which oranges are best for juice

Which oranges are best for juice? Are you a juice lover? I am. And I love making my own at home. Whenever I need it, how I want it.

And for sure, orange juice has for years been one of my best juices.

You may or may not be aware that there are various types of oranges, and from the many types, comes different tastes of juices.

Orange juice, I bet, is one of the best juices humans can ever have.

However, with the several types of oranges, then again you must be choosy on which oranges are best for juice.

In this article, I have the five best picks. Come with me for the most enticing orange juice types.

As a curtain-raiser, the best oranges for orange juice are navel oranges, satsuma, tangelo, and a whole lot more.

How To Juice Your Oranges Effectively

how to juice orange

Now, before I even get you to which oranges are best for juice, it is prior that I bring you up to speed on how to juice your oranges well

Regardless of the pick, you might have the best pick for you but you do not juice it well.

So, when you get the orange type you admire and relish the most, one that produces the juice you enjoy the most and makes the world a better place for you, then do the juicing right.

Doing so is quite simple. And that is:

Choose The Orange

Told you, the best orange juice comes from the best type of orange.

Although this might solely depend on your taste and preferences, in this article we have seven of the best orange types for juicing you should try.

Hang on.

Prepare With The Right Juicer

prepare juicer

The juicer is just a special type of blender, solely concerned with preparing the right juice.

The prices of juicers range from anywhere between 4$ to 25$, so your financial muscle will define your pick.

Anyway, if you are to enjoy a fulfilling orange juice passionately, then the juicer you use will define what you get.

That is a clarion call that you need a special, improved juicer rather than the analogs.

How You Store Your Orange Juice

store the orange juice

In case you brewed so much orange juice, how would you preserve the remaining?

The fridge or freezer can work well for storing your juice.

All you have to do is seal and cover it well before freezing or refrigerating.

In the freezer, it will stay up to 12 months and in the fridge for up to 3 weeks while still in good shape.

Which Oranges Are Best For Juicing?

orange best for juice

Now that you are fully aware of how you can curate inspiring orange juice, what are the best types of oranges for juicing?

There are several types of oranges; in fact, there are over 400 varieties.

Isn’t that surprising? How many do you know?

In this article, because we hope for the very best juice for you and your family, we picked only a handful that could make you the best juice.

These ones have been highlighted and briefly explained below.

Blood Oranges

blood oranges

Oh no, that shouldn’t scare you off. Everyone hates the sight of blood, but blood oranges are superb orange juice.

They are referred to as blood oranges because of the color of their inside. They are crimson, dark red, and bloodlike.

These ones are seasonal, and usually in season between the months of January and April in Tropical areas.

Blood oranges are great for juicing.

They provide you with an exhilarating taste, and the color although frightful is unexplainably sweet.

Occurring at a time when there are hardly any other oranges in season, they are indisputably one of the best oranges for juicing, good enough to show up on top of our list.


the tangerines

Most people have a problem with their weight. I once was. It is the dream and aspiration of such people to at one time cut down their weight.

While eating and drinking appear to make matters worse, tangerine orange juice is a sure way to help you cut down your weight.

Tangerines are tart with synephrine, a compound that aids in great loss.

They are slightly colored compared to all other juices but still are a great juice with amazing health benefits.

Combined with the sweetness this juice yields, tangerines could be your best pick.

Satsuma Oranges

a satsuma oranges

If you have been to California or to the Gulf Coast, then you should have come across the Satsuma oranges.

If you haven’t then, they might be in groceries near you. Satsuma oranges are also seasonal, small in size, and belong to the Mandarin family.

These ones are quite delicious.

You know how small-sized fruits like grapes tend to have a sweet taste. 

These are the oranges you might have been looking for. But since they are seasonal their season doesn’t last for long.

So, they are not a great option if you are looking for an orange type that will juice you around the year.

However, even with their short existence, they’re still loved and sought after, although you will need a handful of them to juice up due to their pebble-like size.

The Valencia Oranges

the valencia oranges

I must state that I have a soft spot for Valencia oranges. Throughout my years of drinking.

Oops! talking about my juice drinking here.

I haven’t tasted a sweeter version of orange juice than the Valencian oranges.

They are known as Valencia oranges since they are native to Valencia, a town in Spain.

What makes them, even more, loved, to me and to others who need these types of oranges well, is that their season is the longest compared to several others, which runs from April to December.

Valencia oranges are therefore a great option for you if you would love to juice your way through the year with a sweet concoction.

Navel Juices

a navel juices

Seeds can become a turnoff from several oranges while juicing.

Although it is difficult to totally avoid these seeds, if you find them a bother and always get rid of them, then the Navel orange would be your best partner.

Navel oranges hardly have seeds, they are big in size and shape.

Hence you can drain a lot of juice from them, they are as well easy to peel and available throughout the year.

These five are just a handful of what there is, they have all proven to be tasteful, sweet, and enticing in every definition.

Others include tangelo and Clementines.

What Are The Benefits Of Orange Juice

health benefits

Whenever you need to relax, perhaps from a long day at work, when you get home and oranges are staring at you, juice them up.

Oranges help your body to relax and cool off.

Science has proven that oranges and fruits in general are a huge source of vitamins and several other nutrients. 

Oranges are also a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and fiber.


Which oranges are best for juice?

In this article, I have presented to you five of the most popular oranges to make into juices, everyone is having a share of any other varieties.

While the decision is yours to make, you may always want to try out all of them.

Orange juice is fascinating, it is delicious and juicy, with several varieties all over, you may find it difficult to pick which.

Save yourself the stress, we broke it down for you into five and an extra two of the tastiest and hearty types of oranges to turn into juices.

Try them and share with us which one captivated you the most.

Was it Valencia? What was it?