is subway bacon precooked

Is Subway bacon precooked? The question may crop up in your mind when you truly love the idea of eating out at this restaurant.

Subway is the holy grail of sandwich shops, with its crunchy bread, melty cheese, and a seemingly endless supply of condiments.

However, Subway promotes itself as a place to order fresh, nutritious selections.

But whenever you order something that contains bacon, it is natural to ask yourself, “Is the bacon at Subway precooked and safe to eat on the go?”

Yes, bacon at Subway is always pre-cooked and is only reheated to provide you with the best flavor.

Fact: Among the fastest-growing franchises, Subway has nearly 33,679 locations in 93 different countries. 

Is Subway Bacon Precooked or Not?

is the subway precooked or not

Subway’s various meat options have already been cooked, and any additional heating or cooking is done solely to improve the eating experience.

Subway currently has eleven distinct kinds of meat available, which can be enjoyed separately or combined to make fan favorites like the Italian BMT. 

What Can You Order at Subway?

Subway is a fast-food franchise based in the United States that also offers a variety of other foods and beverages.

Subway restaurants provide a wide variety of food, including:

  • Subway salad
  • Subway sandwich
  • Subway burger

With burgers and sandwiches, you just cannot avoid meat and bacon. Thankfully, you can order as per your preferences and pick the meat of your choice. 

Why Are Subway Bacon and Sandwiches Popular?

why the subway are popular

The nicest part of eating at a Subway restaurant is that you have various options to choose from.

You can customize your meal in any way you like it, from the bread to the sauce to the fillings and even the vegetables.

In addition, the sub is baked right in front of the customer and served hot. Subway, so the story goes, features low-fat sauces and salads for dieters.

When you can control what you get, you will naturally have a better eating experience. 

Do You Get Real Bacon at Subway?

Subway meat is real but may not be like the turkey breast you order at a meat shop because it is processed with preservatives, chemicals, and fillers.

Subway’s meat is still food and meat; however, how each individual values those terms may vary.

Fact: Snak was the original name for the 6-inch sub added to the massive menu at the sandwich restaurant in 1977. 

What are the Different Types of Bacon at Subway?

different types of bacon

Their sandwiches are excellent on their own, but with the right side dish and beverage or something more, they shine.

 Since there is so much variety, something should appeal to everyone. And at least that is true in the case of meat.

You can order:

  • Chicken strips
  • Shaved steak
  • Hickory Smoked bacon
  • Oven-roasted turkey
  • Genoa Salami
  • Italian style capicola
  • Black forest ham
  • Rotisserie-style chicken
  • Meatballs
  • Roast beef 

Is Subway Bacon Halal?

the subway bacon halal

When it comes to deciding on its halal status, you have to consider the meat itself and how it is slaughtered.

The good thing about Subway is in 2007, in response to the popularity of Subway restaurants in the UK and Ireland, they launched a promotional initiative.

Now, they ensure that there is a store that can accommodate the local population in every area.

It means that if you are in an area where more people are interested in halal meat, Subway is most probably serving it.

Subway has persistently provided Halal options wherever they saw fit. And now you can find halal meat at hundreds of Subway stores in the UK. 

 Fact: Unlike other sandwich companies, Subway chooses each and every one of the black olives used in their sandwiches by hand 

What Can You Order When You Love Subway Bacon?

When you are simply in love with bacon and looking for the best way to satisfy your hunger, Subway impresses you with several options.

The best thing is that you can order your regular sandwich and still enjoy that meaty flavor you love.

Here are the two most popular options to consider if you want to enjoy Subway bacon. 

Subway Club

True fans of the traditional Club sandwich have mixed feelings about the Subway Club.

This is because bacon is virtually always included in a club sandwich.

On the other hand, a Subway Club sandwich comes with black forest ham, making this option far more nutritious.

If you dislike ham, your Subway Club can be converted into a traditional club by asking for bacon instead. 

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

the chicken and bacon ranch melt

While the Chicken & Bacon ranch melt is not exactly the healthiest option at Subway, it is delicious nonetheless.

The popularity of this sub can be attributed to the fact that all of the components go wonderfully together.

Just be sure to order yours as per the established recipe, but you are welcome to make it however you choose. 

What Are Some Healthier Options Other Than Subway Bacon?

Health-conscious individuals frequently wonder: Is the subway safe to eat at? Is it possible that all those footlongs and sandwiches are actually helping them slim down?

The truth is that Subway is not always the healthiest option, especially if you are a fan of bacon.

Take, for example, their six-inch bacon ranch melt that contains 610 calories.

Even if you opt for a bacon, cheese, and egg breakfast sandwich, you still get about 450 calories.

And it is pretty much the same with a healthy-looking back and chicken ranch salad, which packs a whopping 540 calories. 

What Else to Avoid?

what should avoid

When you are concerned about eating healthy food, you may have to discard many customer favorites, such as the Italian BMT sandwich.

A single serving contains about 16g of fat with 410 calories.

Similarly, you may want to avoid the tuna sub because of its 600mg sodium content.

25g of fat provides you with around 480 calories per sandwich. Not healthy, huh?

Sometimes, seemingly harmless foods may also pack a solid punch in terms of calories, and Subway wraps fall into that category.

The upper layer of these wraps contains 290 calories, which go up depending on the added stuffing. 

What are Some Healthier Alternatives at Subway?

other healthier alternatives

In all honesty, subway is a perfectly acceptable place to eat if you are ever in a pinch.

However, using them in your regular diet may be hazardous and cause you to put on unwanted pounds. Knowing what to order is crucial, especially in dire circumstances.

Just know that better alternatives do exist. We have compiled a list of some of the more nutritious selections available at Subway that still come in at under 300 calories. 

Roast Beef

A roast beef sandwich will certainly serve as a good alternative when you love bacon and meat.

Go for this sandwich on the day you train, and you will see results in no time.

The 290 calories with only 6g of fat in this 6-inch-long sandwich are surprisingly low for its quality. Just how good can it get? 

Veggie Delight

the veggie delight

A veggie delight sandwich is a way to go when you want a break from bacon and look for something healthy.

This is a vegetarian sandwich cooked with the vegetables of your choice instead of meat.

And if you want to improve the nutritional value, just leave out the cheese. 

Note: Remember that you will still be getting 230 calories when taken as a whole. 

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

You can also select the Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Onion.

There is teriyaki-glazed chicken, veggies, and a sweet onion sauce (fat-free variety) in here for a total of 269 calories. 

The Turkey Breast

the turkey breast

You will also love the turkey breast when you are always ready for bacon.

Subway’s Fresh Fit menu includes this option, which makes for a nutritious lunch.

With 18g of protein per serving, you get about 280 calories by ordering it. 

Carved Turkey

You can get enough options when you love turkey, and another nice choice is the Carved Turkey sub.

Consuming it as a salad rather than on bread is smart if you are concerned about your health.

And interestingly, this change will cut carb consumption by 40g.

Fact: The BMT sandwich you order at Subway gets its name from the "Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit System."  


Is Subway bacon precooked? The answer is a big yes, and that is actually true for all types of meats you order at subway.

It is a good thing to know there are different meat types available at this fast-food restaurant.

But if you are health-conscious, making a switch from bacon is recommended.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives to bacon and meat, and you will feel full without being guilty of consuming calories.