amchur powder substitute

Do you know of any amchur powder substitutes? Imagine you ran out.

Amchur has now spread across international borders for making delicious, healthy dishes; and is a well-known ingredient on maps of the world’s cuisine.

Think about how many dishes you can cook with Amchur.  From stews and soups to curries and even chutneys.

Dried unripe or immature green mango is used to make this powder, giving it a tart and spicy flavor. It’s essentially a dry green mango powder.

Amchur makes varieties of cuisine wonderful by balancing salt, sugar, heat, and acidity in your food. 

If you run out or are contemplating substituting amchur powder, what would you do in its place?

There is a long list of substitutes for Amchur powder. From lemon juice, citric acid, sumac, green mango, and so on. The list is long.

How Does Amchur Powder Work?

how amchur powder works

When making Indian food chances are, you have come across Amchur powder while reading the various recipes.

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Amchur powder is an Indian spice that adds something special to many dishes. A unique spice with a bitter and rancid taste similar to lemon juice.

Have you ever wondered what to do if you don’t have Amchur powder?

What if I can’t find Amchur powder nearby? But, can this ingredient be substituted? Yes, it is, do not worry!

In the next section, we’ll share some ideas for alternatives to Amchur powder that can be used to make delicious food.

This ingredient is made by grinding green mango.

The aforementioned ingredients are examples of products that function well as substitutes for Amchur powder.

Tip. Amchur Powder is good for the health of your heart, it helps to control heart failures.

Are There Amchur Powder Substitutes?

is there amchur powder substitutes

Let’s dive in! Right, If the amchur ingredient is not available, various alternatives can be used when cooking with Amchur powder.

If you’re missing or need to find a suitable alternative to Amchur powder, then we have prepared a whole load of substitutes that work best in its place.

Tip: Is Amchur harmful? Absolutely not. Amchur is a beneficial substance for the body and helps reduce oxidative stress and increase metabolism. 

This spice is also rich in Vitamin C and low in carbohydrates, which is very beneficial to the body.

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What Should We Look Out for When Choosing an Amchur Powder Alternative?

what should we look out

Amchur is not an essential Indian spice for masala dabba, but it is often used in Indian cuisines and used as an ingredient in chaats, spice mixes, samosas, and even snacks famed for its tart and spicy taste.

While finding substitutes for the Amchur powder, there are things to look out for while picking on one, these are;

  • Acidity.
  • Moisture – Amchur is dry, so adding a liquid-based liquid can affect the recipe and cooking consistency.
  • Purpose – If you want to make an Indian spice blend, it is highly recommended to get your own amchur.

Best of the Best Amchur Powder Substitutes

Below are some of the best alternatives for amchur powder. Numbers 1-7 are the best alternatives and 8-10 are some other options to consider.

The list below should provide ideas if you are missing an amchur or are looking for something more accessible right away.

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Give them a try and see for yourself.

Lemon Juice/Lime Juice

lime juice

Unless you are making a spice mix or dish where you have to avoid excess water, I think this is the easiest and a very good alternative to amchur.

It is used by my mother as a backup when she runs out of Amchur and can’t easily obtain one at the moment.

We always have fresh lemon juice at hand!

Sour/sour taste. I think it’s one of the best alternatives to mango powder.

Lemon/lime can have different acidities, so it is difficult to give an accurate substitution rate.

Generally, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of lemon/lime juice: A teaspoon of Amchur should work.

Tip. Amchur powder works well as a substitute for dishes that need  a sour taste.

Citric Acid Powder

a citric acid powder

This is another great alternative. Citric acid is provided in the form of crystals or powder.

If there are crystals, grind them into a fine powder with a mortar/pestle.

Citric acid is used in many Indian snacks like Poha chivda and has a spicy taste. 1 teaspoon citric acid: 1 teaspoon amchur.

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Anardana Powder/Pomegranate Powder

Anardana Powder means pomegranate seed. This is a method of making Anardana powder from dried pomegranate seeds.

Provides the same tart/tart flavor as dry mango powder.

It’s not as common as Amchur, but it’s quite common in Indian kitchens, so you may have it if you cook Indian food on a regular basis. 1 tsp Anal Dana Powder: 1 tsp Amchur.

Tamarind Paste/Tamarind Powder

tamarind paste

Tamarind has a similar acidity and hence could be used as a great alternative.

An important ingredient in brown chutney with samosa.

It is more commonly used in Indian dishes as an acidulant. It tastes very spicy. Tamarind pulp can also be used.

Green mango

Amchur powder is a dried mango powder obtained from green mango. So you can apply the spice sauce yourself!

Green mango is often bought in grocery stores. You can make some small pieces into puree to make green mango pulp or puree.

Since it adds water to the plate, it is suitable for cooking such as soup using chutney.

Dried green mango slices can also be crushed into powder.


Loomi is a Persian dried lemon powder, also known by many as Limu Amani.

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It has the same acidic quality as Amchur and does not add more water or any liquids to it.

A citrus spice that can give a spicy taste. 1 tsp Loomi: 1 tsp Amchur

Fruit juice.

fruit juices

If the plate can handle a little water, pomegranate can add a similar pizza to the plate instead of a pinch of amchur powder.

Chaat Masala

Can I use Chaat Masala in place of Amchur Powder? The spice blend Chaat masala is not the best option as a 1: 1 alternative to Amchur powder.

There are several other ingredients in Chaat masala. Black salt has a very unique flavor and can take over the dish.

Chaat masala is a spice blend based on Amchur. The spice mix is ​​often used on charts and tastes great when sprinkled on fruit!

It’s not a substitute for amchur, but it can be used to cook chaat-like dishes. Be sure to consider the added black salt when changing recipes.

Tomato paste

If the tomato seasoning works on the serving dish, spice it up a little. The tomato paste has been concentrated, and the dish has been punched.

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the tajin

Tajin powder is composed of pepper, lime, and salt. The acidity and acidity are definitely transmitted.

It is not recommended as a replacement, but it can be used.

Most dishes by Indians use chili and salt, so you can adjust the recipe to use this alternative.

Tip. All these ingredients are key in adding a spicy, tart, citrusy and flavorful taste to your meals when used in place of amchur powder.

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For Amchur powder alternatives, any of the above substances can be used, why not give them a try, see the results, and thank me later.

Each of them has a unique taste with some twists and turns that make your dish even more interesting.

Amchur powder is commonly used in South Asian cuisine to add a sour or spicy flavor similar to lemon or lime juice.

However, if you can't find Amchur powder in your local grocery store, you can use Amchur powder substitutes instead.

Based on your recipe, you can use either lime juice or tamarind instead of amchur powder.

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Lemon juice is also a good choice if your cooking requires additional sour ingredients.

If your food needs to be sweet and sour, you can also try Anardana or Rumi.