are flamin hot cheetos halal

Are flamin hot cheetos halal or Haram? In Islam, there are a lot of deliberations about what is considered safe to be eaten and what isn’t.

And with the increasing popularity of Cheetos in the world today, one is left to ask are cheetos flamin hot halal or not?

Let’s find out.

Flaming Hot Cheetos contains enzymes that are derived from pork meat and as such are not halal.

What Is Considered Halal Food In Islam?

halal food

In the Quran, certain foods are prohibited from being eaten, as they are considered unclean or haram.

Examples of such foods include:

  • Pork meats like sausage, bacon, and ham
  • Alcohol and other intoxicants
  • Carrion
  • Pork-derived products and extracts

Halal, which is the opposite of haram, refers to food that is generally accepted in Islam.

A few of these are:

  • Beef, lamb, and poultry
  • Fish
  • Lamb, beef, and poultry-derived products and extracts
  • Vegetables
  • Ingredients from vegetables that don’t cause intoxication.
Tip: It helps to have a basic understanding of Halal foods, by searching online or reading the Quran.

What Are Cheetos Made Of?

cheetos made of

At this point, we have a basic understanding of what is considered haram and what is considered halal.

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We could use this knowledge to answer the question “are Cheetos Flamin hot crunchy halal?

To do this, a better understanding of the basic ingredients used in preparing the finger-licking snacks, Cheetos, needs to be obtained.

So, what are Cheetos made of?

The major ingredients used in making Cheetos include;

  • Cornmeal
  • Vegetable oil

Looking at the two major ingredients, vegetable oil is made from canola, corn, or sunflower oil.

For the cornmeal, Folic Acid, Thiamine Mononitrate, Ferrous Sulfate, Niacin, and Riboflavin can be found in it.

Minor ingredients used in the preparation of Cheetos include;

  • Natural Flavors
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Cheese seasoning
  • Maltodextrin, derived from corn.
Note: The cheese seasoning that is used in most Cheetos flavors contains; milk, whey, cheddar cheese, assorted cheese cultures, and salt.

Is Cheetos Halal?

cheetos halal

The short answer to this question is that it varies. Cheetos is a diverse brand with a lot of flavors being produced often.

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They are prepared with different ingredients and different methods.

That being said, an in-depth look or analysis has to be given to each Cheetos flavor being produced.

This would be done to say if it is considered Halal or Haram.

A great way to do this would be by contacting a customer care representative at PepsiCo.

And this is the parent company in charge of Frito-Lay, the company that manufactures Cheetos.

To help make things a little easier for you, we would be looking at a few flavors from the Cheetos brand.

These are some of the most popular flavors produced by the Cheetos company.

Tip: Before purchasing a pack of any Cheetos flavor, read the pack for indications that it is halal or safe to be eaten by a Muslim.

Are Cheetos Puffs Considered Halal?

cheetos puff

Cheetos puffs are a very popular brand of Cheetos snacks that are being sold in most North American countries and regions.

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For a devote Muslim, a deep look at the ingredients or types of ingredients used in preparing Cheetos puff has to be done before purchasing or eating it.

Ingredients used in Cheetos Puffs include;

  • Enriched cornmeal,
  • Whey protein concentrate,
  • Artificial color,
  • Salt,
  • Lactic acid,
  • Citric acid,
  • Milk cheese enzymes and cultures,
  • Artificial, and natural flavoring,
  • Canola oil,
  • Maltodextrin derived from corn cheese seasoning,
  • Monosodium Glutamate.

Luckily, none of these products used in the making of Cheetos puffs is derived from pork or any intoxicants.

The enzymes used are gotten from Milk which is halal.  So in Cheetos, Cheetos puffs are considered halal snacks.

Are Cheetos Crunchy Fromage Halal? 

cheetos crunchy fomage halal

For the people of France, the Cheetos crunchy Fromage is a popular brand that is widely loved.

