are jamaican beef patties healthy

Are Jamaican beef patties healthy? If you have been eating fast food for some time, then you probably are familiar with the Jamaican beef patty.

It has a rich taste that is great when paired with some refreshing drink, but are Jamaican beef patties healthy?

Or could they be harmful to your health? We will find out this and so much more here.

Jamaican beef patties are relatively healthy, as they contain fewer calories and fat when compared to most fast food like pizzas and burgers. 

What is Jamaican Beef Made Of?

what is jamaican beef made of

Now, to help us figure out whether or not Jamaican beef patties are healthy, we first assess what the patty is composed of.

Jamaican patties are semi-circular pastries made up of different fillings. 

Also, its flaky shell has a spice that has been baked inside it.

The outer part is made up of turmeric or the yellow egg yolk, which supposedly gives it a yellow color. 

However, traditionally, Jamaican patties are made up of seasoned ground beef while on the inside, they are filled with chicken, cheeses, vegetables, shrimp, or even lamb.

Are There Other Ingredients?

With the primary ingredients analyzed, there are some secondary ingredients used in making Jamaican Pastries.

Olive oil and salt can replace pepper and vice versa.

Scotch Bonnets, Bread crumbs, butter scallions, and even chicken stock can be used in the filling. 

scotch bonnet

Also, the other ingredients often used as filling include thyme, garlic, ginger, and Jamaican allspice.

As an alternative to the Jamaican allspice, curry powder is used in the making of the filling of Jamaican patty filling.

The orange color on the patty’s outer part is due to the use of the annatto.

Also, as an alternative, or what is commonly available for many people and in many parts of the world, is the turmeric blend used to form the unique yellow color on the Jamaican patty. 

Turmeric is not only responsible for the yellow color but also is a critical ingredient in the mix.

Should You Be Concerned About Its Health Benefits?

health benefits jamaican patties

The Jamaican pastry is an enhancement of the Cornish pastry, which originated in Britain and exclusively used vegetables or meatballs for the filling.

At the same time, the advancement made it possible for an increased variety of the filling ranging from cheese, lamb, shrimps, chicken, garlic, ginger, and curry powder, among many other ingredients used for the fillings.

Of course, you should be wary of whatever you eat. The original beef patty has evolved over time as it was embraced by different people from different cultures.

Each group of people cultivated their own recipes and ingredients to make it a more dynamic food all across the world.

But are Jamaican beef patties healthy?

How Many Calories Are In A Jamaican Beef Patty?

calories jamaican patties

A standard Jamaican beef patty should constitute 300 calories.

This is an ideal affirmation of the number of calories that any given Jamaican beef patty should have. 

In any case, surpassing the above-mentioned calorie count poses greater risks to the consumer’s health as calorie intake ought to be kept at the optimum level of 300. 

Even so, the ordinary Beef Patty contains 336 calories, which many individuals assume increases health risks when compared to a vegetable or crisps green salad.

Note: A Jamaican Beef patty has much fewer calories when compared to a regular patty.

How Many Carbohydrates Are In The Jamaican Beef Patty?

For beef patties, 8g of carbs per 100 grams of beef patties is the carb count, or at least the optimum carbohydrate levels in beef patties.

jamaican beef

Dacha patties are mostly made of 68 grams of beef, which means that each beef patty holds 5 grams of carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, it should be indicated that a ground beef patty contains no carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a significant part of the Beef Patty due to the various constituents of the Beef, including sugar calories, among many others.

Tip: The standard human meal is supposed to have a total of about 500 calories.

What is the Sugar Content in Jamaican Beef Patty?

There is no sugar in a ground beef patty. The Jamaican beef patty, on the other hand, contains 9 grams of sugar.

This means that for every 68-gram beef patty, there are 9 grams of sugar content in the patty. 

jamaican beef patties

Because of this level of sugar content, some consider Jamaican patties to be unhealthy or fail to meet health standards, which is a major factor for consideration. 

Tip: There is more sugar content in Jamaican beef patties than in regular patties.

Are Jamaican Beef Patties Healthy?

Jamaican beef patties have a calorie count of about 300 in each serving.

This means that whenever you take one beef patty, you ingest a total of 300 calories which many nutritionists and diet experts say is still within the health limits.

Compared to other fatty foods, Jamaican beef patties are a healthier fast food choice.

Since the total calories for each patty are less compared to other food like pizza, which has calories of 590, and Taco Bells, which has 420. 

beef patty

This means that two beef patties are the same level of calories as one pizza,  which then proves that beef patties are comparably healthier than other fast food of the same caliber and group.

But be careful not to eat more than one Jamaican Patty a day. This is because the average calorie count that is advisable for the body a day is 300.

So having more than one Jamaican beef patty a day can pose a serious health risk.

It is always recommended that you eat healthy, so instead of filling your bellies up with the yummy Jamaican patty.

Go for a more healthy vegetable burger or simply have a really tasty salad. If made properly, you could still enjoy a delicious treat.

Can You Eat Jamaican Patties On A Weight Loss Diet  

eat jamaican patty on diet

This absolutely depends on how strict your entire weight loss plan is.

On a regular weight loss plan, you should aim to burn at least 400 calories a day. 

When you put that into consideration, also with the fact that the Jamaican beef patty offers a calorie count of 300, you can therefore make a choice.

Is it important to lose 400 calories a day, only to add 300 more with each Jamaican patty?

Again, we recommend a much healthier food choice than a Jamaican beef patty when aiming to lose weight. 

Tip: If you must have a Jamaican patty during a weight loss diet, ensure you use lean beef. It is healthier.  


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Are Frozen Jamaican Beef Patties Healthy?

Of all fast foods, especially when compared to others such as pizza, Jamaican beef patties stand out.

They are considered to be way healthy compared to other contenders. However, are frozen Jamaican beef patties equally healthy? 

Yes, like unfrozen ones, frozen beef patties are still as healthy as the unfrozen ones.

In fact, when frozen, they are way healthy since they are put to preservation to keep off any bacterium that might be harmful when ingested through them. 

Are Beef Patties Unhealthy? 

grilled beef patties

No, Beef patties are healthy fast food.

And when eaten responsibly, that is only 340 calories of Jamaican beef patty per day, then there is nothing to worry about.

Tip: One beef patty is enough for the day.


So are beef Jamaican beef patties healthy? Are frozen Jamaican beef patties healthy? Jamaican beef patties are a good meal when taken and consumed correctly.

Each standard beef patty has a calorie of 340 and above.

Anything above one Jamaican beef patty attains more than the standard amount of calories required in their body, which may result in health complications upon accumulation over time. 

High levels of calories in the human body may result in lifestyle-related conditions.

The primary and essential way to curb this menace is by avoiding consuming high levels of calories contained in beef patties.