is it illegal to boil lobsters alive in the usa

You would agree with me that lobsters are an unmatched delicacy all around the globe, but is it illegal to boil lobsters alive in the USA?

Hold on, you haven’t gotten to have a share of a lobster before?

Now, do not say heck if you haven’t. First, do so, then leave us a review or tell us what you would expect.

And did you know that Lobsters can outlive most humans? Their lifespan has been established to be 31 years old in males, and 54 for females.

At some point, one Lobster was found to have lived for a whopping 72 years.

Boiling a lobster alive in the USA is a massive violation of the law. It is illegal and consequential. Therefore, to be on the safe side, do not toss a living lobster into a boiling pot of water or oil.

So, Is It Illegal To Boil Lobsters Alive In The USA?

why illegal to boil lobsters alive in the usa

I have always liked to be on the friendlier side of the law. No matter how tough the rules governing an institution may be, I will die abiding by them.

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The law is king and subduing it is our call. Although once or twice I have been embroiled in a police scenario like overspeeding and so on.

But it never got passed being that serious.

Why is it Illegal To Boil Lobsters Alive In The USA?

Why is boiling lobsters illegal? Have you got any idea why the USA has passed this law to illegalize the act of boiling Lobsters alive?

An act from New Zealand was adopted in the USA over this issue.

And so, why is it illegal to boil lobsters alive in the USA? The ban came after scientists conducted research on this issue.

They came up with a final report that Lobsters actually feel pain while being boiled in water.

In fact, they and the members of their clan which include crabs, oysters, crayfish, and decapods actually feel a lot of pain like humans.

That is amazing!

So I personally wouldn’t like to take down a lobster if I knew so well that it was going to feel pain before it dies.

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But for the love of the lobsters, for their sweetness and deliciousness, one might want to know how then to kill a lobster before boiling it.

How Did This Law Come About?

how law came about

For 23 years now, that is since 1999, it has been illegal to boil lobsters alive in the USA.

And there isn’t the idea or thinking that this law can be reversed any time soon. This law was inherited from Newzealand.

It categorically states that a living lobster should never be thrown into a pot filled with boiling water.

How Strict Is This Law?

So, believe it or not, it is an illegal act to boil a lobster alive in the USA.

If you are reading this outside the USA, chances are higher that it might still be illegal to carry out this practice wherever you are.

Although there may be an outcry, violations here and there against this law, do not boil lobsters alive.

Do this for the love of the law, the sovereignty of your country, as a good citizen of the USA (or that country with this similar law).

Is It Illegal to Boil Lobsters Alive in Other Countries?

illegal to boil in other countries

You see, lobsters are great animals, in the class of crustaceans.

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They are a delicacy to behold, whether while still alive or dead, cooked with spices deliciously covering them on the plate.

As much as they are delicious, friendly, and inviting, boiling one alive will attract a sanction.

It would attract a massive penalty. of close to 10,000 Dollars or more, or even face imprisonment. It wouldn't be nice to be held for this reason.

Should We Obey This Law?

So be honorable, be a law abider and drop that ambition of wanting to boil lobsters alive.

Respecting the law whether under watch and especially outside watch has a way of making you feel better.

All in all, to answer the question that has been nagging you all along ‘is boiling lobsters alive in the USA illegalthe answer is YES. Boiling lobsters alive in the USA is so illegal.

This law was passed in 1999 and violation attracts a jail term, a fine of 10,000 dollars, or both.

How To Kill A Lobster Before Boiling It

kill a lobster before boiling

You certainly do not wish to be taken away in a police car for boiling a lobster alive.

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If so, then you might be interested in what you are supposed to do before making it a meal.

No matter what, at the end of the day, lobsters feel pain when about to be killed.

And until their death, there must be some pain that will be inflicted upon them as they die.

Cutting through them with a sharp knife is painful, and hitting them on the head too is painful. Can you think of any other way to spare the lobster the pain?

While there wouldn't be so many ways, looks like humane suffocation is the ultimate way to spare the lobster the pain. 

It involves the input of euthanasia gas that the lobster inhales and dies slowly.

Why Are Lobsters Cooked Alive?

why lobster cooked alive

Truth be told, there still are people cooking lobsters alive. This happens both in countries that have made it illegal and those that have not.

People continue to boil them with all the pain because of one good reason.

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Lobsters and their family of crustaceans have harmful bacteria which is embedded in their flesh.

It is only through boiling them alive that the toxins, which are highly poisonous, are destroyed. On the contrary, killing the lobster before cooking saves the toxins. 

Note: Cooking highly minimizes the chances of food poisoning that comes with killing lobsters before having them boiled.

People’s Reactions Concerning This Law

There has been an outcry that countries can start passing such laws.

Like in the USA, this law was adopted from the law reached by the Laceys act in New Zealand.

People have largely protested how a law made in another state can again govern them in their own country.

Are People Clamoring for the Reversal of This Law?

people clamoring for reversal

Groups have called for the reversing of this law. Critics have been at their best, calling out the government for enacting a law they feel is best for their health.

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They claim that lobsters do not even have a real brain and thus cant feel pain, and even if they do, it doesn’t last.

The restless tail, they allege is not a show that the lobster is in pain. Instead, they insist it is a reflex of evolution for flight to escape whenever it feels danger.

Who Are the People behind This Law?

people behind this law

Some of those emphasizing this law include the humanitarian clubs, the government, and scientists.

These supporters shoot back and reprimand critics to abide by the law and break it at their own peril.

It is a bitter exchange, and one wouldn’t know the sides to take.

General Note: In the name of protecting the crustaceans and strengthening their welfare, several countries have legislated this law. It would now be illegal for citizens to boil Lobsters alive in these countries.

Other than New Zealand and The United States, others are Norway, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom.

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The nagging question throughout this article has been “Is boiling Lobsters Alive In The USA Illegal?

Hopefully,  we have been able to intensively discuss the nature of the law behind the lobsters.

They are protected by the law, so it is illegal to toss and boil them in a pot of boiling water.

It is considered ruthless and merciless for it has been perceived that they are in real pain if treated this way.

I believe none of us wants to be charged with the violation of this law. All we are charged with is to stay on its safer side and kill the lobster mercifully before boiling it.

Meanwhile, we can wait and see how it all goes.

What other countries do you think will step in to pass the same legislation? And do you think it can be reversed? We wait.

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