However, is the great-tasting snack considered halal? As usual, a look at the ingredient being used would help determine if it is halal or not.

The Crunchy Fromage flavor of Cheetos is made with;

  • Fromage cheddar,
  • Artificial coloring,
  • Citric acid,
  • Folic acid,
  • Milk cheese enzymes and cultures,
  • Cheese seasoning,
  • Canola oil, and
  • Artificial and natural flavoring.

With that, it is safe to assume that Cheetos Crunch Fromage is safe for consumption by devout Muslims as the enzymes used aren’t derived from pig meat or any intoxicants.

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Are Flamin Hot Cheetos Halal?

flamin hot cheetos halal

Arguably, the most popular flavor of the Cheetos brand, Flamin Hot Cheetos is addictive as they bring a great tasting, spicy feel to your taste buds.

Flamin Hot Cheetos has spearheaded the argument on whether the Cheetos brand is generally halal or not, and a look at the ingredients being used gives us a better understanding.

The ingredients used in making Flamin Hot Cheetos include;

  • Artificial and natural flavoring,
  • Artificial color,
  • Cheese seasoning,
  • Canola oil,
  • Folic acid,
  • Lactic acid,
  • Monosodium glutamate, and
  • Porcine cheese enzyme, and
  • Whey protein concentrate.
Unfortunately, Flamin Hot Cheetos contains Porcine Cheese Enzymes and seasoning which is gotten from pork. 

This means that Flamin Hot Cheetos should be considered as Haram and as such, should be avoided by a devote Muslim.

Are Jalapeno Cheetos Halal?   

cheetos jalapeno halal

Jalapeno Cheetos are a less popular version of Flamin Hot Cheetos, but are a lot spicier and also feature great taste.

They are made in the United States of America. But they are also sold in other North American countries, especially Mexico where the name originates from.

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The Ingredients of the Jalapeno Cheetos include;

  • Lactic acid,
  • citric acid,
  • Artificial coloring,
  • Artificial and a natural flavor,
  • Monosodium glutamate,
  • Whey protein concentrate,
  • Salt,
  • Cheese enzyme,
  • Culture, and
  • Seasoning derived from milk.

From what is seen here, the ingredients of the Jalapeno Cheetos are not extracted from pigs.

They do not contain intoxicants or any food item considered haram.

All in all, Jalapeno Cheetos are to be considered Halal and are safe to be eaten by devout Muslims.

Tip: Before consuming any bag of Cheetos snacks, be sure to check for the expiry and manufacture dates written on it.

Can A Vegan Eat Cheetos?  

can vegan eat cheetos

Vegans are generally not advised to eat Cheetos.

This is because, even though Cheetos don’t contain actual meat in them, they do contain animal products like cheese, milk, and other animal enzymes.

Vegans in general, purposely abstain from meat and any product derived from animals, so Cheetos should be avoided by vegans.

However, vegetarians, are allowed to eat products obtained from animals.  Cheetos can be eaten.

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This is because they do not contain actual meat, but instead contain products derived from animals like cheese, milk, animal extracts, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

popular questions about cheetos

Do Flamin Hot Cheetos Contain Pork?

Although flaming hot Cheetos do not contain actual pork meat, they do contain enzymes that are extracted from pork or pigs. 

The list of pork-free snacks released by Frito-Lay does not include Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Are There Vegan Alternatives To Cheetos?

Frito-Lays themselves do not produce Vegan-friendly alternatives to Cheetos.

However, there are a few alternatives produced that are great tasting and satisfying.

A few of these are Vegan Rob’s Cheddar Puffs, Peatos Fiery Hot, and Hippeas White Cheddar.

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Hopefully, with the information given above, you would be able to give factual answers to the question: are Flamin Hot Cheetos halal?

There you have it. Everything you need to know about Cheetos snacks.

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With that being said, I strongly recommend you check out other articles listed on the site as you definitely would learn something new. 

For now, do ensure you eat right, drink a lot of water, and stay good.