does liquid smoke need to be refrigerated

Does liquid smoke need to be refrigerated? Liquid smoke has a long shelf life, but many people are unsure if it needs to be refrigerated or not.

This blog post will answer that question and tell you whether or not liquid smoke needs to be refrigerated.

Liquid smoke does not need refrigeration. However, it is dependent on the ingredients and how you want to use them.

What is Liquid Smoke?

the liquid smoke

Liquid smoke is produced when the wood is burned. Wood fires produce smoke and steam.

Water is vaporized by fire and condenses in a cool tube to trap smoke. This liquid is concentrated to eliminate impurities.

There is still yellowish-brown liquid smoke. Brands of liquid tobacco are inexpensive.

Liquid smoke is required while grilling, preparing sauces, mixing cocktails, brushing meat, and baking cheese and bacon muffins.

Liquid smoke simulates a wood-fired flavor without a grill or smoker. 

You can also brush a few drops on chops, fish, or anything else you want to cook in the oven. It may also be used in marinades and sauces.

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It goes well with mac and cheese.

Because liquid smoke is very concentrated and has a strong taste, just a quarter teaspoon should be used at a time. Dilute it with vinegar or water before applying it to meat.

Does Liquid Smoke Need to be Refrigerated?

need to refrigerate

Liquid smoke does not need refrigeration. However, the answer to whether liquid smoke should be refrigerated or not is heavily dependent on a few factors.

As follows:

Why Liquid Smoke Should Be Refrigerated

1. When the Liquid Smoke is Opened

If you’ve already opened the bottle of liquid smoke, the frequency with which you use it and how tightly you seal the container after each use will determine how long it lasts.

An opened container of liquid smoke may be refrigerated for up to six months.

2. It’s Shelf Life

shelf life

The frequency with which you open and shut the container affects the shelf life of liquid smoke.

If the liquid smoke is about to expire, it is best to refrigerate it to extend its shelf life.

3. Light and Air Exposure.

Liquid smoke doesn’t do well with exposure to light or air, so storing it in a dark place is important.

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If you’re going to be storing liquid smoke for an extended period, we recommend using a dark-colored bottle or container, or you’ll need to refrigerate it.

Why Liquid Smoke Doesn’t Need To Be Refrigerated?

not need to put in ref

1. Unopened Liquid Smoke

If the lid is as tight, you don’t need to refrigerate it because it doesn’t let the smoke go away. So, you have to close it tightly. Since it isn’t oil, it will just dry up.

In addition, Unopened bottles of liquid smoke may be stored in a cold, dark cupboard for up to 18 months. So it does not need to be refrigerated.

If you put a piece of plastic on the lid and then close it, it will be better. Cut a square out of a Ziploc bag that is a little bigger than the lid.

And then put it on the bottle before closing the lid. This will make the bottle less likely to leak air. The smell will not go away.

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2. Room Temperature

the room temperature

Now, where you keep the bottle of liquid smoke is also important. Liquid smoke will lose its flavor if the liquid smoke is stored in a cool, dry location with direct sunshine, And before the product goes bad.

The heat will also cause the smoke to evaporate and lose its taste. Inside the bottle, this will happen.

So, even if you close the lid very tightly, the smell might go away. You’ll be left with a liquid that tastes weird and has no smoky qualities.

But if it is kept in a cool, dry place, it will last longer.

Your liquid smoke could last even longer than three years, and there will be no need to refrigerate it.

How Can You Tell If the Liquid Has Spoiled?

Do you refrigerate liquid smoke? Yes, You may forget when you bought liquid smoke.

You may not use it often. Check whether it’s spoiled. If left open or improperly stored, it might spoil.

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The Liquid Smoke Smell

smoke smell

So, the smell will be the first thing you check. If the smell of smoke is still there, you can use it.

Even if the product has no taste, it might still be safe to use, but it’s best to throw it away.

But if the smell coming from the bottle is bad, you should throw it away right away. It has certainly gone bad.

The Color of the Smoke

This could be yet another sign that your liquid smoke has spoiled. So, make sure the color of your liquid smoke is between yellow and red.

If it does, you can use it. But if it looks brown, or pale, you should throw it out. It might be bad if it tastes weird and a little bit sour.

How to Keep Liquid Smoke Fresh for Longer

how keep it fresh

There are a few ways to keep a bottle of liquid smoke fresh for as long as possible.

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Here is a list of all of them:

  1. Since liquid smoke moves, it can evaporate. If the bottle is kept in the sun with the lid off, the liquid smoke inside will lose its smoky taste before it goes bad.
  2. Make sure the bottle of liquid smoke is kept in a cool, dark cabinet. The bottle will last longer if you keep it out of the sunlight.
  3. Close the bottle of liquid smoke properly after each use. The best way to keep your bottle of liquid smoke in good shape is to make sure the lid is on tight.
  4. Don’t put the bottle of liquid smoke near a source of heat. As was already said, heat will cause the liquid smoke inside the bottle to evaporate.
  5. When the liquid evaporates, it will leave a bottle with a strange taste and no smoky qualities.

Why Does Liquid Smoke Go Bad?

liquid smoke go bad

Do you need to refrigerate liquid smoke? Yes, If the lid is left open for more than 3 minutes, it might go bad.

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This will make the smell of smoke go away. So, the liquid smoke might lose some of its power over time.

Also, if it is kept in a place with a lot of moisture, it could damage the product.

Because of this, the best temperature range is 70°F. The quality of the liquid smoke can also be hurt by strong sunlight.

FAQs About Does Liquid Smoke Need To Be Refrigerated?

popular questions

Do you have any other questions about refrigerating liquid smoke? The following are a few examples of additional questions that are often asked:

Does Liquid Smoke Have Chemicals That Are Bad For You?

Yes, it does. It has real smoke, so it may have carcinogens depending on the type of wood and how hot it was smoked, but the amount is very small.

Liquid-smoked beef is healthier than smoked meat.

Is Liquid Smoke Safe to Use beyond the Expiry Date?

Possibly, if you keep it in a cool, dry place and the box doesn’t get broken.

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Phrases like “best buy,” “best if used by,” and “best before” mean that the product might not taste as good after a certain date, but it can still be used.

Can the Liquid Smoke be Made at Home?

You can try making your own liquid smoke. There are many ways to do it, like Alton Brown’s way.

But you might have to put in a lot of work to make the liquid smoke flavoring you want.

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Final Verdict.

So, does liquid smoke need to be refrigerated? No, it doesn’t. You can store it in a cool, dark place for two years.

However, if you want it to last longer, you can refrigerate it. Liquid smoke is a concentrated product, so a little goes a long way.

Use it sparingly to add smoky flavor to your food. Happy cooking!