is mcdonald's sausage pork or beef

Is McDonald’s sausage pork or beef? How often have you wondered about the meat used in those heavenly sausage patties?

McDonald’s has become famous for its morning offerings, especially the Sausage Biscuits and Sausage McMuffin.

However, many people are curious about McDonald’s sausage.

You know these little meat patties are at the very core of many delicious meals you can order at McDonald’s.  But is McDonald’s sausage beef or pork?

McDonald’s sausage patties are almost always made with pork, water, and a mix of other spices.

Fact: McDonald's is extremely popular and now has more than 37,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.  

Is McDonald’s Sausage Pork or Beef?

is the sausage pork or beef

Most people probably do not give much attention to these tiny beef patties.

And it is surprising considering they form the basis of many of the beloved nibbles that bring millions to the drive-thru.

The truth is that McDonald’s sausage is more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Their breakfast sausage has been around for a long time, and its history is intertwined with the history of the Golden Arches.

But, if you are solely interested in knowing about the type of meat they use because of your religious code, know that it is pork.

It means McDonald’s sausage is off-limits if you are looking for kosher or halal food. 

What Type of Sausage Do You Find at McDonald’s?

types of mcdonalds sausages

The ingredients list for sausage patties at McDonald’s reads pork, water, and a combination of spices, including salt and rosemary extract.

It is dairy-free and may also be a good choice for gluten-free people. 

How Are McDonald’s Sausage Patties Made?

The lean meat from the loin trimmings balances out the fatty substance from the shoulder trimmings in the sausage.

A patty dough is made from mashed-up scraps of pork.

McDonald’s uses these sausages, made into patties and frozen, before being shipped to restaurants across the country.

Afterward, the sausage patties are grilled at McDonald’s before being added to platters and sandwiches. 


Lopez Foods is the sausage supplier for the patty, and the sausage patties are not sold anywhere else and are created specifically for McDonald’s.

The meat utilized in the sausage comes from the pig’s shoulder and loin scraps. 

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich Pork or Beef?

is the sandwich pork or beef

McDonald’s is the only fast-food restaurant that truly nails the morning rush.

Hot cakes, hash browns, and grilled breakfast sandwiches are among the best.

And they are all accompanied by a steady supply of black coffee, have been fueling drowsy customers’ fat habit for almost 40 years.

Fact: A good reason behind McDonald's popularity is that their prices are almost always lower than those at similar restaurants.   

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich Popular?

Breakfast sandwiches and sausage McGriddles from McDonald’s are perennial best-sellers.

The savory sausage and sweet syrup combined make for a hearty and satisfying meal.

Nonetheless, many individuals wonder what ingredients are used in McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches. 

Is there beef, or does McDonald’s use pork in those delicious breakfast sandwiches? 

What Do You Find in McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches?

what can you find in mcdo sandwiches

The primary ingredient of those sandwiches is pork. However, other substances such as spices, sugar, water, dextrose, salt, natural flavors, and Rosemary extract are also present in the sausage.

This might not look like the most enticing breakfast sandwich.

But so many people swear by it and rave about how it quickly sets you up for a great day.

Fact: Lopez Food's is behind McDonald's sausage patty and sells it under the Northern Plains and Country Cousin labels.  

Is McDonald’s Sausage Pork or Beef in the UK?

Do you already know McDonald’s serves pork sausage in the US but is it the same in the UK?

Many fast-food restaurants now change ingredients based on local preferences.

But, it seems McDonald’s sticks to the same ingredient list for their sausage in the UK.

McDonald’s sausage is pork in the UK and is a popular option too. Herb-seasoned pork sausage, an egg from a local farm, and cheese between two slices of toasty English muffin.

Sounds delicious? Maybe not for those avoiding pork! 

What Makes McDonald’s Sausage So Popular?

what makes sausage so popular

Those who avoid pork may not know it, but McDonald’s sausage tastes divine.

It is possible that McDonald’s sausages have such a fantastic flavor mainly because of the abundance of flavorful spices and herbs used in their preparation.

