why is my blendjet blinking red

I would really like to know ‘Why is my blendjet blinking red?’. My blend jet is a very vital appliance in my home.

For the love of silence and comfort,  it allows me to whip up smoothies into a glass. This tool has made my life awesome for every moment it is used.

However, as an electrical and mechanical appliance,  the blend jet can become problematic. 

Its lights started blinking from nowhere, bothering me to the core. It became imperative that one establishes why the blend jet could be blinking red.

In this article, we will train you on what the red blinking on your blender means.

Together with other means that will help you fix each problem associated with them.

The blend jet could be blinking red for a number of reasons. It’s either because it has run low on power or it needs to be recharged.

Why Is My Blend Jet blinking Red?

blendjet blinking red

At all costs, your blend jet shouldn’t be allowed to start blinking. Because,  if it is,  then you can hardly use it.

Usually,  there are two reasons that could cause a blend jet to start blinking red.

The first and most common reason it does this is that your blend jet might have run low on power.

The red blinking in fact signifies that the blend jet is totally low on power. So if power is the cause then it should be plugged into a power source for charging.

Tip: Blend jets come with their own chargers. And the charger is outrightly similar to those used in charging your android smartphone.

How Do You Know When Your Blend Jet Is Fully Charged?

how know if full charged

Now,  while charging the blend jet,  how are you supposed to know when it is full?

Once the blend jet has fully charged, you will observe a change in color from Red for critically low to a light solid blue color showing that the blend jet has charged fully

Note: It should take the blend jet an hour or two if the charger is in very good shape for it to be fully charged. 

Upon full charge, the blend jet should run 15-20 blends throughout the day before running low.

What Other Reason Could Make My Blend Jet Blink Red Light?

The second reason behind the blender blinking red is if it has become blocked. 

The blend jet might become blocked if you blend with lesser liquids that do not reach the touchline.

It could also happen if either the solids are too big or you are blending lots of ice. Failure to clean your blender regularly could skyrocket it to blocking.

However, a blocked blend jet shouldn’t worry you. This is because you can do it yourself in very little time and with very simple tactics.

How To Unblock Your Blend Jet

unblock blend jet

To unblock it follow the few steps below.

  1. Flip the blend jet upside down and give it a good shake.
  2.  Fill it with warm and not hot water, add soap then power it to blend.
  3. Pour out the water and rinse it with clean non-soapy water.
Note: If this doesn't work, then clean it more intensively using the following procedure.
  • Unclog the jar from the base by twisting it anticlockwise
  • Remove the silicone rubber gaskets using a fork from the base.
  • Wash the jar, the lids, and the gaskets
  • Remove all debris using a brush 
  • Leave it to dry then close it back.

So,  with all that,  you realize that there is nothing big with the blender blinking red and blue lights.

It shows that either it has run low power or needs to be recharged. Or that it is blocked and is calling for unblocking.

What Other Blend Jet Lights Signify

other lights signify

Other than the red blinking lights that show the blender is blocked or low on power,  there are other lights by the blend jet with different meanings.

Using the blend jet might become a nightmare because it is buttonless and comes with the power button alone.

For one to be able to use it correctly,  then he\she will have to master the lighting.

He/she has to understand all of them to make sure the blend jet doesn’t fail.

What other lights other than red on the blend jet do you know? And what do they symbolize?

Purple To Blue When Blending

purple to blue

While blending, the colors might change from purple to blue. This then means the battery has been drained and needs to be recharged.

A fully charged battery will run up to 15 blends in no time. While running the blender, the colors fall back to purple as the battery drains.

The colors will fall back to blinking Red and will be rendered useless until charged.

When this happens, it is advisable to recharge your blend jet as soon as possible.

Pause Mode

While the blend jet is in pause mode,  there are lights that show it is.

Pause mode allows you to travel with the blend jet anywhere while being sure it is inactive.

Also, the pause mode allows you to drink straight from it. To take the blend jet to pause mode, you will have to double press the power button.

When you do so blue lights that are circulating left to right will appear 3 times.

Lock Mode

a lock mode

While in lock mode,  the blend jet is off. To take it to lock mode, hold down the power button for up to 3 seconds.

When you do so a purple color appears while unlocking it.

Below is a breakdown of what these lights mean.

  • The complete blue light around the power button shows that the battery is charged completely.
  • Circle quickly turns from purple to blue,  when the blend jet is working or power is draining.
  • Red and purple means that the battery is dead and should now be charged.

Why Isn’t the Blendjet Working?

not working

Could your blend jet not be working? Then something should be wrong with it. Do you know what could be the cause?

The first reason the blend jet won’t work is if it completely runs off the power. And if it is not charged promptly it will stop working.

Also placing it on a surface, especially on a cold one while it isn’t charged will completely drain the entire battery

It will take minutes of charging before it lits up.

The other reason is if the blades are blocked. Blocked blades could be a reason for bigger chunks of solids in the blend jet.

Or maybe a misalignment of the magnets on the jar and base.

How Long Should The Blender last?

blender last

So far, how long have you had your blender? And how long do you expect it to last?

A substandard blend jet lasts anywhere between 3 and 5 years. An originally made high-quality blender on the hand will last for 5 to 10 years.

Conclusion on Why Is My Blendjet Blinking Red?

In this article, we looked at various questions about lights on the blend jet and what they mean, especially the question “Why is My Blend jet blinking red?

It is now clearer than it has ever been that red blinking lights on the blend jet are a call to prompt action.

A blend jet is an essential appliance especially for making your drinks. It compliments your liquids with other thickening solids such as fruits and ice.

It, however, becomes stressful when you do not know how to discern what the various lights on the blender mean.

It could either be that the battery needs to be recharged or that the blend jet is blocked.

We hope that this article helps you make the most out of your blend jet and fix it whenever it happens to fail.