do you drain beef for manwich

Cooking beef and planning to add Manwich is definitely tantalizing but do you drain beef for Manwich?

Unfortunately, this is a challenging recipe for most people, especially on whether the beef has to be drained or not.

Some do drain, some do not, and some always end up in a reverie, stuck between the two options. 

They then end up foregoing the Manwich.

This blog post is geared toward helping you resolve this problem by showing you how it is done.

It is simple and straight. While cooking beef, and feel like you should add some Manwich to boost the taste, then drain the beef.

What is Manwich and Why Should You Drain Beef for It?

what is a manwich

Have you got an idea what Manwich is, I bet most people do not! It is an exotic recipe, rare but miraculously sweet and tasteful.

Manwich is the brand name for canned Sloppy joe, hoping you all know what sloppy joe is (and if you do not, sit still, we will tell you exactly what it is).

So, it is produced by ConAgra Foods and Hunts manufacturer. With its slogan that reads; ‘a sandwich is a sandwich but a Manwich is a meal.’

It has become highly marketable and has been famed for being an easy-open pan meal for households. 

It is mostly found in the United States and was invented 53 years ago in 1969.

Manwich is not made of beef as an ingredient, most people do not know about this.

So, Do You Drain Beef For Manwich?

do drain beef

Ringing at the heart of this blog is the question, can beef be drained for Manwich.

We already said that in the offset of this article. And to be clearer, beef should be drained before adding Manwich.

However, newbies might even be interested in what is this being drawn out of meat for Manwich other than why it has to be drained.

Why You Should Drain Beef For Manwich

It is the grease and some fats drained from the beef, before the addition of Manwich.

Draining beef off these two helps not only to make it tastier upon addition of the Manwich but is clinically healthy and recommended.

Therefore before adding the Manwich, below are step-by-step procedures you are required to abide by to drain the grease from the beef.

Step #1. Remove Grease From The Pan

remove grease

Removing grease and fats from beef shouldn’t take you long. First, ground your beef or cut it into small edible chunks, wash and rinse it then dry it before placing it on your pan.

Set the pan on the stovetop then turn on your cooker but limit the heating speed to medium-low.

Stir your beef occasionally with a spoon so that it does not stick with the grease to the pan.

You should observe the meat turning from red to brown as you cook, keep stirring.

Add some salt and pepper and other flavors to add more taste to your beef.

Step #2. Move All The Beef To One Side Of The Pan

move to the side

Sure that all your pieces have turned to brown, move all the beef to one side of the pan.

Slowly and carefully, while using a bigger spoon or plate to hold the beef, now in one corner, tilt the pan towards your direction.

You should now see all the grease migrate towards your location.

Carefully pour the grease that has lots of fat into a container or use a spoon to slowly filter the grease.

Tip: Never pour this grease directly into your sink. Since it is still hot with small particles of beef, it might in time ruin your drainage system by clogging it.

Step #3. Wipe Away Any Remaining Grease

Using a clean piece of cloth or tissue, wipe out all the remaining grease and fats still lurking on the surface and edges of your pan.

Just as fast and simple as this, you will have all the grease and fats well-drained from your beef.

At this juncture, you can then successfully add your Manwich to it.

Tip: Be careful not to be burnt by the hot pan.

Using a Colander

While the first method is fast, efficient, and economic, especially for starters.

Pros like you and I will make use of the colander to dry beef for Manwich.

use colander

A colander is a perforated bowl made for straining and sieving off liquids after cooking or washing.

It is mechanical kitchen equipment that makes work a lot easier and faster especially after washing vegetables or meat.

In this scenario, I will quickly show you how to drain off your beef for Manwich using the coriander. Ready?

After following the steps as those in the method above, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1. Take Out the Beef

Take out the beef and pour them all into the coriander. Make sure to do this only when it has all turned brown.

Below it, place a bigger plate of the bowl so that all the draining grease relocates to the plate beneath.

Then head over to the next step.

Step 2. Pour Hot Water on the Beef

pour hot water

Once it has all drained. Get a mug of hot water and run it again over the beef while it still sits on the coriander with the plate or bowl attached below it.

There is no known use for the grease you just drained from the beef other than being fed to your pets.

If you do not own a pet, then let it cool then throw it in the trash. Remember to never pour it down through the sink.

Tip: The main aim of running over the hot water is to wash off any grease that still might be attached to the beef.

Do I Drain the Grease before or After Adding the Manwich?

drain grease

By now, it is prudent that you drain the grease off first before adding in the Manwich.

Most people will swear with the names of their ancestors or their tongues that they will never drain beef.

It is okay not to, after all, the grease makes out with some fats and little vitamins you may need your meat for.

However, other than the reason behind it today, that beef must be drained before adding Manwich, there are other complementary reasons to do so.

What Are Those Reasons?

what are reasons

First, beef usually has a lot of fats, especially for people with underlying conditions such as blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems.

Draining the fat is a good way of having your condition chicken, and helping it to improve rather than worsen.

Another thing to consider is the fact that there’s nothing good in greasy meat. Especially when it ends up a lot greasy, you won’t even eat the whole of it.

Although most people fear for their flavor, not much is lost by draining the beef. It only makes it healthier for you.


At this juncture, I’d love to come up with this interesting question again; Can you drain ground beef for Manwich?

Or Do you drain beef be drained for Manwich? In totality, to boost your beef and Manwich experience, you have no option apart from draining the beef.

The beef will only be drained for the unwanted grease and fats. This is even clinically safe for you.

Draining beef for Manwich can’t do anything bad to it, but rather make it delicious. To a Manwiched meal that will leave your tongue wagging.

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