are Wingstop fries vegan

Are Wingstop fries vegan? This is a question that I get asked a lot by my friends.

Having a partner who is a vegan, and I being a non-vegan, limits the number of restaurants we can eat together.

One of our favorite restaurants we eat at is Wingstop. Therefore, it gets people wondering what a vegan is doing at Wingstop.

Not too many of our favorite restaurants offer vegan meals.

In Fact, the number of vegan restaurants in the US is very small compared to the total number of restaurants. 

Therefore, there are limited options for vegans to eat. It is however really funny to most people that my partner and I order food from Wingstop.

Wingstop like numerous other restaurants don’t offer vegan dishes and certainly not their fries. But they offer seasoned fries, which are vegan, and other limited options of vegan dishes.

Are Fries Vegan Dishes?

are the fries vegan

Traditionally, fries are vegan dishes as they are potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper that are fried with vegetable oil.

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But that isn’t the case anymore, as most restaurants now season the fries with other ingredients, many of which are animal products.

Also, most restaurants have just one place for frying, which means they fry all their fries together.

What this means is if you are a strict vegan, you shouldn't eat in such restaurants. 

As the oil has now been used to fry meat, making it an animal product. Also, certain restaurants used beef oil to fry their fries.

So Which Are Considered Traditional Fries?

considered traditional fries

The traditional fries, as said above, are potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper.

However, there are other plant-based ingredients that we can use in seasoning our fries to give them more taste.

Examples are garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, thyme, basil, paprika, black pepper, and many others.

The seasoning, vary depending on how you choose to season it or rather what works best for you.

Tip: You can enjoy your fries with numerous dips made from mustard and other plant-based dips.

Vegan Or Vegetarian

so vegan or vegetarian

While both vegans and vegetarians have a do not eat meat policy, they have their differences.

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A vegetarian can eat meals with animal products but won’t eat any meat.

While a Vegan won’t eat any meat as well as food containing meat produce. Veganism can be seen as a more strict form of Vegetarianism.

Vegetarians have more food options in restaurants than vegans.

In Wingstop for instance, vegetarians can eat a lot of their cheese fries and other diary-flavored meals. 

They can also eat a lot of snacks and other dips containing animal extracts.

Vegans, on the other hand, do not eat meals containing animal extracts and won’t eat meals that have been contaminated with animal extracts either by accident or not.

Therefore in a place like Wingstop, they have limited options.

Can Vegans Eat at Wingstop

vegan eat at wingstop

If you are a Vegan and you are wondering; does Wingstop have vegan options?

Then let’s do a brief background check on Wingstop.

Wingstop is a multi-chain restaurant that deals majorly with chicken wings and other dishes.

Wingstop is a popular restaurant and the third-largest food franchise in the US. They specialize in chicken wings and other meat-based products.

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Having a lot of outlets in various locations in the US and other countries like Mexico.

Why Can’t Vegans Eat at Wingstop?

why cant they eat at wingstop

Wingstop is an animal-based restaurant that specializes in making chicken wings.

Therefore, it will be quite difficult for a Vegan to eat at Wingstop as there isn’t a wide variety of vegan meals.

But needless to say, there are still a couple of dishes and sides vegans can eat at Wingstop.

Another thing to consider is that, unlike most restaurants, after calling a few branches.

They made it clear that they do not fry all their fries and chicken together. As provisions were made for separate frying conditions.

As a Vegan, be sure to inquire about the cooking conditions of any restaurant you want to eat at.

Tip: Many restaurants fry all their fries in the same deep fryers. You can call before going.

Are Wingstop Fries Vegan?

the wingstop fries vegan

Most certainly all Wingstop fries aren’t vegan, the majority of Wingstop fries aren’t vegan.

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But they do offer a type of fries that is vegan.

The seasoned fries are regular fries but seasoned with salt, pepper, and other ingredients that aren’t animal-based products.

And according to Wingstop, the seasoned fries with other vegan dishes have a different frying section.

There are a very limited amount of vegan dishes at Wingstop. Needless to say, the vegan options are quite really tasty and can be very satisfying.

Tip: You can order naked fries at Wingstop, with no seasoning or sauce.

Vegan Dishes at Wingstop

vegan dishes

There has been an increasing demand for vegan dishes as there are very small numbers of restaurants that offer vegan dishes.

And while some restaurants have begun to offer more and more vegan options to the point of having a separate cooking area for vegan dishes.

A massive number of restaurants are yet to have a vegan menu or even a separate cooking area for vegan dishes.

Wingstop is set to adopt new vegan menus, although limited as of the time of this writing. 

They have adopted 3 different dishes and numerous dips, all vegan.  There is also set to be more adoption and a full menu for just vegan meals only.

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Below are the vegan options that Wingstop offers;

Cajun Fried Corn

a cajun fried corn

This offers corn on the cob seasoned with fry seasoning and then fried.

It is served with a special dip known as cajun seasoning. A great option for vegans.

Seasoned Fries

Fries at Wingstop are usually seasoned and marinated with various ingredients.

But the specially seasoned fries are covered in fry seasoning. It Gives it a lot of flavors and is served with lots of dips according to your desire.

Veggie Sticks

These are majorly made from carrots and celery. They are chopped into slimmer sticks and are served as a side dish.


Wingstop offers a variety of beverages to go with your meal.

Dips and Seasoning

dips and seasonings

Wingstop has a wide range of dips and seasoning.

  • Cajun seasoning
  • Hawaiian dip
  • Atomic dip
  • Mango Habanero dip
  • Original Hot seasoning
  • Mild seasoning
  • Spicy Korean Q dip
  • Louisiana Rub seasoning
  • Lemon pepper
Tip: You can request any of the seasonings or dips for free with your vegan dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

popular questions about wingstop fries

Does Wingstop Serve Vegan Wings?

While it seems that other chicken-based restaurants are beginning to adopt vegan Wings as part of their menu.

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Wingstop has yet to adopt vegan options as part of its menu.

But there is the speculation that with more and more vegan options coming up, Wingstop will eventually start selling vegan wings.

What Oil Does Wingstop Use In Frying

While other restaurants might use beef oil or other animal fat to fry.

Wingstop uses Soy oil in frying all their meals and they have a separate fryer for their vegan meals to avoid cross-contamination.

Does Wingstop Sell Vegan Bun?

Sadly Wingstop doesn’t sell vegan buns. Hopefully, with more vegan adoption, we will begin to see more vegan meals.


So are Wingstop fries vegan? Well there you have it, certainly not but they do offer very tasty seasoned fries which are better than fries at other brands.

Plus you get a lot of tasty sauces and seasonings.

As a vegan, If you’re wondering what to have at Wingstop, then you can try the veggie sticks and the Cajun fried corn.

If you are looking for an all-vegan restaurant, Wingstop is probably not the right option. But as said you can enjoy the variety of their vegan meals.

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Although it has been said that Wingstop is set to have a side chain, dedicated strictly to vegan dishes.

Hopefully, that happens really soon!