Rosemary is a crucial herb because it imparts a woodsy flavor to sausages.

It pairs nicely with the pepper notes that give the sausages their spicy character.

In addition, the savory and juicy flavor of each mouthful is preserved for hours, thanks to the use of spices and a generous amount of salt and pepper.

What it means is that McDonald’s sausages have become a breakfast staple in large part due to their distinctive and instantly recognizable flavor. 

Is McDonald’s Sausage and Sandwich Healthy?

In terms of taste, you will love what McDonald’s offers, but it may be a different story if you are a health-conscious individual.

Compared to other fast-food items, McDonald’s sausage is not a healthy choice for breakfast. 

When Should You Avoid McDonald’s Sausage Patty?

why avoid mcdo sausage patty

McDonald’s sausage patties have 280 mg of salt each, which is more than 10 percent of the daily value.

While salt is an essential and delicious component of many meals, consuming too much of it has been linked to health issues such as hypertension and stroke.

Avoid McDonald’s sausage if you are managing your salt consumption.

With many low-sodium alternatives, you may still have a scrumptious and filling breakfast without risking your health. 

Is There a Healthier Alternative to McDonald’s Sausage?


Make your own delicious sausages at home that taste just like those from McDonald’s, but without all the fat and salt!

Making it at home might suit you better.

You may make your own version of a McDonald’s sausage at home using one of the many available recipes for healthy sausages. Handy!

Making your own sausages also means you will not have to use any artificial flavors or preservatives so they will have a more authentic and delicious flavor.

If you are in no mood to do all the cooking, you can again go to McDonald’s and pick some of the vegan alternatives to their sausage. 

What Can You Order in Place of McDonald’s Pork Sausage?

what to order in place of sausage

McDonald’s does not provide a wide variety of vegan alternatives, particularly in the United States.

In fact, beef flavoring is added to the oil used to fry McDonald’s French fries in the United States.

And it means that these items are still not suitable for vegans. This is disappointing, given that their fries are vegan in other countries like the United Kingdom.

The good thing is that they have expanded their menu slightly in recent years, and you might be able to eat without worrying about pork, at least. 

McDonald’s Breakfast Options

If you avoid meat products, you may have difficulty finding the best breakfast option at McDonald’s.

Nevertheless, you can customize your meals to make them work for you.

You can order fruit and maple oatmeal, but be sure to avoid cream or milk and ask them to use water instead.

Similarly, you can go with apple slices, plain English muffins, black coffee, jelly, and orange juice.

So, as you can see, breakfast selections for vegans at McDonald’s are not as wonderful as at Carl’s Jr.

Nevertheless, they are at least something until the next meal. 

McDonald’s Lunch/Dinner Options

mcdonald's dinner options

Again, you may have to play around a little to make do with what is available at McDonald’s.

Going with baked apple pie is a good choice, and apple slices are always on the cards too.

You may also want to order a side salad, but be careful when selecting the dressing options.

Similarly, Southwest chicken salad may serve the purpose. And it is also possible to create your own vegan sandwich; of course, you must let go of cheese and meat. 

What are Some Dressing and Sauce Options to Consider?

You may also have to look for vegan dressings to add flavor to your meals.

Some good dressing options include:

other dressing sauce and options
  • Raspberry and Red Wine Vinaigrette
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Zesty Italian salad
  • Newman’s Own Classic
  • Citrus Splash
  • Sesame Ginger 


Remember that not every salad dressing on this list may be available at your local McDonald’s.

While a central district in a major city might contain them all, a rural area might have only a few.

Fact: No wonder McDonald's is popular, as a new store opens after every 14.5 hours.


Now you know the answer: “Is McDonald’s sausage pork or beef?” Yes, McDonald’s sausage patty contains actual pork and other components.

Those needing a quick and healthy meal on the road should not rule out the sausage patty only because of its high salt content.

Still, you can find healthier alternatives, and may be able to eat “pork-free” if you are willing to experiment a little at your next visit to McDonald’s.