can you boil condensed milk in a ring pull can

Can you boil condensed milk in a ring pull can?

This is a good question to ask when you want to make caramelized milk from the condensed milk in your ring pull can.

  1. Is it safe to boil your Condensed Milk in a ring pull can?
  2. What are the steps to take when you want to boil?
  3. The helpful tips that would prevent explosion?

If you want to know the same, you should stick with me till the end of this article.

I have a lot to show you.

Yes! You can boil condensed milk in a ring pull can to make caramel but you need to follow some certain precautionary steps to prevent the can from exploding due to too much heat and to bring out the perfect caramel.

Is It Safe To Boil Condensed Milk In A Ring Pull Can?

boiling condensed milk safe

Condensed milk in a can is often used to make caramels.

What makes the milk an ideal candidate for caramel is the high sugar content present in the milk.

During production, the excess water has been removed and replaced with sugar and when sugar is heated, it melts to turn into a brown liquid caramel.

Most manufacturers advise that you should not cook from the can due to the risks of explosions.

I bet they are concerned that if you do not take extra measures to make your caramel carefully, you might end up with a messy kitchen or bodily harm from exploding cans.

It is not compulsory that you boil your Condensed Milk straight from the can but if you choose to do so, then it is a great choice.

The trick lies in doing it the right way.

Cans explode when exposed to too much heat and this is why a lot of people avoid this method of cooking.

Tip: If you follow due process, you run a low risk of a can exploding.

So, Can You Boil Condensed Milk In A Ring Pull Can?

boiling condensed milk

The cans will not explode when boiling because the boiling point of water is lower than the boiling point of condensed milk. 

So the hot water would heat up the milk gently until it caramelizes right inside the can.

The idea is to make the can hot enough to caramelize the milk and not boil the milk. 

This is why you need to ensure the can of milk is always inside the water.

This is because once the can of milk starts to boil itself outside the water, it can lead to an expansion of the can that can explode and injure you while cooking. 

You can boil condensed milk in a ring pull can.

Note: The lid type does not affect the outcome of the boiling but it is necessary to follow due process while boiling whether you use ring pull cans or not. 
how to boil milk in can

How To Boil Condensed Milk In A Ring Pull Can

Condensed milk often comes in a ring pull can.

So, instead of pouring it into a cooking pan and having more dishes to wash, you can directly make caramel for dessert while it is still inside the can.

This method is fast and easy but it comes with great precautions.

There are proven steps to boil your condensed milk in a ring pull can and when you follow these steps, you are assured of successful cooking. 

Step #1: Check the Expiry Date of the Milk

When you have the can of milk, the first step is to check for the expiry date.

You need to make sure you are not about to caramelize expired milk.

check expiry date

Expired milk will give a bad and tasteless result. As long as the milk has not expired, you can continue to store it even after caramelizing.

Note: The milk retains its original expiry date regardless.

Step #2: Remove the Label

You should remove the label from your can. You don’t want to have pieces of label paper getting soaked and flying around in the cooking water.

This also makes it easier to clean in case there is any spillover.

Step #3: Inspect the Can Lids

The lid has to be firmly in place. Pop-off lids might not be able to sustain heat and this might lead to an explosion.

inspect the can lids

It is a good practice to ensure that the lid is firmly attached before you start to cook.

Step #4: Get a Pot of Boiling Water

You need to ensure that the boiling water is enough to submerge the entire can for the entire period of cooking. 

This is to ensure uniform boiling on all sides of the can of milk.

The boiling water regulates the heat on the can because too much heat can cause an explosion.

Note: It is very important you keep your can of condensed milk submerged in boiling water when you want to caramelize.

Tip: Always keep an eye on the boiling water so you can top it whenever you notice it has reduced. 

Step #5: Set A Timer For Your Cooking

set a timer

On average, the whole boiling process does not take more than three hours.

Make sure your timer is set to three hours max.

If you want a thicker caramel, I can suggest you leave it longer for about four to five hours, it is entirely up to you, but just make sure you do not leave it unattended while cooking.

The milk should be done caramelizing by the time you remove it.

This is important because a can of condensed milk can easily explode when you boil it for too long.

Tip: You can use a tong to flip the boiling can of milk once during cooking. This will ensure that the top and bottom of the can is exposed to the same amount of heat.

Step #6: Let It Cool

don't open when still hot

Let your can of caramel cool off completely before you open it. This step is very necessary to prevent an explosion and body injury. 

Take off the saucepan or pot from the heat first, then let the water cool down.

Remove the can of caramelized milk and place it down and let it cool off totally before opening the can itself.

If hot caramel spills on your body, it can cause pain and bruises.

This is because caramel is even hotter than hot water so imagine the kind of pain you might get when it spills on your body.

Helpful Tips And Precautions To Note While Boiling Condensed Milk In A Can

helpful tips when boiling milk

Do Not Cover The Pot While Cooking

Covering the pot can increase the intensity of the heat generated.

While boiling condensed milk in a can, you definitely want to ensure a low and steady supply of heat for the entire time.

This is why I discourage covering the pot while at it.

Make Sure The Heat Is Not Too High

This is the reason the cooking might take up to three hours.

You need to cook on a low heat and not a very high temperature to prevent an explosion when too much steam is built up.

cook in low heat

Keep The Can Submerged Always

You need to make sure the can is always submerged in water throughout the cooking process.

When you notice the water is drying, try to top it every now and then. This would help you avoid messy caramel explosions.


Can you boil condensed milk in a ring pull can? The answer is Yes!

You can boil your milk in a can to make caramel, and following these precautions and tips will make the whole cooking successful.

You need to be extra conscious of safety because ring pull can explode when they are not heated properly. 

I really hope this article has answered all your questions about boiling condensed milk in a can. I would love to get feedback from you.

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