how to fry frozen lumpia

How to fry frozen lumpia brought you here and we will serve you with all the useful information that will help you do it right.

Lumpia is a Filipino dish, crispy, tasty, and sweet by every definition.

These Filipino spring rolls foods make a scintillating appetizer that will leave you yearning for more.

After you have served Lumpia and you have remains, you do not dispose of them.

Instead, you need to preserve them for later use. The best way to do it is to freeze them.

But after you have them frozen, how would you fry them again?

There are three best on how to fry Frozen Lumpia. You either air fry, deep fry, or pan fry them.

What Is Lumpia?

what is the lumpia

Whether in the Philippines or anywhere on the continent, it is good that you tried this dish.

In the Philippines, Lumpia is a staple meal, common in house parties, big parties, and homes.

Preparing it is quite simple with the right ingredients, indications and if the recipe is followed keenly.

It is a Philippines rendition and innovation of egg rolls that has quickly been inherited by other countries and foodies all over the world.

Lumpia is made with seasoned pork while others use sea foods or seasoned beef topped with fresh vegetables.

The whole thing is yummy and tasty. It is worth reckoning and shall leave you salivating for even a lot more.

But like all other foods, you might well end up with excesses and there is no reason behind you dumping them away when you still could preserve them for later use.

Do You Need To Thaw Frozen Lumpia Before Frying?

do need thaw lumpia first

In as much as there are various ways to preserve Lumpia, in respect to his article, The freezer is the best you have got.

And if you went freezing Lumpia, what would you do with it when you needed it again?

Would you thaw frozen Lumpia before frying it again when you take it right from the freezer?

Yes, that is what you should do.

Tip: Thaw Frozen Lumpia before frying it again.

How To Thaw Frozen Lumpia

You need to thaw frozen lumpia before you even think of frying it.

We should have some protocol so that you are fully guided on thawing the frozen lumpia.

You should not lose your Lumpia to mischief you would have avoided.

how to thaw the lumpia

Therefore, there are several ways in which frozen lumpia can be thawed before frying to save time.

We will rush through and quickly outline the three most common thawing methods.

Thaw Frozen Lumpia In A Microwave

If you are in a hurry, then the microwave would be the best way for you to thaw frozen lumpia.

Get them from the freezer and unwrap them to remove any seals such as aluminum foil.

Place lumpia on an open plate and cover them slightly with a lid or another then place them in the microwave.

Ensure you use the correct settings on your microwave for thawing purposes.

Thaw Lumpia In The Refrigerator

thaw lumpia in refrigerator

Even though it is the best thawing option for lumpia you have got, doing it in the refrigerator turns out to be the slowest mode.

For this, you will therefore need to plan adequately on how you will be going about it.

Tip: Place Lumpia in the refrigerator on the lowest shelf and leave them to thaw overnight.

Thaw Lumpia In Water

Finally, you too could thaw lumpia in water. It is a faster way than the refrigerator to do it.

Just ensure that you change the water you are thawing it in every thirty minutes.

You should defrost lumpia under a tap of running water.

How To Fry Frozen Lumpia

how to fry frozen lumpia

Now, this is it. It is time to fry your lumpia. You now understand that you can only fry it after you have had it thawed and you have the know-how.

There are also several days with which you can fry frozen lumpia. It is upon you to select which you want to move with.

In this article, we will present you with a detailed approach to frying frozen lumpia in the three best ways. And these are as follows:

Fry Frozen Lumpia In The Air Fryer

From a lot of experience I have gained in culinary matters, if you do not like a lot of cooking oil, then the air fryer is the best way for frying frozen meals.

It is no less for frozen lumpia.

You will surely love the results. But do you know how long to air fry frozen lumpia so it maintains its texture?

Or do you know how to air fry frozen lumpia to ensure that it retains its taste?

Below are a few steps to guide you through air-frying frozen lumpia.

Set The Right Temperature

set right temperature

The first thing you will have to do is to ensure that your air fryer is in good working condition.

Usually, if the lumpia was store-bought, then there will be indications on the package for the right temperatures to fry them.

In most cases, the temperatures required to freeze frozen foods in the air fryer are usually slightly below those used in the oven.

Tip: 350 to 400F is the best range of heating temperature for frying Lumpia in the Air fryer.

Preheat The Airfryer

I would also recommend that you get the air fryer preheated before you can now fry your frozen lumpia. 

The reason for this is just to make sure that you begin to fry lumpia at the required oil temperatures.

Fry The Lumpia

Once you have brought your lumpia to preheat, fry them. Beware that frozen lumpia will cook faster in the air fryer.

They should be ready to serve in just fifteen minutes. after which they are ready to be served.

Fry Frozen Lumpia In A Deep Fryer

fry lumpia in deep fryer

You too can deep fry frozen lumpia if you do not have an air fryer. It is easier and faster as well.

To deep fry, frozen lumpia follow the procedure as follows.

  1. Bring the cooking bowl with cooking oil to preheat.
  2. Add frozen lumpia into the oil.
  3. Ensure that you fill the bowl to the brim
  4. Keep stirring lumpia until all sites have turned brown.
  5. Eject lumpia from cooking oil and place it on an absorbent paper for it to drown the excess oils faster.
  6. Season your lumpia with salt, sweet chili, or finger sauces.
  7. Serve.
Tip: While using this method, track the temperature of the oil with a cooking stick or a special oil temperature-checking thermometer.

Fry Frozen Lumpia On A Pan

fry lumpia on pan

Lastly, you have the good option of pan-frying lumpia. It is the most readily available option.

Follow the procedure as follows:

  1. Heat your pan under very medium heat.
  2. Add oil to the skillet once it appears a little hot
  3. Dip your Lumpia into the pan and move it with a frying stick to submerge it in the oil.
  4. Both sides of the lumpia should cook until it has turned brown.
Tip: If there is any water on Lumpia, be careful with how you dip it in the water unless you get burnt with the oil.


Knowing how to fry frozen lumpia should be easy and fast, depending on the method you choose.

It will bathe you in a sensational feeling you have never had. It is an easy meal and an interesting one.

When you buy as many as you may want from the grocery, ensure that you get home and put them in the freezer.

The freezer can host them for six months and keep them in good shape all along.

However, ensure that you thaw them before frying them. The ball is in your court. Do it well so that you love and enjoy it.