does starbucks have decaf espresso

This morning, my daughter asked me a question, ‘Does Starbucks have decaf espresso?’.

For two decades now I have been a dedicated Starbucks customer having Caffè Americano as my favorite flavor, yet I didn’t readily have the answer for her.

Obviously, Starbucks is the world’s largest and leading multinational coffeehouse with thousands of coffee stores spread all over the continent.

And Starbucks has been hailed for the rise of the coffee culture and adaptation of coffee as a beverage by billions of people globally.

Starbucks coffee houses offer a wide variety of coffee types.

However, because every Tom, Dick, and Harry, including my daughter, has been asking.

I  sought to answer the question; Does Starbucks have Decaf Espresso?

There is no type of coffee you wouldn’t get at Starbucks, that is why it is the world’s leading coffee house. At Starbucks, you will get Decaf Espresso.

What Is Starbucks Decaf espresso?

starbucks decaf espresso

You might have tasted most types of coffee from Starbucks but are yet to try their Decaf espresso.

Starbucks Decaf espresso is a special type of coffee at Starbucks because of its caffeine levels.

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To help you better understand the term Decaf Espresso, we broke down the two words and explained them in the layman’s language for you.


Decaf is the abbreviation for Decaffeinated. It is the removal of a large part of caffeine from coffee.

Usually, close to 97% of the caffeine is expelled leaving about 3% of the caffeine in the beverage.


an expresso

Espresso on the other hand is a special type of coffee brewed technically and stylishly.

Espresso is prepared by forcing steam through ground coffee beans made only for one serving.

This is unlike other shades of coffee that can be brewed in a large quantity and served a couple of times.

So, understanding these two terms Decaf and Espresso opens up the scene for the view of the bigger picture.

Decaf espresso is therefore coffee made by passing water through ground coffee beans that have been freed from caffeine.

So, Does Starbucks Have Decaf Espresso?

In the wake of this blog post, we talked about Starbucks Coffee.

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Dubbing it as the most famed, the most talked about and revered coffee house with branches internationally.

So the question now is; ‘Can you get decaf espresso at Starbucks?’.

Do you think this beverage would be missed at Starbucks?

No way!

This is because the baristas at Starbucks are highly talented with coffee-making credentials and unmatched skills.

So, if you are looking to sink into a cup of decaf Espresso, or decaf latte then be sure to find it at Starbucks, at any time whenever you feel the urge.

Ways To Order Decaf Espresso From Starbucks

ways to order

If you need a treat for this skillfully brewed beverage, then obviously you might also be wondering how you will get yourself a cup of this drink.

We had you in mind while preparing this article and thus figured out how you can easily access it.

There are several ways for one to place an order for decaf espresso from Starbucks and these have been intensively discussed below in a breakdown of six sure ways.

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Method #1. Visit The Barista At Starbucks In Person

Visiting the Barista at Starbucks and ordering your cup of decaf espresso is one and the easiest ways to get this drink.

Since decaf espresso is a special drink, the barista will ask you to be patient as it is prepared for you.

You will have to wait for three to five minutes and the order shall be tabled before you.

Method #2. Place An Order Online

order online

If you are as unlucky as I am, that none of the Starbucks stores is found anywhere in my vicinity, then you still have the option of making an online order.

This order will be delivered to you within your required timeframe.

Knowing that this is a delicate part of getting the decaf espresso from Starbucks, we have broken down for you the procedures to follow while making an online order.

To order decaf espresso digitally, here are the steps to follow.

Step #1. Download The Starbuck App

Downloading the Starbucks App is the first step to getting decaf espresso online. You will first have to download the app.

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For iPhone users, the app is on the Appstore and for Android users, it’s on the PlayStore.

Once you have it installed, create your account by following the simple steps.

Step #2. Place An Order Ahead

order ahead

Once you have the app installed, enable your location.

Turning on your device’s location enables you to receive an outlay of Starbucks coffee houses nearer to your location.

This is helpful so that you make the right order by placing it locally.

Select the decaf espresso in this scenario, then the application will run search results in seconds to tell you when and where to pick your order.

Step #3. Pickup

You are likely to receive a popup such as an email, text message, or call from the Starbucks suppliers informing you that your delivery has been made.

Once you receive this message, visit the Starbucks designated pickup point and receive your decaf espresso. Enjoy.

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Is There Caffeine In Decaffeinated Espresso?

Do you think there is caffeine in decaffeinated espresso?

Decaf espresso speaks volumes for itself, however, we can’t rule out that there is totally no caffeine in it.

Thing is, decaf espresso is engineered by experienced baristas with a lifetime of experience brewing drinks at Starbucks.

And for decaf espresso, there is very little caffeine content in it

What Percentage of Caffeine is Present?

percentage of caffeine

Decaf coffee has only about 3% of caffeine content with 97% removed.

To be precise, a 354ml cup of coffee which has an estimated 12 ounces contains about 5 mg of caffeine.

But while the same amount of espresso is not drained of caffeine, then it holds up to 180mg of caffeine.

Note: However, the content of caffeine in decaf coffee largely depends on the beans that were used in brewing it.

Decaf coffee beans can either be prepared by using boiled water, carbon dioxide, or organic solvents.

These are the ways through which caffeine is removed from the beans.

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Who Should Drink Decaf Espresso at Starbucks?

who should drink

Although most people enjoy caffeinated coffee, there are those who shouldn’t take part in it.

Caffeinated espresso has very high contents of caffeine.

Too much caffeine is known to have several side effects such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Addiction
  • High blood pressure
  • High heartbeat rates
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination

While most people and any person can drink decaf espresso, there are some people with underlying issues who should avoid it at all costs.

Decaf espresso is the answer to people who should avoid caffeinated coffee. 

People who have health issues such as chronic headaches, irritability, uncontrolled anxiety, nausea, high blood pressure, fast heart rates, and insomnia.

Health Benefits Of Decaf Espresso

health benefits

Decaffeinated espresso has several health benefits that propel one to a healthy living, unlike the caffeinated one.

The caffeinated one is usually highly addictive and poses greater health issues such as heartburn, blood pressure, and others.

Decaf espresso doesn’t have any of these side effects due to its low caffeine content.

Decaf espresso has been associated with reducing the risks associated with diseases. 

Decaf espresso is said to reduce the risk of type two diabetes, premature deaths, age-related mental issues, rectal cancer, and heart burns. 

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Although these benefits are yet to be clinically validated, observations, recommendations, and studies have over the years linked them to these benefits.


The question ‘Does Starbucks have decaf espresso?‘ will no longer puzzle any reader of this content. 

This is is because,  this blog has made it clear that, so long as you are in reach of a Starbucks barista, then you are in reach of decaf espresso.

If you are not, then you can make an online order by following the guidelines aforementioned.

There are varieties like the decaf espresso, decaf latte Starbucks and all other flavors of coffee.

Starbucks is your one-stop joint for decaf espresso. Stop by today, or make that order you have been longing for then enjoy every sip of decaf espresso.