what does double blended mean at Starbucks

You may be curious about the question; What does double blended mean at Starbucks? Thank the heavens you have me, I tell you most of these things for free.

And so today, I will tell you what Double Blended means at Starbucks.

Maybe then, you may consider inviting me for a cup of double-blended Frappuccino.

I wouldn’t miss it.

Starbucks is a multinational coffeehouse headquartered in Seattle, Washington DC. The company has over 40,000 coffee stores in over 80 countries.

So, if you are looking for coffee beverages, smoothies, tea baked goods, and sandwiches, then hit up one of their stores in your locality, or place your order online.

At Starbucks, when you ask for double blending, you simply are asking that your beverage be mixed twice in the blending machine. Everyone believes that double blending adds more taste, and makes the drink sweeter, nicer, and thicker.

What Does Double Blended Mean at Starbucks

what double blended mean at Starbucks

This was partly covered in the introduction and we will add more flair to it to boost your understanding.

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The term double blended is best understood the way it is, adding more to it may spoil the entire broth.

But to try and make it more clear, at Starbucks, customers ask for double blending with the purpose of desiring to have their drink blended twice.

Basically, the coffee or whatever beverage you are ordering is taken through a dual blending process, the first and second.

Starbucks uses sophisticated blenders, known as The Quiet ones. They are fast and quiet while blending your beverage.

How Does this Work?

how does work

The barista at Starbucks will put the drink through two blending cycles at your request.

Customers fancy double blending since it makes their drink thicker, sweeter, creamy, and tastier.

Are you still in darkness? That should have shed all the light you require to see.

Tip: Double blended entails asking the barista to blend your drink twice in the machine with the hope of making it better than when run through the blender once.

Starbuck Drinks That Should Be Double Blended

starbucks drinks double blended

Are you convinced that you should get your Starbucks drinks double-blended from Starbucks and do not know which ones?

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Then fret not, we have compiled a list of some of the best ones you should get.

Trust me, you will love them.

JavaChip Frappuccino

It is a double blended drink made of chocolate chips, and it’s rewarded with a tasty feel.

It has a soft texture, and it is refreshing. Lest I forget, it’s satisfying too.


Refreshers, especially those double blended with coconut milk are drinks made in heaven.

It is an ideal thing to have it double blended in order to get maximum satisfaction.

Others are…

  • Creme Frappuccinos
  • Iced Coffee or tea

How To Extra-Smooth Double Blended Drinks

extra smooth drink

Told you, I would tell you things. And now, I wish to explain to you how to make double blended drinks extra smooth.

I swear the baristas at Starbucks would pay me not to tell you this, but I wouldn’t take the payment, I really love making people know things.

You are lucky today, once you read this article to the very end, nobody will tell you a thing about Starbucks that you wouldn’t know of.

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And now, without much further ado, I wish to show you how to make double blended drinks extra smooth.

You do not want to miss this, Do you?

What Are The Various Ways?

There are a couple of ways you can make double blended drinks extra smooth, thicker, sweeter, and easier to take down.

different ways

These techniques are deployed at Starbucks making their drinks extra smooth.

Before I established what the trick was, I was in limbo, on whether they were the machines doing the job, the ingredients, or the people, being a nosy person, I found out.

And this is how it is done.

Start Slow and Build Up Speed

The speed with which you blend determines whether what you get in the end is a smooth drink or not.

I advise that you begin slower, that is in the first cycle of blending. Let the blender run slowly while crushing all bigger ingredients into a smooth fine residue.

Once the first cycle is done, make a rerun, this time a little bit faster to turn, toss and mix the remaining chunks into a fine beverage.

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This speed helps to determine the end result.

start slow speed

This is the first secret, barristers at Starbucks use to feed their customers with a smooth shake.

Double blending is the answer, with two different speeds. Starts slower, builds up speed then finishes up faster.

Use Clean And Crushed Ice

Barristers at Starbucks won’t tell you that clean crushed ice can give you such a smooth double blended drink.

They won’t dare mention to you how to go about it. Anyway, they are in business, and to succeed they do not need people to know their secrets.

That’s why Coca-Cola or Starbucks itself is where they are today. However, I will still give you the second simple trick to make double blended extra smooth.

Ice is the trick, most people might doubt this but trial would prove me right. Start with less ice, like say one cup in each drink.

To make your drinks even smoother while using crushed ice, there is a rule of the thumb that dictates that you should use twice as much ice as any other ingredients.

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I recommend that you use crushed ice because larger ice cubes tend to spoil the blender’s motor.

Add To The Double Blended Drink A Protein Powder Or Banana

add banana to blended drink

You are yet to run out of options when adding a protein powder or banana just showed up.

These two are seasoned thickeners and smoothens. You won’t go wrong if you use a little banana or protein powder to add more softness to your drink.

Let them blend together, and double bend to ensure that all the banana has been crushed. 

Also, the blender ensures that all the powder is well mixed with the drink.

Use Yoghurt

Yogurt makes a good thickener as well as smoothener. You can use it in place of milk.

Yogurt adds a great soft texture with an exotic taste to your drink.

add a yogurt

Other ways to make double blended drinks smooth are as follows:

  • Find emulsifiers to thicken and ease the texture of your drink.
  • Ensure the drink is fresh, freshness affects the smoothness of the drink too.
  • For a drink that has been sitting for a while, double blend it, then shake it well in your arms.
Tip: Use different ice crushers to crush the ice, consequently, always add more ice to the drink if it still isn't smooth to your standards.

Substitutes for Double Blended Drinks

If you wish to take a day off from your regular double blended drinks from Starbucks, then there is more for you to try.

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There are countless substitutes for double blended drinks that may also grab your attention.

Whether you want them to be coffee, real blended drinks, or whatever, at Starbucks, there is more than you can see on the shelf.

recommended substitutes

Try these substitutes whenever you take time off from double blended drinks and tell me how good they are.

Hot coffee, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Caffe latte, Chai Tea, Milkshake, Yoghurt, etc.

Can You Store Double Blended Drinks In The Freezer?

There are surely two ways. you may or may not be able to store the double blended drinks in the freezer.

Depending on how they are bottled, double blended drinks will easily pop the lid if frozen.

If you doubt so, then leave the drink to stay in the freezer for two hours, remove it, shake it well then return it to the freezer for another hour.

However, well-sealed double blended drinks can safely be stored in the freezer for up to a month or more.


What does double blended mean at Starbucks? You should by now be pretty conversant with what double blended means at Starbucks. This article has been your ultimate guide.

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If you haven’t been doing double blended drinks, then start bothering the baristas at Starbucks by ordering one.

It is a real drink, made with amazing skill by the quiet ones by running the drink in a two-step blending process.

We hope you enjoy your double blended drink and do not forget to make one for yourself.

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