homes across the United States, and this is why you need all the information you can on cooking the cured sausages, especially information on how long do you boil Parker House sausages

That being said, do ensure you eat right and healthy. Check out the website for more engaging and informative content.